Super Mario Brothers #2

And she doesn’t even have a license.

Super Mario Bros #2

Valiant/Nintendo Comics System (1990)

John Costanza; P. Zorito; The Gradations
“Magic Carpet Madness”
John Walker; Jade
“The Kingdom Enquirer”
Bill Vallely; Mark McClellan; Pat Brousseau; Andrea Brooks

I’ll give this comic credit for having the closest thing to something funny thus far. In our first story the King gets muddy footprints on the carpet (not sure why a castle has a living room but that’s beside the point) but the carpet cleaners they call are connected to Wart Enterprises working with Koopa (or the Apook Corporation…it’s a running gag from this point onward), which means it’s a trick, turning parts of the carpet into magic carpets Koopa uses to kidnap Princess Toadstool so the Pidgey’s can turn her evil with their dream powers…which they don’t actually have in the games so your guess is as good as mine. The King ends up rescuing her and she apologizes for going a bit overboard when she yelled at him earlier. While still not that great a story, I wonder what an airliner is doing in the Mushroom Kingdom, some of the jokes work (of course Koopa names his blimp “Bad Year”) while some are still rather week and none of them made me laugh. Still, it’s a step up.

After another Princess Toadstool advice column and a quick visit with Luigi at the Mario Brothers Museum of Plumbing we get our second tale. The Apook Corporation is selling reporter kits and Toad signs up…and becomes quite the tabloid reporter when the Koopas spill all kinds of lame secrets (even by kids comic standards) during Mario having to collect coins to balance the royal budget on a secret mission. It’s kind of weak but also a bit silly as the Troopers and even a couple of Bullet Bills (who knew they could talk?) talk about all of the pranks and other things.

While better than the other two issues (and I have to relook at the Adventures Of Super Mario Bros comics that came later but I’ve already reviewed) it’s still not a very good comic outside of the art and you expect better writing, even in silly comic, from Valiant. The Legend Of Zelda, that one issue of Game Boy, and Captain N comics I’ve reviewed were better than this. Hopefully this series shows some improvement but it’s still just odd enough to stay in my collection but not interesting enough to recommend.

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