Looks like the honeymoon period is over for the New 52. Comics culture newssite The Beat is looking over the numbers for the New 52, and when they’re all tallied up the boost DC received from the reboot hasn’t lasted. Gee, you’d almost think tossing aside not only years of continuity but classic character designs, concepts, and personalities was a bad thing or something.


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  1. I think if DC had been willing to make bigger risks with its characters, the results could have been better. As it stands, I think there’s a number of reasons why interest is fading, one being that no one seems to know what’s going on with the line.


    • It some cases they took too MANY risks. Bringing back characters nobody remembers or really followed, the total conversion of the Firestorm concept, and a number of other reboot changes either haven’t helped or made things worse. It’s more like taking the wrong risks and leaving a huge part of potential audience behind.


      • I like that: the wrong risks. Too true. I think the things that actually worked were things that they didn’t change, like Batwoman, Batman and Animal Man. As much as people complained about the changes made in the 80s, at least there seemed to be a clear direction they were taking with the characters and universe.


        • That’s been one of the complaints in my circles, that there was not only no clear direction (and still isn’t with the game of musical creators on some titles) and there wasn’t one as far back as creating it. Some titles pre-52 weren’t even ready to end, showing a possible last-minute decision to up and change everything, and not really for the better.


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