It certainly is, Batman! It’s the Maxim Prize Fight! The name of the game is the most pain in the least panels. While I’m giving you an extra page of backstory, because that’s how we do things at the Spotlight, I think I at least have a good entry, because tonight is in fact it.

Maxim-um Pressure

The Battlefield: Batman Annual #15, part of the Armageddon 2001 event (1991), “The Last Batman Story

The Promoters: Alan Grant (writer), Jim Fern (penciler), Steve Leialoha (inker), Adrienne Roy (colorist), & John Costanza (letterer)

In one of the alternate futures Waverider found for Batman because he has more than one comic title he has so much potential that his timeline can go one of many ways, someone is killing the villains of Gotham. Such is the frame-up on Batman that even he believes he’s guilty of the Penguin’s death…until the Joker tips his hand as the real culprit. As Robin gathers evidence, the Batman confronts the Joker.

I bet the Joker has his toilet rigged with gas.

The story is that Penguin helps the Joker fake sanity and then starts blackmailing him so the killer clown decides to frame Batman for numerous villain murders in order to hide his eventual murder of Penguin. And then the night he finally goes after Penguin, Batman shows up and Joker’s assassin takes the opportunity.

Not the last time the Joker dies via electrocution in the multiverse.

You don’t need Captain PSA to realize how bad a move that was.

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