You'd think Hollywood would love that kind of dysfunctional morality storytelling. They do it often enough.

Yeah, the new show is just a boring old bodyguard. Big deal. I hear people like it, but for me it’s just another “been done to death” concept in series form. But click the comic to add to your “why I’m an idiot” scorecard as we get some more news out there.

One piece of news is that while I’m going to try to keep the comic reviews going, I’m pretty much on vacation this week. Two weeks ago I did some site maintenance, and this week it’s all about getting the living space some love. Plus I can’t take both weeks paid vacation in a row or I’ll never be able to get my butt to work. They don’t pay you if you don’t work. I’m also hoping to get Saturday off for ConnectiCon in July, but my birthday is the next week.

As for this week’s news, while I didn’t get time to work through my RSS feeds (another goal this week), I did find a few things of interest, but I’m not going to use my usual category layout this week, so I can get back to organizing. It should still be easy to figure out if you care. :) And “Today’s Cracked” and “Best Scene of the Week” are still at the end.

  • You know who should have been the White Lantern in DC’s Blackest Night story? Hulk Hogan!
  • Just in time to show off the new WordPressy, Comicpressy good layout over at Shortpacked, David Willis continues to ask the important Batman questions.
  • The crew at Comics Alliance began a new series of roundtable comic reviews with X-Men: Second Coming #1.
  • With discussions on the internet opening “old wounds” about supposed killing in Tim Burton’s Batman films, Chris Sims decided to look at all those times that Batman didn’t kill someone.
  • Big Hollywood contributor Laurence Myers takes a look at Hollywood’s current financial situation, or lack thereof.
  • “That Jewish Guy” is back to tell us the history of Passover.
  • Congratulations to IDW. They just reached the top tier of the Previews catalog ladder. Now how about getting me my Transformers comics the same week as everyone else?
  • Check out the “A-Listers” of comic voices. No, Craig, not you. :) Actually, it’s a list of “regular” celebrities getting big bucks for doing the occasional cartoon while folks who do voice acting all the time get left to the side, so Craig may not be too happy with this list.
  • I gave the old Power Girl writers grief for some of the mild sexual content in their stories, but at least they were fun and not about overly torturing their characters. So naturally, DC gave the title to Judd Winick. Fun and not torturing women have no place in comics.
  • Bill Doughty of Trusty Plinko Stick writes a defense of “bubblegum pop“. Like I always say, good music is where you find it. Not every song has to come from the deep, tortured part of your soul.
  • This Week’s Cracked> 5 Things Hollywood Reuses More Than Plots: Ever see something in one movie/show and say “hey, I’ve seen that in another movie/show”? Perhaps you have. The oddest part? Barbera Striesand’s connection to Planet of the Apes.

Best Scene of the Week

The Incredibles #7

Really, the whole comic deserves a win, but if you read the story, you’d probably see how this won over the Menasor and Black Adam, Jr. reveals.

Well, time to procrastinate get to cleaning. See you all in a week, and enjoy the gifts I left you.

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