Comics read. Now, reviews. (Yes, I do need a better opening.) They didn’t have Maximum Ride again, and I passed on Star Trek: Countdown (maybe if I see the new Star Trek movie and decide to check out the trade), but here’s what I did read. Spoiler-edited  reviews at ComiXology. Interestingly Stormwatch PHD #18 has a lot of reviews, but I didn’t read that one. But I did read:

Is it just me, or does he look like he needs to shave?

Doctor Who: The Forgotten #6 {IDW}

WRITER: Tony Lee

PENCILER: Kelly Yates

INKERS: Rick Ketcham with Brian Shearer, John Wycough, and Kelly Yates

COLORIST: Kris Carter

LETTERER: Richard Starkings

PRODUCTION: Neil Uyetake

EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

COVER: Ben Templesmith

It’s the final battle within the last Matrix, the one within the TARDIS, and the TARDIS itself is helping the Doctor. The TARDIS uses the Doctor’s past companions to get the Time Lord to the representation of the invader’s control, which resembles the classic control room (yay!). In the final battle with the cranial parasite Es’Cartrss, all 10 Doctors come together to save the day. We also get final confirmation that the story takes place just after the last episode of season 4, most likely before the last Christmas special.) However, there is one companion the Doctor wants to see the most. Check the “Best Scene of the Week Award”.

(Warning: I’m going to reveal every companion that helps the Doctor, so if you want to be surprised, check the ComiXology review instead, where it’s covered with a spoiler block.)

What they got right: What didn’t they get right. Everything comes together nicely. The psuedo-science makes sense (for the world of Doctor Who), every companion that appears is properly used. Martha is the best aid (and not just to mislead the audience, although she performs that very well), and perhaps a representation of the TARDIS feeling as underappreciated as Martha’s unrequited love for the Doctor. Harry Sulivan, Steven Taylor and Leela protect the Doctor, Mel asks the right questions, Adric helps the Doctor regain control, Sarah Jane…actually she only gets a comic moment, but she’s already got her own series and enough New Who cameos, Kamelion actually gets to move around and get past a force field, and the final cameo is a very touching moment. Sure, this is continuity porn, but it’s continuity porn done right. Tony Lee can’t get enough praise for this, but I’d love to see what he can do with them individually with more “screen time”. The final battle with all the Doctors gets all but one detail right. And I wish Ben Templesmith had done all the covers. I so prefer his art to Nick Roche’s. Yates also continues to be a good pinch-hitter for Pia in the final issue. Shame Pia couldn’t make it to the finale, though. (Note how many inkers were needed on this, though.)

What they got wrong: Well, there should be some humbling here. Not much, however. I’m not sure Adric needs to die again, although Mr. Lee at least uses the moment. Nyssa is just there to be there. I kind of hoped the Second Doctor would get to see the new control room, so we could get another “I see you’ve done up the place a bit…I don’t like it”, and we didn’t get another Second and Third Doctor argument, although Third does get to make fun of Fourth’s hair again, this time within earshot. And still no K-9! I was hoping for some K-9 action. Ah, well. Maybe IDW will do a K-9 special sometime and make me happy.

Recommendation: If your any kind of diehard Whovian, BUY THIS BOOK! Either get the trade or hunt down the individual issues, but buy this book!

And Tony Lee, if you happen to come across this blog again, thank you for a great book. I know you have another in production, and I will look most forward to it.

So there IS something Megatron bows to.

Transformers: Defiance #1 {IDW}

Another prequel to the upcoming Revenge of the Fallen

WRITER: Chris Mowry


FINISHES: Andrew Griffith

COLORIST: Josh Perez

LETTERER: Chris Mowry

EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton


In the days before the faction split in the movieverse, relationships are quite different. Starscream and Ironhide are comrades in arms, and both answer to Optimus Prime as well as Megatron. However, Optimus questions Megatron’s overstepping of his authority when it comes to All-Spark related artifacts being found around Cybertron. None of that matters when aliens invade the planet, searching for the All-Spark themselves.

