I thought they stopped using holographic screens. Man is this timeline messed up!

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #27

Malibu Comics Entertainment (AUgust, 1995)

COLOR DESIGN: Moose Baumann


LETTERER: Michael DeLepine


EDITOR: Mark Paniccia

“Genesis Denied” finale

WRITERS; Chris Dows & Colin Clayton


INKER: Jack Snider

“Mudd’s Pets” finale

WRITERS: Randy & Jean-Marc Lofficier

PENCILER: Keith Conroy

INKERS: Larry Welch & Scott Reed

The main story has the crew stop the Cardassian attack on the Varahat but not before the other party fights back and Akha is injured. Due to the nature of the Varahat’s weapon the only way to save Akha is with cells from the injured Varahat commander they were trying to deal with at the start of the story, as Bashir learns Cardassians and Varahat may share an ancestry. The story itself is fine but this is an idea that wants to go somewhere in a future story but never will and that’s a shame. A good read though.

However, I still don’t understand why they had to do two competing stories and issue and this won’t be the last time. Mudd and Quark are forced to help fight the Meeps with Quark’s robots until Bashir and Dax find a way to use the creatures “universal solvent” saliva as a way to kill them. Turns out that actual rodents mess up the crops anyway so this was ultimately unnecessary for Quark while Mudd continues his grandfather’s tradition of getting nothing out of it, but they’re too bushy cleaning Meep goop to worry about that now. A fun story but both would have been better served as their own issue rather than sharing a comic.

Overall it’s a good comic when read alongside the previous issue. Worth considering giving a look.

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