“You idiot, what are we going to do for the next two issues?”

Power Lords #1

DC Comics (December, 1983)

“To The Victor…The Universe!”

WRITER: Michael Fleisher

PENCILER: Mark Texeira (hey, I met him at Free Comic Book Day; sorry I didn’t review this sooner)

INKER: Jeff Dee

COLORIST: Adrienne Roy


EDITOR: Andrew Helfer

Based on the Revell toyline: An alien named Shaya crashlands in front of an observatory on Earth, where she finds the lone man on duty and the one she was searching for before being attacked. His name is Adam and despite his amnesia he managed to get a job at the observatory, which is blown up by attackers. She rescues him and unlocks his memories. Adam is actually an alien like her, and the last surviving Power Lord. Their homeworld of Toran was attacked by an alliance of evil seeking their powers but Adam was sent to Earth in human form so he could escape. Shaya is their loyal herald and now his protector. She takes him to an asteroid, Volcan Rock, to unlock the power of ancient weapons that could be used to fight back against the Extraterrestrial Alliance, but they were in hiding waiting for him and after the weapons are activated they blast the both of them.

What they got right: The character designs match up well with the original action figures and there’s a good explanation as to how Adam Power and Shaya have the changing ability that the toy has.

What they got wrong: Except that with the original toys Adam is supposed to be from Earth. (What is it with non-Earthlings named Adam? First that kid on Eternia, and now this.) Instead he’s an alien living on Earth for three years with no memory and just deciding he should be an astronomer. And from what I can tell Volcan Rock is supposed to be a fortress, not a space battlefortress disguised as a wandering planetoid. And if you like exposition dumps you’ll love this comic. Explaining how Adam got his job? Exposition dump. The amnesia and the few memories he has? Exposition dump. His origin story and fate of his parents? That too. The roving battlestar and hidden weapons that are somehow still more advanced than anything made centuries later? The beat goes on.

Recommendation: I’m kind of neutral on this frankly. There are some good parts but there’s also part done wrong. I picked this up years later as a back issue and don’t have the other two issues. I’m kind of curious to see where the story goes although I was never interested in the toys. Might be worth a look if the last two issues flow better.

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  1. Sean says:

    I have issue #3 of Power Lords. If you’d like to see how the limited series ends (without knowing what happens in the middle of the story with issue #2), I could do a swap and lend you issue #3, while you lend me issue #1, so I can truly see what happened at the beginning of this mini-series.

    Revell, producer of Power Lords toys, is more well known for the Robotech models such as the infamous Trigon!


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