Hard Time on Planet Earth

Hard Time on Planet Earth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a review in video form, hasn’t it? Well, time to end that streak. I have a list of review topics and it’s time to chop it down a bit. Plus I wanted to get one more in before Reviewers Unknown closes down in about two weeks.

Hard Time On Planet Earth is a show I grew up with but I don’t see a lot of online. It seemed to have disappeared. Recently, however, I saw video of the show besides the intro and checked out the pilot. I then decided it would be a good review topic. Have you heard of this show? You’re about to…if you watch this video, that is.

My thanks to future former boss at RU and still friend Ozzie Arcane for agreeing to the cameo. We’ll miss RU but at least I got to make some cool friends from it.


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  1. […] may remember way back in my Video Review of Hard Time On Planet Earth I mentioned a show called Street Hawk. The show starred Rex Smith as Jessie Mach (subtle, creators) […]


  2. […] BW Video Review: Hard Time On Planet Earth: We talked about nostalgia earlier. Well, here’s proof that things aren’t always as good as you remember, even if you still like it. This was a light sci-fi action comedy that missed some potential ideas. […]


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