“Stop smiling, Duo, we’re trying to look like an American comic.”

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing vol. 2

Mixx Manga (2001), originally published by Kodansha in Japan (1996)

WRITERS: Hajime Yadate & Yoshiyuki Tomino

ARTIST: Koichi Tokita

TRANSLATION: Yuki Ichimura

TOUCH-UP: Romualdo Viray II & Bernard San Juan






Oz tricks the citizenry into hating Quatre’s family, and then kills them. Quatre escapes, and uses a new Gundam, Wing Zero. His grief is increased by the Zero System, a way of connecting pilot to Gundam, that drives him to madness. Trowa (who joined Oz to attack them from the inside), and Heero (taken “prisoner by Trowa along with the other pilots) have to stop him with new Oz mobile suits, but Trowa is lost in the battle. Oz is taken over by the Romefeller Foundation, their true purpose being to conquer both Earth and the colonies. Meanwhile, Relina has taken her place as part of the Sanc Kingdom, and continues their push for total pacifism. However, Zechs’ friend (and would-be lover) Noin has collected the Gundam pilots (including an amnesiac Trowa) to protect the kingdom, aided by the former Zechs, now going by Milardo Peacecraft (somebody get Japan a better baby name book for Western-sounding names, please?). Unfortunately, a woman named Dorothy who is secretly the granddaughter of…someone at Romefeller, wants to see the Gundams fight and has a strange fascination with Heero (line forms behind Relina).

If you were able to follow that, then you did a better job than I did with the actual comic. See, by condensing so much of the series into what became three volumes (they were also released as individual US-style comic issues, at least by Mixx) means a lot is taken out. Certain motivations are missing or don’t have the same emotional impact, with the exception of Quatre going crazy after his father and sister are murdered by Oz. And having actually seen the show (it’s one of three I’ve enjoyed, Gundam OO and 8th MS Team being the other two) I feel the loss, but without the show everything goes so fast that it’s not as interesting. I imagine that without the show as reference it wouldn’t be worth following.

The art is in line with the show and is really good, but the story is not as good condensed as the series, which I recommend seeing instead. As of this writing I either do not have volume 3 or it’s buried somewhere in my collection, which I probably won’t find in the next phase of comic organizing, but if I find it in my library I’ll review it. I don’t feel the need to pick it up if I don’t, though, as it doesn’t hold up to the show.

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