Leia and C-3PO in The Star Wars Holiday Special

Leia and C-3PO in The Star Wars Holiday Special (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Star Wars Holiday Special was an attempt to use the Christmas/Hanukkah season to keep Star Wars in people’s minds while The Empire Strikes Back was being put together. What we got was a horrible mess, but NerdSync showcases what would have been a far better story, some history of how it came together, and why we got the disaster we ended up with.



You can catch more NerdSynce on their YouTube channel.


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  1. Sean says:

    This video review was very entertaining and informative. I’ve only seen the animation portion and the Bea Arthur singing in the cantina portion of this holiday special. Despite its poor reputation, I do want to watch the entire Star Wars Holiday Special. I didn’t watch it as a kid which is surprising because I was such a huge Star Wars fanatic. But at that time in December 1978 where I was living (I didn’t move to Tronix’s town until May 1979) sometimes had poor television reception during winter months. I recall that from my childhood. This was before cable television. The animation did give a good preview of what the Droids cartoon of the 80s would be like. I’ll try to track down a whole Star Wars Holiday Special video on youtube. Even though the overall special is probably cheesy, it is something that every Star Wars fan should watch at least once in his or her life. Tronix, did you watch the Star Wars Holiday Special on your television in December 1978?


    • I didn’t even hear about the special until many years later, and I didn’t see it until I saw it online. (You can easily find it on YouTube, and that’s the only place you will see it.) And you saw the only two good parts of the special.


      • Sean says:

        Youtube it is. Yes, this is probably something that George Lucas never wants to be on DVD. I just want to experience the whole holiday special in its entirety, so I can understand it better. You’re right….the cartoon was awesome. The cantina scene was good, but I feel bad for the actors and actresses in those alien costumes who were fainting from Southern California’s extreme summer heat wave in that summer of 1978.


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