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Robotech: The Macross Saga #7

Comico The Comic Company (November, 1985)

“Bye-Bye Mars”


PENCILER: Mike Leeke

INKER: Chris Kalnick

COLORIST: Rick Taylor

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Diana Schutz

Battered down by constant enemy attacks and in desperate need of supplies, the SDF-1 lands at the abandoned Mars base Sara after receiving a transmission from the planet. However, it’s actually a trap by the Zentraedi and their newest arrival, Commander Khyron, also known as “Khyron The Backstabber” since his own men and allies have a habit of getting taken out by him if it means he can eliminate his target. Using gravity mines, they trap the ship on the planet, but Lisa has gone to the base to check out the signal and possibly learn what became of her boyfriend, Karl Riber. She is able to set the reflex reactor to blow the base up and free the battlefortress, but she gets trapped right near Karl’s room and might have gone to join him if Rick hadn’t been sent in to retrieve her. Meanwhile, Minmei seems to be inviting half the military to her birthday party.

What they got right: The comic fixes some minor issues with the show. Lisa doesn’t hesitate to go along with the plan rather than worry about her boyfriend when she clearly saw the trap that drew them there, and Khyron’s reason for shooting his own man down makes more sense while still making him look like the undisciplined jackass he is. It’s actually a good plan of Breetai’s while our heroes have to come up with a good solution to the problem and they still had a chance to at least get some supplies, so they kind of win out in the end.

What they got wrong: If you have been reading through the comics like I have then the introductions of Khyron and Karl aren’t quite as abrupt. I don’t think Karl was really mentioned until now and Khyron just suddenly gets added to the cast as someone Breetai probably shouldn’t have brought in. I’m also wondering how one of the Zentraedi managed to get into the human-sized base and activate the broadcast signal. Did the Macross creators already plan on the micronization process when we wouldn’t see it in the show for some time or did they send in some remote control robot in there?

Recommendation: A good issue and worth checking out but I still recommend tracking down the original version of the episodes rather than Macross with the Robotech soundtrack thrown in that Harmony Gold is now releasing.

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  1. Sean says:

    Issue 7 is one of my favorite Robotech Macross comic books. What happened here at Mars Base is very different from what happened in the Titan Robotech comics. Yes, Karl Riber is still alive in the Titan Robotech comics! Karl is some type of expert at fighting Invid.


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