War For Cybertron: Siege Trailer Drops

The previous adult-targeted Transformers cartoon was uploaded to the now-defunct Go90 website, which is now available through Rooster Teeth. After the conclusion of the Prime Wars Trilogy line Hasbro started a new collector line called “War For Cybertron” (not to be confused with the video game because Hasbro doesn’t pay attention–see also Robots In Disguise), which is meant to be a return to the original G1. The first line in the new trilogy, “Siege”, takes place on Cybertron and allegedly involves Cybertronian modes, though there wasn’t a lot of imagination in some of them. Optimus Prime is just his usual flat nose cab with some extra lights. There have been better Cybertronian modes for Op.

Like with the Prime Wars Trilogy the series promoting it doesn’t start until sometime AFTER the toyline has moved to the next series (in this case Earthbound…not to be confused with yet another video game that at least wasn’t Transformers related). This time it’s Netflix that will host the series, meaning if you can’t afford Netflix, like yours truly, you’re out of luck. We do however have a trailer for the new War For Cybertron: Siege animated series (which the trailer calls an anime, a term used for animated series out of Japan…which this isn’t), so let’s see if I’m missing out on anything.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Robotech: Feral World–Nightmare Of Garuda

“You just had to mention zoos, didn’t you?”

The Sentinels Presents…Robotech: Feral World, Nightmare On Garuda (A Worlds Of Robotech Book)

(I’m glad they left that title for the indicia.)

Academy Comics, Ltd (January, 1996)

WRITERS/ARTIST: John & Jason Waltrip

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BW’s Daily Article Link: The Stan Lee Animated Universe

Stanely Martin Lieber
aka Stan “The Man” Lee
December 28, 1922 – November 12, 2018

Stan Lee may be gone but he created a whole bunch of stuff before his passing. POW Entertainment, the company that didn’t try to screw him over like “Stan Lee Media” did, is working with Genius Brands and entertainment network Kartoon Channel (ot to be confused with a certain Network) to bring some of these creations to life in animation. I wonder if they’ll take another shot at doing The Condor? I liked that movie but I appear to be part of a small group. They also worked together on Mighty 7, which Lee had a voice role in.

Filler Video: The Last Of Us’s Medical Mistake

Just because I haven’t played a game doesn’t mean I can’t learn anything from videos about said game. That came up when I posted a video about a broken magic system in a game I hadn’t played versus a good system in a game I also haven’t played. The host of that video gave all the information needed to follow along. Since this week my schedule has been a scramble I’m posting such a video again.

From what I hear The Last Of Us 2 made some huge missteps in their story, by killing favorite characters and then having you play as those killers. It’s certainly an example of the difference between watching a character and playing a character, something I’ll be bringing up in Art Of Storytelling. However, if you’re going for realism…in a story where people are taken over by fungi and turned into mushroom monsters, your typical Wednesday…it is important to get your facts straight. For example, the reason a group of humans wants the girl you’re protecting is because somehow her brain is capable of creating a vaccine for the fungi. MatPat of Game Theory goes over why the science doesn’t really add up here. Don’t watch this one while eating or just before bed. Kind of the wrong time to post it in my native time zone, isn’t it?

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #26 (Malibu)

“Garak, this isn’t the place for that!”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #26

Malibu Comics Entertaiment (July, 1995)

COLORIST: Moose Baumann

LETTERER: Michael DeLepine

EDITOR: Mark Paniccia

“Genesis Denied” part 1

WRITERS; Chris Dows & COlin Clayton


INKER: Jack Snider

COLOR SEPARATIONS: Violet Hues with Janice Wismar

“Mudd’s Pets” part 1

WRITERS: Randy & Jean-Marc Lofficer

PENCILER: Keith Conroy

INKER: Larry Welch

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BW’s Morning Article Link: Gaming In Vegas…In Games

A stock photo of Las Vegas, Nevada with Palm trees in the foreground. Shot at Sunset. [image source: Getty Images]

Las Vegas is famous for its gaming but it’s also shown up in video games or inspired levels based on Vegas. Here’s a few games that are set there but despite the title of the article it doesn’t really go into why the place is so often used. My guess is it’s just a fun level to design and everyone wants to visit Vegas.

The True History Of Spider-Man’s Black Costume

The black costume. Whether a brain-eating symbiote or simply a fashion choice. the black costume has its fans…for example me. I think it makes him look more like a “spider man” than the red and blue costume without the webbing, and it better matches the more stealthier side of his moves while still allowing him to fight like normal. Plus it looks like the pop culture interpretation of a ninja and came out in the 1980s so I’m surprised to find out the trouble Marvel had selling it.

Also interesting is where the idea of the new costume came from, a pitch by a fan looking to become a creator–if only for a brief time. I have two videos here from the YouTube channel and series Casually Comics as host Sasha Wood goes over the backstage history of the black costume, the formation of Venom and the symbiotes, and why the creator of the costume hates the symbiotes and deserves more credit. The first covers the history of the suit (advanced warning…includes the meme-tastic scene from Scanners where a man’s head makes a gory explosion–but you have time to turn away when it appears) while the second goes over the pitch for why Spidey changed his look. By watching them together here you also get my commentary. Ignore reading it if you wish…like I could stop you. 🙂 Hopefully you’ll find something on this page interesting.

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