I was able to make it to Legends Of Superheroes to grab some Free Comic Book Day offerings. Sadly I still have no money so I didn’t get to buy anything. I’m hoping you guys bought in my place, because the comic stores pay for these out of their own pockets. It’s only free to you so if you didn’t buy anything please go back and fix your oversight.

As for my haul…no Underdog. In fact, of the initial want list there were only four that came in. I did notice one that I don’t remember from the previews that I picked up, and grabbed the Bongo comics sampler because why not? I missed out on Star Trek, Mouse Guard, Legend Of Zelda, Miraculous (I’m going to have to find the show on the first episode somehow), Steam Wars, The Tick, and as mentioned Underdog. Hopefully these previews will show up on comiXology so I can at least read them since I can’t own them, but I can still look at the comics I did get, after my usual live-tweeting of the comics as I reviewed them.

I wish they still made Radioactive Man.

Bongo Free-For-All 2017

Bongo Comics (2017)

The first story, “Leader Of The Backpack”, finds Bart injuring his back after a stunt even Nelson thought was stupid and having to use a wheeled “back”pack until his back heals. Oddly this leads to shenanigans with him and the picked on kids because apparently wheeled backpacks get you picked on…for some reason. This was surprisingly entertaining.

“Nights Of The Dinner Table” has Homer coming home late while Bart is sneaking down for a midnight snack. After realizing they’re up too late and worried about falling asleep in church because they’ll get up too late they try to stay up all night and crash afterwards, so Marge won’t be mad at them. Failure ensues. I kind of wish this went longer just to see what else they’d come up with to stay away. Probably my favorite, but still not very exciting.

“The Todd & Rodyssey” is a story that might have been more interesting if it didn’t star two characters so uninteresting I forget they exist. Granted I don’t really watch the show but Ned’s kids are one joke, so sheltered that you feel sorry for how stupid they are. I might more to say when this is revisited for “Yesterday’s” Comic some time down the line.

Finally there are two shorts, one where Milhouse imagines a Radioactive Man adventure which…I don’t think Milhouse is this stupid. Ralph maybe. The other has Bart drawing a comic strip in which Homer buys a toupee which doesn’t go well. Overall an interesting read but it reminds me that my tastes don’t always match up with The Simpsons even in the good years.

Wait, Batgirl can’t fly. I don’t see any jet propulsion.


DC Superhero Girls

DC Comics (May, 2017)

A sample of the upcoming original graphic novel Summer Olympus, as Wonder Woman is invited to spend Summer Break on Mount Olympus with daddy Zeus. (I think in the main universe they gave the clay origin to Donna Troy, but we’ll see how long that lasts. Coming up with a new origin for Donna appears to be a DC rite of passage or some junk.) She’s allowed to invite her friends, but only Bumblebee doesn’t have plans. I hope the full GN follows the other groups on their own adventures or misadventures and that it somehow leads to Olympus and Wonder Woman’s half-sister, Siracca. Zeus needs to invest in condoms. Also, he probably took the form of an aardvark or something because…let’s just not blame this on the furries, shall we? He predates them. And dates way too much. Why did Hera never divorce him again? We won’t learn that here because this is for younger girls but it should be a fun read regardless. This I would like to check out.

“We’ll get that graffiti kid this time!”

Doctor Who Free Comic Book Day 2017

Titan Comics (June, 2017)

“The Promise”

The current Doctor and Bill (the upcoming Companion in the next season, or “series” if you’re from the UK) are just the framing device for this tale as the Doctor tells Bill about a friend he met at least as far back as Doctor 9 (thankfully no Rose Tyler) and how he followed Plex’s life and his clones through the other new Who incarnations. We don’t get a strong introduction to Bill and frankly the problem with stuffing all four modern Doctors into one normal comic-sized book is we don’t see much of the comic-exclusive companions either. This is a story that needed a longer book, while this book should have stuck with the newest Doctor and gave us a better sampling of Bill. Then again, I don’t know how well Titan themselves know her since the first two episodes came out long after this was being put into production. Not bad otherwise.

“I’d fire your decorator, Don.” “But I decorated.” “Then fire yourself.”


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Free Comic Book Day 2017

IDW Publishing (May, 2017)

I kind of wish I hadn’t read this one. I’ve been out of the loop since I lost my job back in 2013 and this is one of the titles I missed getting to read. Now I see everything that’s happened and really wish I could read all those issues, but I still don’t have money coming in. {points to top of sidebar with puppy dog eyes} But I like seeing that Raphael and Alopex seem to have gotten together. Even I shipped those two.

