“I think I put a part in backwards.”

Iron Man volume 3 #35

Marvel Comics (March, 2001)

“Remote Control” part 2

WRITER: Frank Tieri

PENCILER: Althia Martinez

INKERS: Mark Pennington & Rodney Ramos

COLORIST: Steve Oliff

COVER ART: Kaare Andrews (not credited in the comic…if I didn’t have to look up first names online I wouldn’t even have noticed the credit on the cover

LETTERER: Jason Levine


EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

As Tony flees his pursuers and heads for a particular building he continues to flash back. Somehow Ty convinces Tony to continue to consult with Donohue, where he finds proof that Donohue was behind the men that attacked him earlier although he denies it. The meeting is used by Ty’s media man as part of a running smear campaign against Tony Stark and Iron Man, which Ty convinces Tony he’s not involved with. (See a pattern?) Iron Man later saves Tyberius from the Radioactive Man (a Marvel villain, not Bart Simpson’s favorite comic book hero) and tries to move the fight away from civilians. Radioactive Man’s power has been boosted and Ty’s media man follows, knowing the villain will explode but not knowing the shields around his flying newsvan aren’t working. When Radioactive Man explodes the media man and his crew are taken out and it looks like Iron Man is going to follow.

What they got right: Playing on some of Tony/Iron Man’s more questionable acts makes sense for a Marvel story and sometimes should be acknowledged, even if he had good reason for doing those things that he can’t share or risk is identity or some other reason. Martinez was either having a good art day or better inkers because the art is serviceable.

What they got wrong: How can Tony not tell Tyberius is messing with him? And this had to be the end of the Tony/Rumiko romance because it should be obvious Tony is better off without her. At least until a future writer matures her a bit. I just can’t stand watching this guy. Friend or not, Tony should have more experience here.

Other notes: Somebody might be wondering why I didn’t bring up a “will he die” cliffhanger when you know he’s alive. This is a flashback. This is also his series that we know wasn’t announced to be canceled at the time and a character still around, even if he has a habit of dying and coming back like he’s challenging Optimus Prime for the record. What makes a good cliffhanger isn’t necessarily “will he die” but “how will he get out of this”. Will the teleporter activate in time? Will he find a refrigerator to hide in? That’s a good cliffhanger when you know he’s not going to die in this story because…well, because he’s not going to die in the series.

Recommendation: I have a personal block keeping me from recommending this story. I’m not enjoying it even if on a technical level it isn’t bad and others might. I’m just not one of those others.

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