Saturday Night Showcase: The New Adventures Of The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger was a popular radio drama set in the Old West. It followed the story of a man named Reid (no first name given although later interpretations favored the name “John”), the last survivor of an attack on him and his fellow Texas Rangers. Reid’s brother Dan Reid was also killed but Reid was saved by Tonto, a…don’t yell at me, it’s the word they used back then…Indian whose life Reid had saved as a boy. Now both men the two form a friendship and Reid decided to pursue the gang that attacked them, donning the mask of the Lone Ranger. And then he decided to keep fighting crime, the mask sometimes getting him into trouble since usually it’s the bad guys who wear masks. He is also the ancestor of the Green Hornet, since they had the same creator although both properties were sold to different people and thus the connection has been lost to time.

The characters were popular enough that numerous interpretations exist, some more faithful than others. Serials, comics, cartoons, and various live-action interpretations followed, the most famous of which being the TV series that can still be found on TV on various retro channels. Clayton Moore (replaced for one season) was the man in the mask and there’s a long history there involving his trying to wear the mask at events. Jay Silverheels, an actual Native American, portrayed Tonto throughout the series. Two cartoons were produced, including one in 1966 that ran for three seasons and tonight’s showcase, Filmation’s The New Adventures Of The Lone Ranger. Because of course we’re going with Filmation.

Airing alongside Tarzan and later Zorro (I discussed the Tarzan version in a previous Saturday Night Showcase but I still can’t replace the video as of this writing), this take on the Lone Ranger starred famed actor William Conrad (who for some reason was credited as J. Darnoc) as the title hero, and his voice isn’t bad but it’s a huge difference from Moore or his sub, John Hart. Just like the live-action series however is the fact that an actual Native American, Ivan Naranjo, voiced Tonto. It’s an extra step that might not have been needed but it’s welcome just the same. In the first episode The Lone Ranger and Tonto, along with their famed horses Silver and Scout, come upon a mystery worthy of Scooby-Doo, complete with Frank Welker providing voices. I wonder if the whole series was like that?

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Batman: The Ten Cent Adventure

The redesign for the Batsignal didn’t do well in test markets.

Batman: The Ten Cent Adventures

DC Comics (March 2002; digital conversion for comiXology by Wildstorm: January, 2011)

“The Fools Errand”

WRITER: Greg Rucka

PENCILER: Rich Burchett

INKER: Klaus Janson

COLORIST: Lee Loughridge

LETTERER: Willie Schubert


EDITOR: Matt Idelson

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Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer Drops

image source: Grand Comics Database

I was going to do a comic review today, but then a trailer dropped for something I really wanted to discuss. So it’s a trailer review instead.

Crossovers in comics are nothing new at this point. DC has had Batman fight the Xenomorphs, Superman fight the Terminators, and Green Lantern guide the USS Enterprise. That was an IDW crossover, and they’re no strangers to crossovers either. They’ve had a number of their licenses join forces either in the same universe or from their own place in the multiverse. They have a Star Trek/Transformers crossover either out or coming out and you better believe I wish I was reading it right now! Unless it’s bad. Then I’d rather not be disappointed.

Another one I would love to check out is their multiple miniseries crossover between Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, one of which actually had the DCAU Dark Knight teaming with Nickelodeon’s first animated version (I would have gone with the 2000s cartoon but Nickelodeon didn’t make that one–that was for Fox’s kids lineup, the Fox Box), while the others have had the regular DC Universe Batman joining forces with the IDW Turtles. This has been really popular, but that’s not the crossover I mean. Exactly.

Crossovers on TV are rare, and home video even rarer. When shows have teamed up, whether it’s the Mask meeting Ace Ventura, Ally McBeal meeting the lawyers of The Practice (an even rarer case of crossing networks), or even Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue, which featured numerous cartoon character across numerous animation studios and networks as part of the late George Bush Sr.’s anti-drug awareness campaign, these are usually thematic or a way for a channel to promote other shows. I mean, Jessica Fletcher once worked with Thomas Magnum. (The original, not CBS’s new version.) And yet they’re about to release a direct-to-video movie based on that Batman/Ninja Turtles crossover I just mentioned. The odds of that are so low it’s amazing, and yet here’s the trailer!

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Fathom #1

What scares me is that there’s a market for bottled woman.

Fathom #1

Comico The Comic Company (November, 1992)

“Genie In A Bottle” part 1: “The Wrath Of Aeshma”

WRITER: David de Vries


INKER: Phil Boy

COLORIST: someone forgot to list one

COVER ART: Tony Akins (credit written on the cover but not given in the comic)

EDITOR: Jerry Liwanag

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BW Morning Promo: Doctor Who & The Star Beast Adapted

For those of you who missed my review of the magazine comic story they’re adapting, I looked at the Marvel US reprints in issue #1 and issue #2. Does this mean that Sharon will now be canon? Are all the Big Finish stories canon or just the Paul McGann ones?

According to the Big Finish website volume one also contains an adaptation of Doctor Who And The Iron Legion, which I also reviewed during the Marvel Premiere test issues (here and here)

Is Spider-Man A Ninja?

Sorry for so many video postings lately. Between the software organizing project I’m doing for The Clutter Reports and the video review I’m hoping to have done by the end of the month my time is a bit short. Lucky for me Gaijin Goombah has a cool video to share with you guys. You should check out his YouTube channel when you’re done watching this. Link underneath the video.

Easily my favorite show of his, and he just announced a new one, is Which Ninja, the show that asks the question “is this character a good example of a ninja?” whether the character was conceived as one or not. In previous postings we’ve watched Gaijin and his sidekick Little G go over the Ninja Turtles. This time it’s the wall-crawler that’s in his sights. Is Spider-Man an example of a ninja? The answer is yes, even when it comes to that Spider-Armor that bothered fans when it was introduced. Using the comics and the recent video game for PlayStation 4, the evidence is clear that Spider-Man is a Spider-Ninja.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Robotech: Breaking Point

Suddenly Lisa gained telepathic powers!

Robotech: Breaking Point (Cadet Lisa Hayes Special)

Academy Comics Ltd (December, 1996)

WRITER: Robert W. Gibson

ARTIST: Dusty Griffin

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