From the hall of forgotten superheroes comes The Super 7, an anthology of amazing crime fighters, produced by Filmation and airing alongside both Tarzan, which I’ve reviewed before, and The New Adventures Of Batman, which I’ve only looked at the intro for. This group of superheroes never teamed up as far I recall, but for kids on Saturday morning they were something when Super Friends wasn’t on. Tonight let’s look at the adventure of these character.

First up, Freedom Force. This set followed Isis from The Secret Of Isis, not to be confused with the terrorist group or the DC namesake because as I’ve already posted she was awesome. Here she teams with other heroes, including Hercules of the Space Sentinels, to protect some other dimension or something while teaching a boy to use his super powers. In this episode the Freedom Force gets caught up in a war between dragons and technology that threats space and time itself. Two of the Force are missing but…dragons versus biplanes!

Hey DiDio, we have TWO superhero couples on this show. Manta and Moray are the first ones. Also, one’s a fish man. To each her own, I guess. In this episode our aquatic allies have to figure out what’s happened to the fish. It should be noted that this was more environmental than the other Super 7 heroes.

Kelly Webster got her superpower ring after saving a alien. As Web Woman, Kelly is called by Scarab to battle the forces of evil. Unfortunately I can’t find a whole story on one video so we need two for this one, as Web Woman and her sidekick, the aforementioned alien named Spinner, deal with the mysterious actions of Mr. Perfect. (No, wrestling fans, not him.)

The last super-team (although Wikipedia claims that Jason Of Star Command, another show I’ve showcased, was part of this show originally) is Super Stretch and Microwoman, the other married superheroes. Using no secret identities and aided by their pet dog Trouble, Chris and Christy Cross have the distinction of being the first black superheroes on television. And you guys scoff at Filmation? In our last tale of the night (and I’m sorry for the subtitles) our heroes take on a wanna-be Willy Wonka named Granny Candy.

The show aired from 1978-1980, but while Hanna Barbera’s superheroes from the 1960s like Space Ghost get brought up and given comic adventures, these do not. Wikipedia also claims that DC (who did a lot of work with Filmation so this is kind of a jerk move) sued Filmation over Manta, Super Stretch, and Microwoman for daring to share the slightest resemblance to Aquaman, Plastic Man, and the Atom. Still, I want to see these heroes back in action, but with Filmation’s rights all over the place and who knows what can be done with these three heroes, I see that as highly unlikely.

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  1. Sean says:

    Thanks for posting these videos and written words about the Super 7. I never heard of these before. I found it quite interesting. In fact, I especially liked the Freedom Force. It was an excellent teaming up of heroes. Those dragons reminded me of the dragon like creature that Blackstar rides. Filmation really did create some awesome shows.


  2. […] I’ve spoken about this character and show a bit before, but while I didn’t need to be obscure to complete this list I wanted to make it fun for me. Even before she received her amazing insect powers Kelly Weber was a hero, saving the life of a space alien who fell into a raging river. When she got her powers, her cool flying bug car convertible (eat your heart out, Ted Kord), and her alien sidekick she became the superhero Web Woman. Spinner would help but he didn’t really have any powers. He pushed buttons and she did the heavy fighting and calling insects for help. The intro said she protected the galaxy but I don’t remember her ever leaving Earth in the show. That’s fine because she had plenty of villains on Earth to fight and if she lost a battle or two she still overcame and saved the day just as well as any of the other men in the anthology. […]


  3. […] discussed this semi-anthology superhero show in another Saturday Night Showcase (and I should probably make sure those don’t need updating) so let’s breeze through […]


  4. […] Isis, a show that aired alongside the live-action Shazam series and would later appear as part of the Freedom Force. So they took one of my favorite lady heroes and made her evil. Kiss my backside sideways! But (no […]


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