What they got right: I love these kinds of stories. We don’t get enough looks into pre-war Cybertron, to see an alien culture formed by shapeshifting robotic lifeforms. It’s interesting to see how different yet similar the characters are before the war compared to after. Also the visuals are nice, and I like the Cybertronian designs.

What they got wrong: Nothing that comes up in mind, since it’s the first part of a miniseries. However, I hope we get some kind of back-story to the Eshems Nebula aliens.

Recommendation: The first episode, and Megatron’s origin here is already better than the one in the G1 IDW series. However, I need to see more issues before I can give a full recommendation. They’re off to a good start, though.

We'll show YOU "kiddie comics"!

WRITER: Paul Tobin

PENCILER: Matteo Lolli

INKER: Christian Vecchia

COLORISTS: Sotocolor

LETTERER Dave Sharpe

COVER: Espin & Quintana

CONSULTING: Ralph Macchio

EDITOR: Nathan Cosby

The only thing being worse than being visited by an agent of SHIELD is being visited by an agent of IRS, and that’s who drops in on the Avengers. He insists that the Avengers must file under their real names, which doesn’t sit well with those members that maintain a secret identity (I think there’s only two left, though.) He also wants Wolverine’s back taxes, which are…rather high. In essence he blackmails the Avengers into going after supervillain tax cheats. That means going after Whirlwing, Bullseye, and…a bunch of guys I don’t know. It’s hilarity that only Marvel Adventures can pull off.

What they got right: Only in Marvel Adventures can a lame plotline out of the Golden or Silver age be used in a modern comic and work so well. Watching the heroes go after the tax dodgers, and how each case is handled (like Hulk making Bullseye wet himself versus Tony offering to help Bull-Man understand the tax code–and only in MA can anyone think to understand the tax code) is Fun with a capital F. Best part, though, is when they turn the tables on the IRS agent at the end.

What they got wrong: It’s still a lame plotline from the Golden or Silver age, and Tobin still shows he is against the Hulk becoming Bruce Banner, and writes him more childlike than angry force of destruction. Only two issues ago we still had MA Bruce being MA Bruce (which means the coolest Bruce Banner in years), and show that he doesn’t turn into the Hulk everytime he can’t get the pickle jar open, and now he’s Hulk 24/7. Paul needs to show Bruce some love.

Recommendation: Still better than the angsty, ultra-violent, Norman Osborn as head of SHIELD/HAMMER 616. Support this comic!

 Best Scene of the Week Award

Doctor Who: The Forgotten #6

Tugs at your heartsstrings

Family reuinion. (click for full scene)

If it wasn’t for this scene speaking to the Whovian in me, I would have had to choose between three or four scenes in MA: Avengers. Thank you again, Mr. Lee, sir.

And now it’s back to reading that graphic novel from last week. I’ll keep you further in suspense until I’m done. One hint: I’m reading it in parts.

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3 responses »

  1. Tony Lee says:

    You’re totally welcome. 🙂

    The problem with having a 22 page restraint means that often people get put to the side. Adric dying again? I class this as my way of giving Adric a PROPER death scene. As the one in Earthshock was just a little crap.

    As for K9, licensing rules, I’m afraid…

    Glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for the ‘best scene’ nod. It was my favourite, too.


  2. ShadowWing Tronix says:

    “Licensing rules”? I’m curious. Please tell more.

    It’s been a long time since I saw “Earthshock”, but I did see a clip of the ending online. I know one fancomic maker (uses the old-size GIJoe figures and his own sets–very well made production) also had a problem with it, but more about the Doctor’s reasoning for not rescuing Adric. Of course, the actual reason was that the actor wanted out, as I recall.

    I also recall that I’m in something of a minority group (no surprise there) as liking him, and considering the treatment of other fan non-favorites as of late (Scrappy-Doo, Snarf, and the whole Wonderdog debacle over in Teen Titans come to mind–and ask a Transformers fan about Daniel Witwicky and Wheelie), I’m kind of jaded to the whole thing, so that’s for clearing that up. And the “best scene” alone was worth this series, but the whole thing was fantastic.


  3. […] following review is modified from the original review when the book came […]


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