The Transformers #15

With Botcon, the annual Transformers convention, happening this weekend I thought I’d break out another piece from my late Transformers site.

Back when I was still part of the Usenet group I made a few Transformers fanfics. You may have caught the last one I posted. Well, this was different. While I wrote another parody that I’m saving for the week before ConnectiCon because it’s in parts I had planned for a huge serious one. Tentatively titled “FanFic: The Series”, it would be a series of fanfiction series with my own take on Transformers, spun-off from the original television show. I only had time to make one, the “unsold pilot” to the first series, Transformers: Vortex. Originally I wrote it in script form.

For this BW posting, however, I did some tweaking. It’s now regular prose (but if I missed a tense change you know why) and because it’s so long without any pictures to attach to it I’m going to make it a multiple page posting. I worked hard on this one in the past and in reformatting it now so I hope you enjoy it.

Autobot deep space station Astromax was the way station for Autobot exploration to the furthest reaches of the galaxy in search of Energon, or something that could be converted into an artificial version of the fuel they needed to survive. One of the ships docked there, getting supplies for their next mission, was the starship Star Fury, secretly a base-class Autobot Transformer much like Metroplex or Fortress Maximus, only designed as a defensive base rather than a civilian city and general headquarters, as her alternate mode. Within the station, her “crew” was preparing for a voyage to a new Autobot colony.

In the cargo bay of the station, Autobot squad leader Breakfire was going over the supply list with supreme Autobot commander Optimus Prime. “Well, it seems we have all we need. Energon supplies should more than easily get us to the mining colony, and the provisions for the human and Nebulan passengers should be more than sufficient as well. We should be ready to leave in a few cycles.”

“That’s good news“, replied the Autobot leader. “We need Star Fury in place to guard the new fuel source against the Decepticons, at least until we’ve established a proper defense system. They will surely make another attempt for the new Energon we are creating from the ore there.”

“Don’t worry, Optimus. We’ll be there in no time. But this new Transwarp drive bothers me. Are we sure it will work?”

“Not as yet, Breakfire, but that is another reason for colony Zone. It is devoid of life, sentient or otherwise. Not even any animals. It is far from other inhabited worlds, so it is safe for some of the more dangerous experiments, like the Transwarp drive. But the Decepticons are developing their own drive. They have been for a few years now, and may even have progressed further than we have. Fortunately, their exile to Char allows them little access to the materials to resume, so we have time to catch up. I hope.”

“Don’t worry, Optimus“, the mission commander assured his leader. “We will take good care of the drive. Now I must assemble my troops. Good luck on your trip back to Cybertron.”

Optimus returned Breakfire’s salute. “Good luck on your journey. And as the Earthlings say, Godspeed, Breakfire.”

In the target practice area Stormfeather, another of Breakfire’s team, and Hot Rod were just finishing up. The two had been friends since what humans would call “boot camp” and hadn’t seen each other in many Earth years. They wouldn’t see each other again for a while longer.

“Gee, you should have held on to the Matrix a little longer, Roddy. Maybe one of those leaders’ memories in there could have taught you how to shoot.” He laughs, as the final score confirmed he did far better than the former Autobot commander.

Hot Rod grumbled back “Yeah, laugh it up, Stormy. You just wait. I’ll beat that stupid little score!”

Stormfeather picked up on something in Hot Rod’s expression as soon as he mentioned the Matrix. “What’s with you? You almost sound like you really do miss that thing. I thought you hated being ‘Rodimus Prime‘.”

Hot Rod became defensive. “I didn’t hate it. I just want to enjoy life a little. Plus I wonder if I’m going to be good enough when the time comes.”

“Hey, look at the bright side. You actually know what you’re future holds. You’re destined to be Prime (again) someday. And now you’ve got time to have fun and learn how to be a leader. I bet when the time comes, you’ll be a great leader. Heck you weren’t so bad last time, once you stopped comparing yourself to old Op.” He put a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “You don’t need to be Optimus to be Prime.”

“That’s what he told me, too. Something to think about back on Nebulos, I guess. Like Kup says, Optimus didn’t become Optimus overnight.” He broke a small smile “I think Alpha Trion did it in the daytime. Hahahaha.”

Stormfeather joined Hot Rod in chuckling at the joke. “There you go. Think positive. You’ll be a good Prime. Of course, I’d make a better Prime.”

Hot Rod shot back “You as Prime? That would be the best thing that ever happened… the Decepticons!”

The two friends laughter was broken by a summons over the loudspeaker. They said their goodbyes and Stormfeather headed for Star Fury’s launch area.

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