TMNT Color Classics #10

“Hey, personal space, pal!”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics #10

IDW Publishing (May, 2013)

originally B&W publisher: Mirage Studios (April, 1987)

“Silent Partner”
STORY/ART/CREATORS: Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird
CO-INKER: Michael Dooney
LETTERER: Steve Lavigne
IDW COLORS: Scorpion Studios

(continued from the Leonardo one-shot) Leonardo’s injured body has been tossed into April’s window. Now the Foot themselves arrive to finish off the others. But the biggest news is that the Shredder isn’t so dead after all and even the surprise arrival of Casey Jones will not be enough to save the shop…but how will our heroes survive?

What they got right: 10 issues and a few micro-stories in and they decided to bring back the Shredder. Remember that at the time he wasn’t their arch-nemesis, despite the events of issue #1. Still, bringing him and the Foot back gave the Turtles someone to fight on their level as well as their first recurring villains. The colors are also well done.

What they got wrong: Both of these are nitpicks, really. In the Leonardo one-shot all of our heroes (except Leo) were setting up Christmas decoration, but there are no sign of any this issue. Also, Casey’s arrival isn’t really explained.

Other notes: This story would be reworked for the first Turtles movie (only with Raphael being the injured party) and a season-ending cliffhanger of the 2000’s remake cartoon.

Recommendation: Any Turtles fan who can’t get the original should look definitely look up this colorized reprint. It’s a darn good story.


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