In a previous Internet Spotlight I talked about the webcomic Forest Hill. It’s a comic by T. Rodriguez that started out being about an anthropomorphic world where a new family entering the titular town adjusted to their new lives as well as the family they befriend. As the comic went on the story the comedy was toned down as it ended up taking a rather dark turn. The children dealt with violent bullies, a pedophile ring, sexual abuse and rape. For more on that check out the link earlier.

I just wanted to note one thing in the article that has changed, at least in the current storyline. Rodriguez has moved from the webcomic host he was using to his own host. Since then he’s had a bit more freedom. I noted that nudity was censored most of the time, but that was due to the provider. Now on his own the current storyline (until his recent hiatus as of this writing) involves getting these “kits” comfortable with their bodies, which has included more open nudity, but only for anthropomorphic animals. (Humans are only mentioned as “Man” is treated like God, including various faiths surrounding Man.) I guess animals must have a similar lifespan as they’re hitting puberty earlier plus all the other horrors they’ve been through, with a pedophile ring and kits raping one character as a power trip. It’s not a comic for kids despite kids being most of the main characters, with the two parents (who are now dating) trying to help their kids through the crisis.

Even though they have animal naughty stuff the subject matter is very strong, but it’s still a comic I feel is good enough to promote. It’s just things have changed since the initial review (the rest of which I still stand by) and wanted to give you an extra warning if you follow my recommendation to check it out. It wasn’t worth a new review but I wanted this update to link to in the initial review. If you want something a bit lighter with animal people check out tonight’s Internet Spotlight for something more on the fun side.

At least he’s up front about it.

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