“Now I’d like to demonstrate how Robotechnology enhanced this cruise ship. Icebergs beware!”

Robotech: Return To Macross #34

Academy Comics (July, 1996)

“Storm Surge”

WRITER: Robert W. Gibson

ARTIST: Dusty Griffin

Roy sneaks back onto the Glittering Star to spy on Virgil and Claudia when Hauser tells him that the ship’s owner is in league with one of the Federalist factions and so is Virgil. Da Silva’s plan to kidnap Lisa is hampered when they try to fake an emergency meeting with her father, not aware that she has issues with her father and would rather see Lori perform for the benefit. Virgil even tries to get her to go when Roy shows up and confronts Da Silva. In the confusion of Claudia’s unknowing interference Da Silva grabs and threatens her until Virgil shoots him. Meanwhile, the other half of the plot continues as Admiral Hayes is kidnapped by the Federalists while coordinating efforts to replace RDF security with his own people while Rolf is meeting his old friend, in the belief that his people can do a better security job. Funny how that works.

What they got right: Well so much for the “superior” UEG security guys. The story is getting more interesting as the plot reaches for its conclusion. So Virgil really does like Claudia enough to protect her from Da Silva. Maybe Roy SHOULD let him “keep” Claudia because this relationship sure isn’t as good for Roy as the one in the actual show. It’s still an overused plot but at least Gibson is going for the underused heel turn angle.

What they got wrong: I thought Lori turned them down and Rolf was on her side? Did her friends actually convince her and when? Also, Hauser looks way too much like Roy, making it hard to tell them apart. Add to that the misplacement of panels and word balloons and the art is only slightly improved. I think Griffin actually had time to finish some of the panels properly this issue but the layouts are still off at some key moments.

Recommendation: It’s still a pretty good story arc. Worth checking out.

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  1. Oh yeah, TWO WEEK turnaround on the whole book each issue, pencils, inks, letters (wasn’t me), cover, and I was only 17. I wish I had it to do over again.


    • Thanks for the backstage info. Two weeks? Geez. That’s the problem on my end; I can only review the results without info like that. It’s probably not the first time. Still better than I was doing at 17. I did note it was better than the previous issue. 🙂 So who did the lettering because there are times the Academy comics didn’t credit letterers and they never mention editors. Did you guys even have editors? BTW I liked the toy-style Transformers art on your deviantART page.


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