“I think there’s something wrong with this hairdryer.”

Robotech II: The Sentinels: Cyberpirates #4


“The Last Flight Of Cobra 5”

WRITER: Bill Spangler

PENCILER: Thomas Tenney

INKER: Angel de Miochie

COVER ART: Barry Blair

LETTERER: Michael DeLepine

EDITOR: Dan Danko

I wish I knew what happened in issue #2 and #3 but without using an illegal upload site or (preferably) finding the issues all I know is that Dana somehow got involved and that the guys behind the cyberjacking of mecha is working for or with Anatole Leonard. Dana is safe with Emmerson but Weston makes friends with someone on the “black box” project, aka the “Universal Protoculture Manipulator”. Together they manage to escape but Weston is framed for the man’s kidnapping. As Emmerson works on that the bad guys take over a hovertank to go after him. Weston is able to use his fighter to rescue the pilot and take down the hovertank, Emmerson sending forces in to expose the project. Weston and his late fiance are both cleared and he goes to collect things from the destroyed areas after the Zentraedi war.

It’s tough for me to judge this story without the middle issues. Why did Leonard take part in this project and what was the end goal? I think the comics try to make him more evil than he was in the show, as I discussed during the “War Of The Believers” story arc in Return To Macross. He has his problems most definitely but I think the comics push too far. Again, I can’t tell if that’s the case here because I don’t know what he was doing or how much he was aware of what they were doing. Even the people part of the project were lied to and kept in the dark. The art is fairly decent (not great but decent) but it doesn’t look like the Robotech art style (aka typical Japanese art style of the time), which isn’t abnormal for the comics not done by the Waltrips at this time. I will note that Amy’s tombstone suddenly becomes a marker in the same scene where Weston is giving the epilogue. The story ends okay but again, without the middle of the story I’m not sure how good or bad it actually is.

Based on the two issues I have (refresher of the #1 review) it doesn’t seem like a bad story. Take a look and see for yourself.

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  1. Sean says:

    Once you have the other issues, this story should make more sense to you.

    Just to note, it is very difficult to find Robotech Sentinels back issues in the two comic shops I go to. One shop has only a handful, and the other store has absolutely none. I don’t know if that’s also the situation in the store that you go to, Tronix.


  2. […] Also mentioned is Terry Weston, who I only know from those two issues of Cyberpirates I managed to get back issues of. I don’t know either of these other characters from there so I’m pretty much lost on […]


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