As you can tell there is no Jake & Leon this week. As I noted in the last Worldbuilding Project video update I’m getting run down and stressed out. The last few years have been nothing but stress. These past few weeks have been filled with distractions due to life issues. And I think I’m coming down with something. I want to take this week to get rid of some of my distractions so I’m going to be limiting my posting this week. Not entirely but there won’t be as many posts.

None of the comics are in a cliffhanger position so this is a good week to take a break and reduce BW time. I know, second time this year, but they will be back next week. I do however have a cliffhanger with the Fantastic Voyage novelization because I’m on the last chapter. So I will be reviewing that this week and give my final thoughts on the book overall over at The Clutter Reports. (Speaking of which today’s toy review is Alternators Sideswipe.) I want to keep that project up and I will be working on some clutter cleaning of the digital kind as well as other things.

I will be trying to do some work on the Worldbuilding Project so I will post updates for that. If you see a Morning Article Link it’s because one of my projects is going over my e-mails and I’ll probably find a link or two to post. It’s disappointing how many emails I have to go over, and I can’t even fully blame that on 2016. I need to come up with a schedule that allows me to go over emails, keep up on the latest news and commentaries, make my own commentaries, work on comics, create videos, and get my living space and my life organized. I need to fix this mess so I can be at my creative best. Who knows, maybe I can do both the Worldbuilding Project and have Morning Article Links by putting the updates in the comic spots this week but I’m not promising anything. The point is to pull back before I push myself over the edge and start producing subpar (according to my skill level anyway) products.

As for the rest of the week, while I’m hoping not to miss Friday Night Fights this week I won’t be without feature posts. Only these will be filler videos–reviews and commentaries by other creators you should really be checking out on YouTube. Maybe even a skit. I haven’t picked them out yet.

With any luck normal operations will resume next week, including that Finally Watched I want to do, and if something comes up I really need to discuss I will. Hopefully I’ll also have time to finish editing the panel I’ve already started working on if not one of the other two left and have that for you on Saturday. But I need to take care of a few things and maybe take some time to relax. Healing isn’t the same as relaxing although it may appear that way to others. I still need a vacation though, or at least a cabin somewhere I won’t be disturbed but still has decent wi-fi so I can get creative work done and still take time to myself. That’s hard to do when you have no money coming in.

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    I hope your week off will help you get destressed. In a way, your week long break, helps me also because I have to still catch up on last Saturday’s Fabio show clips you posted along with Dinoriders clip and your recent world building video. That gives me time to catch up on those. For a creative retreat, how about instead your local library? It’s a change of scenery, yet not too far away plus there’s good wi-fi and desktop computers available if you need them. Not to mention, quietness. A change of scenery such as that could help reinvigorate your creative juices. The other thing is that the area you live in has lots of nice places to go walking in nature. A walk in nature can clear your mind, decrease stress, make you feel reenergized and even help you think up new ideas. I know that my nature walks (which I take mostly back in your area because that’s the area I grew up in and I love the natural beauty of our area) always give me those four benefits that I mentioned. Hope you have a good week, and I’ll leave my thoughts on those site features that I mentioned I have to catch up on.


  2. Sean says:

    Today, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are supposed to be in the 50s temperature wise with sunny skies. Go up to that state park with the old English style cottage located in the town just north of you. You could bring along a folding chair and sit in the sunlight next to that English cottage that makes you feel like you’re on an outdoors filming set of Dr. Who from the Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, or Peter Davidson years, just peacefully relaxing. Then can help with getting rid of stress. One doesn’t need to go to a beach Jamaica to relax. You have some good local outdoors options to help you “recharge your batteries”.


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