This afternoon we looked at issue #7 of The Transformers and tomorrow we look at issue #8. It’s this issue that tonight’s fight comes from. In issue #4 Huffer shows Optimus Prime a video Ratchet found of Shockwave being confronted by five Autobots dubbed “Dinobots”, given the ability to turn into metal dinosaurs because even the Ark’s computer couldn’t ignore those large animals. However, Shockwave destroyed the spy drone before anyone could see how the battle ended. Now trying to defeat Shockwave in order to rescue his friends, Ratchet finds them in a tar pit in the Savage Land (more on that tomorrow) and taps Slag’s memories to learn what really happened. So let’s all learn together!

“Maxim” round 10

The Battlefield: The Transformers #8 (Marvel Comics; September, 1985) “Repeat Performance!”

The Promoters: Bob Budiansky (writer), William Johnson (penciler), Kyle Baker (inker), Rick Parker (letterer) & Nel Yomtov (colorist)

The rest of the Fight will be told in Slag’s own words, because somehow Ratchet was able to find a commentary track.

Somewhere Simon Furman weeps.

Swoop goes down last, because he’s cooler than Grimlock. That tar was the only way to stop him!

What? At least I wouldn’t make Swoop a “pet character” like Furman does for Grimlock!

Slag later awakens and the other Dinobots follow, leading into the rest of tomorrow’s review.

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