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In 2004, Takara (at the time not merged with Tomy as it is now) released a Japanese exclusive toy line called “Robot Masters“. It was a mix of previously unreleased molds and brand new molds. Transformers collectors may recall a two-pack released in the stated with Optimus Prime (truck) and Megatron (tank). Those molds came from that line.

A series of mini-comics and online comics were released, but they also released two pack-in DVD’s, done in CG and with none of the original voice actors. Tonight I bring you a fandub of those DVDs. Now, these aren’t the best stories ever told, and not usually up to SNS quality. I post them mostly as a curiosity. And I didn’t have anything else to post.

The odd thing about this strange merger of lines is, as seen in the picture above, the Beast Wars Transformers were smaller than the classic Transformers. Apparently Takara said “the heck with continuity, just have robots fight”. It’s certainly an interesting pair of tales, but not what you would call up there with the best of the Transformers multiverse. Still, it’s interesting to see what they did with it.

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  1. […] real intros, just a flashy logo reveal. Robot Masters if memory serves was just an info dump, and I’ve already posted that years ago in Saturday Night Showcase. Cyber Missions was the same and I posted that miniseries […]


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