The first half of the comic is all exposition, catching people up on the latest events, although there are characters I either don’t know or don’t know in this continuity so they’re bound to be different on some level. I do like how the captions are the color of each Turtle’s mask (with Fugitoid’s in his font to show he’s a robot) so you know which one is talking even without the characters calling each other by name all of the time. Then we get the set-up for the next storyline involving witnesses to Krang’s crimes that have to be found…and why is that again? He led an army against the Neutrinos. I don’t think he’s going to be that hard to convict. Still, I miss reading this series.

THAT’S how you update a classic look.

Wonder Woman #1 (DC Rebirth) FCBD edition

DC Comics, (May, 2017)

I didn’t learn as much about the Rebirth era of Wonder Woman as I wanted. The story focuses on Diana and Steve to just before the infamous plane crash, only with more dead bodies this time. Special. Diana was also apparently a playa on Themisc…Paradise Island. (Seriously, why did they change that name?). She’s also interested in the outside world, while Steve is…I don’t really know. He’s cruising through the non-military side of his life I guess. I do admit to being curious about the newest origin of their history but that’s more about my general interest in the characters from growing up with them than anything else.

I do not see an emotion on their faces, and that worries me.


Valerian (and Laureline) FCBD sample

Cinebook (I think)

I didn’t even see previews for a comic based on the upcoming movie Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets, a movie that interest me after seeing a trailer for it. So I picked up the sample and found out the opposite is true. Valerian And Laureline is a (I want to say) French comic (could be French Canadian…here’s me not having time to properly research by post time…and this is already late) created by Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mezieres, debuting in an anthology magazine called Pilote. A three-volume collection will soon be translated and published, to coincide with the movie. This comic contains the beginning of what I assume is the first story: Valerian And Laureline: Ambassador Of The Shadows.

And it makes me wonder why Laureline got bumped from the title. Valerian And Laureline: City Of A Thousand Planets could work just fine. The sample serves as a good introduction as to how the place was created (although it’s more like “Planet Of A Thousand Cities” really), and introducing the characters, although as Valerian goes after a kidnapped ambassador Laureline gets most of the focus. I haven’t seen the movie or read a full story so I don’t know how different the tones are but visually there’s a big difference. In pictures of the movie everyone dresses in black, but in the comic our heroes wear white with other colors for highlights while other people wear other colors. There’s more variety visually than just the aliens. Laureline is also a redhead while in the movie she’s blond, possibly because they couldn’t find a black-haired actress and nobody had any hair dye on them. Because you know they wouldn’t die the actress’s hair red considering how much black there is here. At least Valerian is supposed to be a brunette. That’s today’s sci-fi Hollywood for you.

Laureline is also the good kind of sassy, not obnoxious but definitely her own person and I’ll be interested in seeing if the movie version deserves part of the name time that Valerian got. Otherwise, we get a good introduction to the world but not the characters, except for the ambassador who thinks Earth joining up is the best thing that happened to the cohabitation at Point Central and wants to create an Earth-centered Federation. (Must be a Trekkie.) Valerian and Laureline are bodyguards assigned to his protection…and they look slightly older than they do in the movie images I’ve seen, even the ones in this book. They look maybe senior year high school while the comic version look closer to college. Or maybe I’m just that old. Who knows? Overall, I do want to look more into these comics and the movie if I ever get to. Both are coming out in July, so hopefully it won’t ruin my birthday.

And that’s my Free Comic Book Day haul. What did you guys get? Where they any good? Did one of you get the Underdog one? I hope you had a good Free Comic Book Day and that you bought some new comics as well.

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  1. Sean says:

    It’s good to see that you got to enjoy Free Comics Day this year. I didn’t participate this year. Of all the comics you reviewed, the TMNT one sounds the most interesting.


  2. […] This was the last of the IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics I managed to pick up. So I don’t know what happened between that issue and the two I’m about to review. So last I heard Splinter took over the Foot (but I don’t know what happened to the Shredder), Krang was about to go on trial for all of his many war crimes, and Raphael and Alophex were a cute couple. The last comic I was able to buy before my job loss was issue #37 so if I don’t know what’s happening in these comics you know why. […]

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  3. […] the original Free Comic Book Day review: A sample of the upcoming original graphic novel Summer Olympus, as Wonder Woman is invited to […]


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