ComiXology And The Future Of Digital Comics

I have no idea what’s going on with ComiXology these days. Just recently I posted a BW Ramble v-log about how they finally fixed the Guided View feature they dropped when Amazon bought the digital comics service and decided to integrate it into Kindle, and now they’re cutting a huge chunk of their workforce. Almost 75% according to Bounding Into Comics. Yes, with people being allowed into that area of space we call “outside”, which I vaguely remember visiting once or twice, demand for at-home media has gone down. Streaming services are not making as much money as they were during the lockdowns and that’s only partly blamed on Netflix doing terrible anime live-action remakes and movies of dirty dancing pre-teens, Amazon working over Tolkien fans, and basically everything Disney is doing to their animated properties, comics, and Star Wars. Part of it can also be blamed on our current economic issues and I won’t go into a political rant here because I’ve discussed that stuff too much lately and yet will probably have to again.

Even people currently working at ComiXology is complaining about the layoffs, not to mention high ranking types who are already hitting the job sites for work. That’s certainly bad news in this climate and I wish them all the best of luck, but BW Media Spotlight isn’t a business site, it’s a storytelling site. Digital comics, for some, have replaced physical comics because they take up less floor space and are a bit cheaper since there isn’t printing costs to deal with…I mean, in theory they’re cheaper. However, with such a huge drop in people running the site this is a format of comics that may take a hit of its own, and frankly just pushes my belief that physical comics are still superior in the end.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Lou Ferrigno: Liberator #0

“At least I don’t have to be painted green this time.”

Lou Ferrigno: Liberator #0

Bluewater Productions (November, 2013; as posted to comiXology–for now; see tonight’s feature article)

WRITERS: Jim Cirile & Aaron Pope

ARTIST: Gerry Kissel

COLORIST: Jesse D’Angelo

LETTERER: Chris McCarver

LAYOUT: David Faught

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BW’s Daily Video> The Origin Of Luigi

Note: There is a little swearing.

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A Further Autopsy Of DC’s (Thankfully) Failed 5G

What we know as “Future State” was the surviving elements of a leaked plan for what then DC Comics Editor-In-Chief Dan DiDio planned for the new status of the DC Universe. Known as “5G”, standing for “fifth generation” rather than the wireless network, it would have created a new status quo had the full plan been initiated. Just the parts we heard about was not sitting well with many DC fans, myself included. It was part of his brand new timeline that would have made Wonder Woman, not Superman, the first modern superhero of the DC universe and would have been yet another reset of the DC timeline, which apparently DiDio couldn’t stop doing.

Recently, Bleeding Cool dropped a multi-part article series examining the plans of 5G and what was eventually used in Future State and more recent stories. Future State became a story arc of an alternate future using elements of 5G because they didn’t have anything else at the time. Just at the leaked conception of the 5G event the backlash was huge and may or may not have led to DiDio’s long overdue departure. Now he’s working with Frank Miller to create a whole new comic company.

I didn’t read the whole series because just listening to Comicstorian’s video below was enough to annoy me. Having to read the finer details would probably have ticked me off and I’m trying to reduce the angry rants. So let’s listen to his summary, his review of what we got and why 5G would have killed DC Comics outright, and then I’ll chime in with my thoughts. No, using Comicstorian videos on this site isn’t going to be a weekly thing. If anything the last one was a few weeks old before I used it.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Sonic’s Friendly Nemesis Knuckles #2

Not sure about this Dune remake.

Sonic’s Friendly Nemesis Knuckles #2

Archie Comics Publications (August, 1996)

“Rites Of Passage!” part 2

WRITERS: Ken Penders & Mike Kanterovich

PENCILER: Art Mawhinney

INKER: Harvo

COLORIST: Kyle Hunter

LETTERER: Mindy Eisman

EDITOR: Freddy Mendez-Gabrie

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BW’s Daily Video> The Supertwins Aren’t Actually Twins?

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So this was information I didn’t get from research because STILL nobody is talking about these two. I did an article on them but their PR is still nonexistent. Fix this, DC Comics! CARE ABOUT THE STUFF YOUR MAKING, NOT WHAT THE PARENT COMPANY IS IGNORING!


My Final Thoughts On The Kree/Skrull War

You can actually blame the Fantastic Four for the events of the Kree/Skrull War arc.

Both the warlike Kree and the shapeshifting Skrulls debuted in the pages of Fantastic Four, and have since become two-thirds of the biggest power brokers in Marvel space along with the Shi’Ar empire. (Whether the Shi’Ar are the nicer ones depends on who’s writing it, who’s sitting on the throne that Thursday, and what you consider positive about a group of conquerors just because one of the rotating leaders is playing mental footsie with Professor X. When he isn’t busy being dead.) Despite what the Captain Marvel movie may have told you, in the comics neither are the good guys. They both want to conquer Earth, and this story gives us the reason why.

Over at “Yesterday’s” Comic I’ve been reviewing the trade collection of “The Kree/Skrull War”. If you want my thoughts on the individual issues I’ll toss some links at you in a moment. This article is my overall thoughts on the event, which surprisingly was kept to the pages of The Avengers. The question is how important this arc is, whether it was worth collecting, and if it was any good as a story. The short version is I have…concerns.

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