Saturday Night Showcase: Transformers: Broken Mirror

I haven’t done a Transformers fan film on Saturday Night Showcase for a long time. Let’s fix that tonight. For those of you not aware, “Shattered Glass” is a convention comic exclusive, created for the Transformers Collector’s Club. The story follows a version of G1 Cliffjumper being tossed into a mirror universe (now referred to by fans as the Shattered Glass Universe) where the Autobots are evil and the Decepticons are a rebel group trying to oppose their plans of conquest. Other stories followed and the concept has a strong fan following.

In tonight’s Showcase we’ll be watching a 2015 stop-motion fan movie based on that idea. A Decepticon from the Shattered Glass universe finds a plot by the evil Autobots to invade another universe. Can he warn the good Autobots of their plot, and possibly find…love? It makes more sense and less squick in context. The Transformers are performed by the actual toys, but since there is a severe lack of human action figures even close to Transformer size the creators went with Lego figures and sets. If you can get past that, there isn’t such a bad story here for a low-budget fan production. If you can’t handle that it isn’t Hollywood quality that’s on you. If you can get over yourself that hurdle you might enjoy this. I did.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Batman: Gotham Adventures #23

Ra’s gets his money’s worth for pay-per-view.

Batman: Gotham Adventures #23

DC Comics (April, 2000)

“Do The Wrong Thing”

WRITER: Scott Peterson

PENCILER: Tim Levins

INKER: Terry Beatty

COLORIST: Lee Loughridge

LETTERER: Tim Harkins


EDITOR: Darren Vincenzo

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Finally Watched…Casablanca

Having to change cable providers means I have to clear out my part of the DVR. With so many movies and so little time I’ve been writing my Finally Watched reviews in a Word document, and I’ll be release them over the next few weeks. So I have my Friday article for a while.

This was one I was hoping to review when it came out but circumstances kept delaying it and I ended up putting it on the back burner. So tonight I finally bring you the long-teased review of Casablanca. While not in my ordinary list of interests, the film has been homaged, parodied, and referenced so many times, often with inaccurate quotes and just barely in context usage that I really should know what the actual movie is like. Some time ago Turner Classic Movies aired it so I’ve been waiting to review it. And now here we go.


RELEASED BY: Warner Brothers

RUNTIME: 1 hour 42 minutes


STARRING: Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and Paul Henreid

SCREENWRITERS:  Julius J. Epstein, Philip G. Epstein and Howard Koch, based on the play by Murray Burnett and Joan Alison, while IMBD also lists an uncredited Casey Robinson

DIRECTOR: Michael Curtiz

GROSS REVENUE: $1,024,560 (US only listed on IMDB), with an estimated budget of $950,000

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BW’s Morning Article Link: Wizard Of Oz Returns To Theaters

When you mention The Wizard Of Oz most people don’t immediately think of the L. Frank Baum book but the 1939 classic movie with Julie Andrews as Dorothy. And for the 30th anniversary you have a chance to see it on the big movie screen like it was created to be seen.

“Yesterday’s” Comic> Robotech: Return To Macross #31

Does the artist think the pilot operates the Battloid mode from the head? Why is the “eye” so darn huge?

Robotech: Return To Macross #31

Academy Comics, Ltd. (April, 1996)

“Coming Attractions”

WRITER: Bill Spangler

ARTIST: Dusty Griffin

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Stan Lee’s Anime Ties

Stanely Martin Lieber
aka Stan “The Man” Lee
December 28, 1922 – November 12, 2018

Smiling Stan Lee is well known for his contribution to comics, especially Marvel Comics. His cameos included cartoons, some of which he even narrated or just “hosted”. However, did you know about Stan’s contribution to manga and anime (in other words, comics and cartoons from Japan)? In this episode of Mother’s Basement, Jeff takes a look at the various works Stan in Japan…to varying degrees of success according to the review. Note: This show is more willing to drop a curse bomb than typical BW postings. It’s not my show so I can’t do anything about it, but it isn’t excessive and the trivia is interesting. Enjoy.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Transformers Animated Free Comic Book Day

Ratchet and Prowl decided to take the freeway. They were never seen again.

Transformers Animated Free Comic Book Day Special

IDW Publishing (May, 2008)

SCREENPLAY: Marty Isenberg


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