Transformers Armada #1

I think Raiz was trying to be George Perez with this tri-fold cover.

Transformers Armada #1

Dreamwave (July, 2002)

WRITER: Chris Sarracini
PENCILER: James Raiz
INKERS: Rob Armstrong & Erik Sander
COLORISTS: Alan Wang, Gary Yeuing, & Rami Sunga
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Paul Villafuerte
FLATS: Kenny Li
LETTERING: Dreamer Design

A new continuity and new cast, but Decepticons are still Decepticons. In this reality the Decepticons are after a smaller race of Transformer called Mini-Cons. The Decepticons have figured out to modify them so they can combine with and use their powers. In desperation the Mini-Cons leader, Leader-1, has sent word to Cyber City hoping to reach out to the Autobots and Optimus Prime to rescue them, found by Hot Shot who stumbled upon the deceased messenger. But Megatron has collected them all and is ready to declare war.

What they got right: Unlike the cartoon, the Mini-Cons can speak normally and have their own personalities (not just a select few). The artwork is beautiful.

What they got wrong: And I hope you enjoy the art because the comic seems more focused on that instead of the story, showing off the backgrounds for Cyber City and the last Mini-Con village. Comics are a visual medium but it is also a storytelling medium. And we still have too many close-ups of characters. Was this part of Dreamwave’s style? Speaking of which, did you really need this many artists working on one 24-page comic?

Other notes: I find it interesting that both Dreamwave comics I’ve reviewed today ends with a splash page of that series’ version of Megatron. This came out only slightly before The War Within, around the same time as the Transformers story set in the modern period (and we’ll get to that once War Within is concluded) and I don’t remember that one ending the same way.

Recommendation: I recall enjoying this comic more than the show. It’s worth a look to see what changes were made and judge for yourself.

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