I don’t think Kids WB’s The Batman gets the credit it deserves. While it was more action-oriented than the “DCAU” counterparts, and probably more toyetic, but I thought it was a great show, playing somewhat off of the first Nolan movie, but going in it’s own direction, much like the Fox predecessor did with the first Burton film.

But what I really liked about the cartoon was the opening.

It’s perfect for Batman. There are a few action hints, but it plays up the more mysterious aspects of Batman. Although this series featured Batman early in his career (year 3, according to Alfred in the first episode), I never felt that this wasn’t Bruce Wayne as Batman. (I would ask, however, why Mr. Freeze suddenly had superpowers. He’s supposed to us a freezing gun, not project ice like Iceman.) The theme really draws you into the Batman’s world.

So naturally they have to screw it up the next season, by introducing an almost “mod” style theme.

This is the theme and style we would get for the remaining four seasons, changed only when Robin was finally introduced (after Batgirl for some reason). I don’t necessarily hate it. However, I think the old theme would have worked much better. Seems I’m not the only one.

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  1. Landry Walker says:

    What I always liked about the second set of opening credits is that it comes off much like a very subtle reworking of the 60’s live action credits.

    Though I see you point about the atmosphere of the first.


    • ShadowWing Tronix says:

      I get the 60’s feel (which would work better on Batman: The Brave and the Bold), but outside of a few cords I get more of a surfer vibe. 🙂 I think that’s one of the reasons I prefer the original, but I don’t necessarily hate the one they ended up using.


  2. […] it isn’t, but it’s a noticeable step down, and I remind you that I actually thought The Batman was a fair replacement for the DCAU version. It had that lighter quality that Superman should have […]


  3. […] on the non-DCAU Kids WB Batman series. In this version Oswald Cobblepot, aka the Penguin, has it out for the Wayne family for what […]


  4. […] Go to my original review to see what was changed when just Batgirl was added in season two. Robin would come after in season four, which is backwards to the lore but that’s a discussion for another time. I don’t hate the altered theme song mind you. In the comments of the original review it was noted that it took a few cues from the 60s show while I also see it as more of a surfer song quality. Either way it does work but the first theme was so much better. The visuals include clips from the show and the first intro but it works a bit better here than it did for The Adventures Of Batman & Robin. This started the trend of Batman shows being more action-oriented, while season one also focused on the gadgets to help push the role-play toys. Luckily the show rose above that and gave some really good Batman stories. I think the idea worked better when Cartoon Network did their first Batman cartoon. […]


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