Here’s another one that Shout Factory recently posted to their TokuSHOUTsu YouTube channel. Last week we looked at the first Ultraman and tonight we have something a bit more recent, namely my hated year of 2016. So at least something positive happened that year in the areas we discuss. Ultraman Orb is the 28th entry in the series, and according to the Ultraman fan wiki is the 6th chapter of something called the Ultraman Orb Chronicle. My Ultra-knowledge is a bit weak on that. It’s also celebrating the 50th anniversary of Ultraman and the 20th anniversary of previous Showcase posting Ultraman Tiga.

In our first episode we meet Naomi. Her uncle works for the latest anti-monster task force, VTL or Versatile Tactical Leader. (I know some of these shows take place in other dimensions, one takes place in Australia, and two others in America, plus one in Korea I only know through the “New Generation Heroes” shows on Tsuburaya’s YouTube channel, but you’d think they wouldn’t have to change the group name every series. It feels like the Japanese government keeps creating new groups all the time and I keep wondering how many of the old groups they still spend tax money on. Or at least get a better name than “Versatile Tactical Leader”.) At any rate, Naomi and some friends have started their own group, a paranormal research team known as the SSP, the…wait, really? The “Something Search People”? I’m not sure if that’s better or worse than Versatile Tactical Leader. Whatever, the point is the SSP are about to find their paranormal when they have to be saved from a tornado-making monster by the latest Ultra on the planet. Enjoy.

If this encouraged you to seek out more episodes, it airs on Pluto TV’s TokuSHOUTsu channel, is available on demand free with ads from Shout Factory TV, but is distributed on home video in the states by Mill Creek Entertainment. All as of this writing, of course. Also as I write they the YouTube channel just posted a new Ultraman show for us to look at next week.


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  1. […] anti-kaiju group on the block, the Monster Attack Team (MAT). (Certainly beats the team names from Ultraman Orb.) How did Go first merge with New Ultraman Jack? Tonight’s episode tells that tale. […]


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