“Yesterday’s” Comic> Transformers: The Animated Movie #4

“Stop calling me a kitbashed Megatron!”

Transformers: The Animated Movie #4


IDW Publishing (January, 2007)

“Matrix Quest!”

WRITER: Bob Budiansky

ARTIST: Don Figueroa

COLORIST: Josh Burcham (assisted by Tim Barnett, Rob Ruffolo, Robby Musso, Matt Moylan, Evan Gauntt, & Mark Brostow–why so darn many?)


EDITOR: Chris Ryall

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BW’s Morning Article Link: The OTHER Power Ranger Movies

With the new Power Rangers…{sigh}…re-imagining going to theaters, ScreenCrush takes a look at the first two movies that actually tried to be the show, the latter of which actually IS canon to Power Rangers Turbo.

“Yesterday’s” Comic> Thundercats: Dogs Of War #4

A Lion-O for the 90s? No, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

Thundercats: Dogs Of War #4

WildStorm (November, 2003)

“Hand That Feeds You”

(or “We Traded The Lame Dog Pun For A Lame Story-Related Pun”)


PENCILER: Brett Booth



SELECTED COVER ART: Wilce Portacio & Sandra Hope


EDITOR: Alex Sinclair

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Masters Of The Universe v3 #8

“Maybe I can prevent DC Comics from turning me evil with this protection spell!”

Masters Of The Universe v3 #8


Image Comics/MV Creations (December, 2004)

STORY: Emiliano Santalucia & Val Staples

WRITER: Ryan Foley

ARTIST: Fabio Laguna

COLORIST: James Offredi (assisted by Diedre Vante, Rod Hannah, & Rex Stabbs)

SELECTED COVER ART: Mike O’Hare & Jeremy Roberts

LETTERER: Ed Dukeshire

EDITORS: Vicki Jaeger, Monica Lopez, & Geoff Walker

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BW’s Morning Article Link: Rouge One Lives

SPOILERS FOR THE END OF Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

I think the title only makes sense for those of you who saw the movie and knows how it ended. But it might not have ended that way. Entertainment Weekly’s interview with screenwriter Gary Whitta shows that there could have been an ending with a little less death in it. Very little, mind you. And that’s all I’ll say, and all you should say in the comments. It’s still too early to spoil stuff and if I have to edit comments I will. It’s also part of a week of revelations about the numerous re-writes, typical of movies, so you may want to keep an eye out for that.

BW V-Log: 101 Ways To Review A Clone Parody

The saddest part of the Clone Saga? They had to parody themselves to save face. Didn’t work.

This gives you an idea as to how lame the jokes were in Spider-Man: 101 Ways To End The Clone Saga. I could just review the thing as a daily comic review but to really understand how bad some of these ideas are, and because I review to make myself a better storyteller and this is just rife with examination fodder, I want to give it a more longform review. But can I do it proper justice by giving the Scanning My Collection treatment, does it need more than one article to fully examine the failures, or could I better review it as a BW Video Review? Last night I took to YouTube in rambling rant trying to wrap my own head around why I was having trouble deciding, if only so I could focus on other articles until I figure out what to do. At least I stayed on topic most of the time. And if you understand any of this, I could honestly use some advice.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Uncanny Origins #5

“Fine! Hulk take shower already!.”

Uncanny Origins #5

Marvel Comics (January, 1997)

The Hulk: “Unfettered Fury”

WRITER: Glenn Greenberg

PENCILER: Pablo Ralmondi

INKER: Bill Anderson

COLORIST: Bob Sharen

LETTERER: Jack Morelli

EDITORS: Mark Gruenwald & Terry Avanagh

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