If my forehead had been stretched like that, I’d be mad, too.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #11

IDW Publishing (June, 2012)

STORY: Kevin Eastman & Tom Waltz
SCRIPT: Tom Waltz
ARTIST: Dan Duncan
COLORIST: Ronda Pattison
EDITOR: Bobby Curnow

As Splinter fights his way through the Foot, the Turtles and Casey make a temporary alliance with a local street gang, the Purple Dragons. It’s more interesting that this summary indicates.

What they got right: I haven’t been following since the last issue I reviewed, so I’m not up on everything. I don’t know when the Turtles got their multicolored masks but I’m glad they did. Seeing Casey and the Turtles being more civil with the Purple Dragons than I saw in the last cartoon threw me a bit, but I rather prefer this version and hope they stay in the series. The Turtles need some allies.

What they got wrong: What happened to the Turtles’ heads? The tops of their heads are huge and silly-looking. Splinter himself isn’t much better and I would write off Duncan’s anthropomorphic critters altogether if Alopex the coyote didn’t come off as well as she does.

Recommendation: I think I’m going to stick with this comic a while and see where it goes. Give it a look.

A good badass character is one you don’t have to work hard to make look like a badass. Case in point.


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  1. Rhio2k says:

    Check out the TMNT: Raphael issue for Alopex’s first appearance as well as her (probably fake) backstory. Alopex is an arctic fox, not a coyote. The female purple dragon called her a coyote because she didn’t know what species she was, so she just guessed.

    • Oh, OK. I didn’t pick up any issues after the first arc because it took so long to get over it. This and the Splinter Micro were the first ones I’ve picked up since. Thank you.

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