Being sick is bad enough, but when it screws up months of planning, that’s even worse. Take for example the “Feet of Fury” tournament. For the past 11 rounds I had this (admittedly weak) narrative featuring Shockwave, Decepticon Commander Supreme, using the tournament to search for something. Meanwhile, I had what I was convinced was the best entry I could find, and one that would have netted me many votes, if not the 12th Round victory. Spacebooger would have been pleased.

Then I ended up having bad medicine reactions, and wasn’t able to participate in the final round. This was, to say the least, disappointing. It messed up what I had been working up to. So while we take a down time (by now voting in the Grand Championship is over–I received no votes for my 2nd round victory as of this writing) before the next tournament, I can at least show you how the narrative ended, and let you decide if I indeed had the better Round 12 entry. So for what might have been, here goes one last dose of shoe leather.

The Round 12 That Wasn’t

The Battlefield: Battle of the Planets #1 (Top Cow, August 2002)

The Promoters: Munier Sharrieff (writer), Alex Ross (art director), Wilson Tortosa (penciler), Shane Law (colorist), and Robin Spehar & Dennis Heisler (letterers)

Granted, I used Top Cow’s excellent Battle of the Planets comic a lot in this fight, but I couldn’t help it. For one thing, I was reading through the series at the time of the tournament, so it was easy to find entries without digging through my collection. For another, Mark delivered awesome kick after awesome kick. Maybe I should have shown the rest of G-Force a bit more love, but when you find hard-hitting feet like this…

Two pages of torment

…do you honestly need anyone else? That’s how the world was re-introduced to the Science Ninja Team, US style. Is it any wonder I saved the first for last? That’s how you come out of the gate!

So what about the Shockwave narrative? Let’s go back to the reason this tournament was “presented by Shockwave” in the first place. (Shocky even posted during the tournament, including one of my votes.) When I first started doing the “Friday Night Fights”, the very first post I did featured Shockwave. At the time my goal was simply to use at least one Transformers post a tournament. However, it seemed that all the entries I found had Shockwave in it, so it became a quest to get Shockwave into every tournament.

Then came “Feet of Fury”, which didn’t work for Shockwave. None of his battles that I recalled even contained a kick much less ended with one. So as a gag I accused Fred of specifically finding a theme that excluded him, and continued the joke by having Shockwave host or co-host the entry, depending on what info I wanted to have in the article versus staying “true” to the Bob Budiansky version of the character. (Which is odd, since I had him reference events from multiple continuities.)

So what was he searching for? Spacebooger, of course. If you’ve read the comic that’s on the top of his site every week, you know that Spacebooger and his friends associates live on a space ship. So my thought was that Shockwave was somehow using the voting to track down the ship. (I even worked in the lack of voters into the story.) Now at the end of the tournament is the Grand Championship, and we’re encouraged to promote, especially if one of our entries is in it. (The first time for me.) So rather than do a “bonus entry”, I decided to use it for art practice. My apologies to Fred for any faux pas (or just off model work) in advance. I tried to match his style as best I could. (Although I now notice a couple errors, but I’m going with it anyway.) Also, I could have drawn a better Shockwave with more effort, but this was a rush job.

Yeah, Shockwave got his revenge, and Bug didn’t have his locker gimmicked for at least one day. Everybody wins!

Except me. I spent the tournament (and Thanksgiving) itching from hives, hoping my face would feel normal again, and missing an appetite. Luckily, I’m all better now (except for a nagging cough, but that’s almost gone). Still, what might have been.

Eh, at least it’s out of my system. Now we just wait to see what the next tournament is going to be. Will I ever try a narrative again? Maybe, if a good one comes to mind. Now I just need to figure out what to do next week, in place of the usual “best of”, since we only have one week now until the next tournament. Or Christmas break, whatever happens at the time.

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