English: One of the symbols of German Women's ...

English: One of the symbols of German Women’s movement (from the 1970s) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh god, that looks like a Big Bang Theory episode title. I’m so, so sorry.

Anyway, this is a glorified Morning Article Link, but I’ll put a comment in to make it into something since the Morning Links are being preempted by Art Soundoff this month. My pal Hube recently posted a commentary to Douglas Ernst’s blog about Chelsea Cain, the writer of Marvel’s current Mockingbird comic, which she apparently gives a feminist bend to. How extreme the feminism is I can only guess based on Marvel’s recent track record. Anyway, the short version is that she gets off of Twitter complaining about how mean-spirited Twitter has become. And then the fan was an unfortunate target of misunderstanding. And the usual manure.

Fans go into outrage mode, because how dare sexist male fans chase her off of social media. They should stop antagonizing women on the internet! There was the hashtag #StandWithChelseaCain, all on her side against her attackers…which didn’t exist. Pay attention to what she actually wrote prior to leaving Twitter about why she left, and you won’t be surprised to learn there weren’t any attackers. She just got tired of people treating each other like crap. And with how heated this election year has been, from the pro-Trumps to the pro-Hillarys to the pro-letjustendthisnightmarealreadys (which is where I fell), I can’t really blame her for it.

Look folks, I completely agree that the treatment of women on the internet, especially creators of comics and video games, hasn’t been the best. While some feminist arguments I think are weak, some have merit and there are reports, with evidence, of female creatives being threatened with rape or assaults on their family (NEVER THREATEN SOMEONE’S CHILDREN EVER YOU SCUM-SUCKING PIECE OF SEWAGE BY-PRODUCT!) but like racism we need to acknowledge these problems exist without seeing problems where they don’t like. The fallout of immediately assuming Chelsea Cain was under assault (which has happened to others and she is a feminist) when she just got tired of the mean-spiritedness that’s been going on lately, divisive election or not, is going to come back to haunt anyone making this claim without a ton of proof. Again, read the article, and see that while understandable you really need to get your fact straight before starting your rallying campaign. If they had been right I’d be with them, but this kind of mistake makes it harder to believe actual victims of anti-woman trolls that sadly do exist in our geekdom.

Maybe the next rally is to be nicer to each other on social media, comments, and forums so this doesn’t happen again. I’m all for a good debate, but not a flame war.

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