I don't care if this is a New 52/Nolan film parody. This is the first time I've drawn Wonder Woman. I'm going to for the classic outfit.

I don’t care if this is a New 52/Nolan film parody. This is the first time I’ve drawn Wonder Woman. I’m going to for the classic outfit.

True, Superman isn’t as broody as Batman, but between Earth-1, the New 52 “I’m an alien” stuff, and the “I must hide who I am since dad committed suicide by natural disaster to preserve my secret” in Man Of Steel, the race appears to be on. It kind of bugs me.

  • The Clutter Reports: I think the only reason I’m bothering to link is to get people over to my other project. With convention season mere weeks away (for me it starts on July 11 this year) I don’t have time to devote to articles over there. I’ll barely have time for long commentary articles once the “fun” starts as I’ll be trying to edit videos in the hopes of not repeating last year’s delay. (Plus I’ll still not caught up on other conventions from last year.) So while I can still straighten up I don’t want to worry about articles for the month and I’m taking a Clutter Reports hiatus until hopefully sometime in August.
  • Reviewers Unknown: Speaking of that: If you missed it earlier this week I posted the second That Guy With The Glasses panel from last year’s ConnectiCon, thus finishing all of those videos. Now I just need to see how far I can get through the panels from last year’s Brass City Comic Convention.
  • Cartoon Palooza: And speaking of RU: In my rush last week I forgot to add a link to fellow contributor Joey Tedesco’s review of the Paramount Superman shorts. I added a few notes and he even quoted me from those notes. It’s not quite a cameo or the crossover I was hoping to do but it’s still interesting. If you want to know my full thoughts I did a review of my own some time ago here at the Spotlight.

Best Scene Of This Week’s Reviews

Sonic Universe #53

Sonic Universe #53 Best Scene

Not a lot of nominations out of this week. Hopefully next week’s reviews will have some better offerings.

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