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American Idol logo 2008–2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s not in our usual discussion topics but I like seeing records set straight. In the premiere of the new American Idol on ABC new judge Katy Perry took the chance to be a first kiss for one of the contestants, which was controversial. Now that contestant sets the record straight on what he actually thought. Was it sexual harassment? Did he like it? I still don’t think she should have done it without his permission…but I’d make out with her.

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  1. Sean says:

    What if the male judge Lionel Ritchie had given an unexpected kiss to a 19-year-old female contestant who had just confessed that she had never kissed a guy? Lionel Ritchie or any male celebrity would have been fired, berated, and possibly even arrested. There also seems to be a double standard when it comes to sexual harrassment. Like I remember the time when he was in a professional meeting on my job where I was the only male in the meeting room of 5 women. One of the women was talking about a male stripper’s performance that she had seen the previous weekend. I felt very uncomfortable during this conversation, but I was too afraid to say anything or report it. But you better believe it that if I had started telling a story about a female stripper, I would have been reported and probably lost my job. I don’t think that Katy Perry should kissed the young man. The kiss (two times) obviously unsettled him as he didn’t perform as well as he probably could have and thus lost the chance to fully compete on American Idol. I’m sure some lawyers have been contacting the kid to try to get him to bring a lawsuit against various people associated with American Idol. On the flip side, if all it takes to get a beautiful celebrity to kiss you is to say “I’ve never kissed a girl before”, then make I should use that line on celebrities such as Nicki Minaj or Jennifer Lopez….lol!


    • The double standard was reported but the kid doesn’t seem to be blaming that and said he didn’t feel harassed, just embarrassed.


      • Sean says:

        Even being embarrassed was not good because the young man’s audition performance was clearly impacted by his embarrassment over the kisses. Think about this: what if Simon Cowell, a man who was in his 40s when he was a judge on American Idol, planted two kisses on a 19-year-old woman who was performing? You better believe there would have been a huge uproar even if that 19-year-old woman said afterwards they she felt embarrased but not sexually harrassed. Personally, I think the kid should be given a second chance to audition in all fairness. No other contestants had to deal with getting surprisingly kissed by a judge during an American Idol audition.


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