BW’s Morning Video Link: Cancelled Games Resurrected

Star Fox

Star Fox (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the selling points of the SNES Classic is that the cancelled game Starfox 2 was completed and now joins the original on the machine. However, this isn’t the only time a cancelled game was resurrected…but usually it does so as a whole new game, and Starfox is on that list too. Guru Larry’s Fact Huntseries introduces you to that game and four others .


Jake & Leon #337: Salvation Of The Innocent

But hopefully this is the last time we’ll mention him for a long time!

One problem with the new graphics tablet is trying to figure out how to do Jake’s hair like I did with the brush pen. It’s a whole different kind of tip.

This week’s Clutter Report is about the exciting world of spreadsheets. Trust me, it’s a better topic for organizing than you think, and it’s short so you shouldn’t fall asleep reading it unless you’re already tired. And it’s a project that benefits me working on this website.

In two weeks I’ll be revealing our next Chapter By Chapter book series, and it’s one I’m looking forward to reviewing. Meanwhile, the Transformers comic will be coming back to the Spotlight one-shots from IDW, and we’ll be continuing Superman’s Time & Time Again storyline. I have a Free Comic Inside waiting to go, and I’m trying to decide what else to talk about this week that doesn’t have to do with you know who. I have a lot of article series that have gone by the wayside as of late, plus I’m sure something will happen in the storytelling business that I’ll have to bring up at some point. Lately it’s been mostly legal issues and politics and we don’t discuss either around here.

Short update this week but that’s all I have to bring up. With…that book…done and the Voltronathon over, it’s time to get back to business. Hopefully those of you drawn in by said book will stay around for the next book, which should be one article per chapter, and the other discussion topics. I’ll try to make it worth your stay.

Saturday Night Showcase: Crossing The Wilderness (Doctor Who book guide)

When Doctor Who was cancelled by the BBC it meant no new shows worldwide. Fans lost one of their favorite television series. However, other media were willing to pick up the slack. It continued as magazine comics, Big Finish audio dramas, and most notably for our purposes, a series of novels that connected the seventh and eight Doctors until the new TV series started airing a few years ago. This period is referred to as “The Wilderness Years”.

Greg from the YouTube channel Pop Arena has a number of video series, and they’re all good. I’ve enjoyed his work when The Pop Arena was simply his review show, and he was nice enough to help me with my first video review many moons ago. So I want to drive some love his way and since a book review is responsible for many of you newer subscribers over the past few months (hello!) you might enjoy this series as well. Crossing The Wilderness is a book guide review, like he recently finished up for the Animorphs book series, following the book released by Virgin Books. In the opening installment Greg goes into the creation of the novels, how they came to be, and the sorted history of bringing the “Wilderness Years” books to store shelves. I’m also including the first official review, of the first book in the series, Timewyrm: Genesis.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Superman Adventures #21

Kara, the baddies are behind you!

Superman Adventures #21 (aka Supergirl Adventures)

DC Comics (July, 1998)

“Last Daughter Of Argo”

WRITERS: Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer

PENCILER: Bret Blevins

INKER: Terry Austin


LETTERER: Kevin Cunningham


EDITOR: Mike McAvennie

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Friday Night Fights: Super Continuity Error

The new tournament starts tonight. It’s called Roundhouse, but the rules didn’t state the fight needed to have a roundhouse anything. Just to be on the safe side, though, this one does. And it features the star of movies and cartoons, Supergirl! And by cartoon I mean the DCAU version as adapted by comics.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the actual comic but tonight Supergirl is in a fight with master assassin Kanto and is saved…by a continuity error. Eh, it’s still a good fight.

“Roundhouse” round 1

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> The Phantom #11 (Moonstone)

“You can hunt down bad guys but you can’t find your squeaky toy?”

The Phantom #11

Moonstone (2006)


WRITER: Ben Raab

ARTIST: Rich Burchett


COVER ART: Doug Klauba

LETTERER: Erik Enervold

EDITORS: Joe Gentile & Garrett Anderson

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BW’s Morning Article Link: The Wacky World Of Novelizations

I’ve reviewed a novelization before here at the Spotlight, and my next Chapter By Chapter review will be another novelization. These books are often based on early versions of the script plus adding their own flair. For example, aliens creating the oxygen machine turning out to be giant sentient ants with a plan as convoluted as the villain’s. They may also add their own ideas to flesh out the book length. It’s why I like them even if I’ve seen the movie. Someday I’d like to do a video review series on them in the (reverse) vein of The Book Was Better or Lost In Adaptation. I.M. Fletcher of Paperback Cinema looks at five rather unusual novelizations and what makes them stand out.