The Dreamland Chronicles is a web comic I’ve brought up in years past. The story follows the adventures of a college kid named Alexander Carter whose dreams consisted of adventures in a place called Dreamland, where he and his friends used to go on adventures, until one adventure led to him being unable to dream at all. Finding an amulet he had as a kid he now finds himself able to return, only to find the adventures have grown more dangerous. And it may be leading to troubles in his waking life with his brother and a sleep researcher who aren’t sure if Alex’s adventures are a dream or another reality. It was a great comic with beautiful use of CG. I lost track of it at some point, but I know the comic shifted to 2D near the end of the run.

However, that apparently didn’t work for the creator, Scott Christian Salva, who has decided to have the comic completely redrawn, this time in 2D by Tracy Bailey, formerly of the webcomic Catena. She is a good artist but I thought the 3D art was just fine. So if you haven’t read this comic, which you really should because the story is fantastic, or you read it before and want to start over again, this is the perfect time to check it out.

You can also search for reviews of the original comic here at the Spotlight from the few issues IDW published.

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