Bluestreak goes “wwweeeeeeeeeeeeee”.

The Transformers #10

Marvel Comics (November, 1985)

WRITER: Bob Budiansky
PENCILER: Ricardo Villamonte
INKER: Brad Joyce
LETTERER: Janice Chiang
COLORIST: Nel Yomtov
EDITOR: Mike Carlin

Shockwave uses what Creation Matrix code he did collect to create the Constructicons. Together with Soundwave they create a device to contact Cybertron. This would be good news to Huffer due to his homesickness, but his fellow Autobots know that it spells trouble for them and Earth. Drawn into this conflict is a trucker who wants back the truck stolen by the Constructicons for raw materials so that he can get home to his wife and kids. But will any of them be prepared for the might of…Devastator!

What they got right: I like there’s a strong theme here about going home. Bomber Bill wants to go home to his family so bad that he takes a risk to get his truck back (I guess he couldn’t catch a flight or something, but you have to figure that truck, Bessie, is also how he feeds that family since he’s an independent cargo trucker.) Huffer wants to go home to Cybertron, even with the war. While only one of them gets what they want, it’s how the two characters bond during this event and it’s too bad Bill never shows up again in the series. Speaking of which, this was also a good time for Sparkplug to come home, but all we otherwise get is a brief reminder that the Creation Matrix is giving Buster superpowers.

What they got wrong: The art falls even further from last issue. Gabe & Ferdy, two characters introduced in #7, when Soundwave took over the Aerospace plant and a sort of comic relief until their last appearance in issue #12, look like twins in this story. Otherwise the humans, vehicles, and scenery look fine but the robots look bad, in some panels more than others. Also, in one scene Ironhide is colored like another Construction while Devastator is on the attack. It’s so obvious that it pulls you out of the scene for the moment.

Other notes: The signal Soundwave sends in this issue would be received by Cybertron in issue #17 with a reply in #18. It’s also technically the first appearance of Jetfire, although he wouldn’t matter until the next issue.

Recommendation: More of an issue for completists rather than the average reader, even with some events becoming important later.

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  1. […] inker are to blame (I’ve been learning that a bad inker can ruin good pencils–see also The Transformers #10) but while the artwork itself is better than mine (they can draw crossed arms better than I can) […]


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