“Yesterday’s” Comic> Prime-8s #1

“These are not the sea monkeys I ordered!”

Prime-8s #1

Monkeybrain Comics (2013)

WRITERS: Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley

ARTIST: Kyle Latino

COLORISTS: Jordan Gibson & Stephen Bobbett

LETTERER: Ryan Ferrier

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BW’s Daily Video> Forgetting Who The Characters Are

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I wrote the following in the comments: I’d also make the case that the dark and gritty deconstruction has been done. Constantly. The big epic adventures where the fate of all creation (or the hero’s corner of it) has become the norm. Short adventures with a recurring subplot is no longer the norm. EVERYBODY is trying to make the next Watchmen or Dark Knight. Stop looking at what comics were when you were reading it and see what they are now. You aren’t doing something new, you’re doing what every other writer is currently doing.

BW’s Daily Article Link> Jim Caviezel’s Anti-Child Trafficking Movie

You wouldn’t think that a movie about the horrors of child trafficking would be something to fight. It’s a horrible situation in our world and any good effort to alert people to this nightmare and what it does to the kids involved should be supported. However, actor Jim Caviezel says during his promotion that when Disney bought 20th/21st Century Fox that they actually took issue with the movie and tried to kill it. Put in one of the 18 other studios, or let Fox release it as planned. It wouldn’t be tied to Disney directly, though given some the actions and arrests of Disney employees involving children Caviezel may be right about the why. Also, much credit for Angel Studios trying to get as many eyes as possible on this thing. I can’t afford to go but consider taking the time to do so if you can.

Free Comic Inside> She-Ra Goes Fishing

She’s not the only one. Ever since He-Man.org started working with Dark Horse the site has undergone huge changes. All of their information, including scans of minicomics, are now collected in large hardcovers and no longer on their site, which is just a forum now. Other sites I’ve used for minicomics since Free Comic Inside expanded past my sadly small collection has not yielded much when it comes to series two of Princess Of Power, which is where I am now in those readings. In a last ditch effort I went to one of those…more legally questionable scan sites, a last gasp of research and I only know one with not as annoying ad flooding as the others. At the very least it’s usable until I can appropriate the actual comics for my collection.

So we can return to Etheria and the crazy version of She-Ra given what we’ve seen her do in the past. Our last trip into series two didn’t quite have the body count of “Journey Into Mizar” or the cruelty of cursing a mirror to drive Catra insane (I know she’s the villain, but Castaspella isn’t supposed to be) while fighting over a dress-up set and costume jewels buried in She-Ra’s backyard for some reason. No, the first series two story just went full girly and gave She-Ra and Swift Wind a minor toy variant a sparkly new look. I can’t wait to see what happens when She-Ra goes swimming with her new mermaid toy friend.

Before Ariel there was Mermista–who also got race-swapped in the remake.

Princess Of Power series 2 #2

Mattel (1986)

“A Fishy Business”

WRITER: decided not to admit to making this

PENCILER: Jim Mitchell

INKER: Todd Kurosawa

COLORIST: Charles Simpson

LETTERER: not taking credit either and I don’t blame either of them

EDITOR: Lee Nordling

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Harley Davidson Avengers #1

“Stop hogging the…hog, Steve! It’s Hulk’s turn!”

Harley Davidson Avengers #1

Marvel Worldwide (March, 2012)

“Heroes Arise”

WRITER: Jeff Parker

PENCILER: Manuel Garcia

INKERS: Jay Liesten, Don Ho, Rebecca Buchman, & Dave Meikis

COLORIST: Jay David Ramos

LETTERER: Joe Carmagna


EDITOR: Bill Roseman

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BW’s Daily Video> Chuck Dixon Joins The Rippaverse

I’ve seen commentators wondering why legendary creators who still have the talent to make new comics haven’t been getting work in favor of writers and artists who aren’t nearly as talented, and may not even come from the comic industry. They may not even wants to make comics and just needs the money and resume. Bringing a legend like Dixon into the Rippaverse comics family is quite a boost for the company. Now I’m curious who the artist is going to be?

Chapter By Chapter> Batman: Knightfall chapters 18 & 19

Chapter By Chapter (usually) features me reading one chapter of the selected book at a time and reviewing it as if I were reviewing an episode of a TV show or an issue of a comic. There will be spoilers if you haven’t read to the point I have, and if you’ve read further I ask that you don’t spoil anything further into the book. Think of it as read-along book club.

The 19th chapter is very long and 18 very short. So I decided that since these are the last two chapters of part 1 and the actual Knightfall portion of the arc I’d go ahead and read both anyway so we can get on to the next part. That means we’re about to see the defining event of the arc, the breaking of Batman’s back. Right now he’s in bad shape after last chapter’s run-in with the Joker.

It’s kind of strange to think that Bane was never intentioned to be the villain of this storyline. He was created just for it, and yet he’s not overall important. This could have been any of Batman’s rogues, or just an accident while saving lives. And yet they created a character to do something major in Batman’s life and then virtually not matter to it. I’m also not sure that Bruce ever got payback since we’ll see Jean Paul is the one to go after him. Frankly it feels like they underused the villain. However, I’ve got a lot of reading to do so let’s get to it.

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