“Yesterday’s” Comic> Simpsons Super Spectacular #14

Somehow when I did the original review, which I’ll just be copying over here, I managed to get the name wrong. I don’t know how I KEPT doing that since the comic should have been in front of me and it wasn’t my first issue with that title and I got it right in the file name for the cover scan. I don’t understand my own brain sometimes.

The Tony Awards are getting vicious.

Simpsons Super Spectacular #14

Bongo Comics (2011)

COLORIST: Nathan Hamill

EDITOR: Bill Morrison

Radioactive Man: “Turn Up The Silence”

WRITER: Batton Lash

PENCILER: Bill Galvan

INKER: Mike DeCarlo

Maggie Simpson: “Maggeena’s Den”

WRITER/ARTIST: Serigo Aragones

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BW’s Art Soundoff 2019 #6: Why I Prefer Aspirational Heroes

The Animation Evolution Of The Simpsons

The Simpsons has been around for so long people may forget or never even know that it began as a series of shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show. It was popular enough that they had their own Christmas special, now referred to as “Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire”, a pilot that led to the first animated prime time series since I think either The Flintstones or Jonny Quest. It started a trend where other studios and networks tried to do their own but so far Fox is the only one to have really pulled it off, and even then there have been more failures than successes. As time, technology, and techniques have adapted over the years so to has the animation and general art style, plus you have to figure some of the older animators left for one reason or another and others came in.

Jazza, of the YouTube channel formerly known as Draws With Jazza until he opted to focus on numerous art styles, has done animation over the years, including the recent Saturday Night Showcase entry The Tale Teller, and decided to follow the evolution of the art style and animation of the show. While at some points the quality improved it came at the cost of quality elsewhere, as he demonstrates in this examination. Then I did a little checking of my own that may offer some explanations as to what happened to the animation.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Robotech: The Macross Saga #24

Forget flying cars; when are we getting the cool holographic video games?

Robotech: The Macross Saga #24

Comic The Comic Company (December, 1987)


ADAPTATION: Markalan Joplin

PENCILER: Howard Bender

INKER: Sal Trapani

COLORIST: Tom Vincent

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Maggie Brenner

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BW’s Art Soundoff 2019 #5: Venting On Tools

Trust me, I’m in there somewhere. I just needed to vent this installment.

BW’s Art Soundoff 2019 #4: Well, That’s Just Prime

For context (and testing how to embed from anchor.fm) here are the two podcasts, mostly the second one here, that I’m referencing in my v-log. They’re from Jerzy Drozd’s entries in the Art Soundoff Challenge and preview of his upcoming podcast, because he’s a podcasting addict.

Jerzy Drozd discusses Rodimus Prime

Jerzy Drozd discusses Optimus Prime

Don’t forget to catch his new Transformers podcast, Four Million Years Later, when it drops next month. And now, with the technical issues not so much dealt with as bypassed, here’s my thoughts on both Primes.

EDIT: Thanks to all the issues the article scheduled for tonight will post tomorrow night so I can get everything done.

“Yesterday’s” Comic> Star Trek #13 (DC 1st series)

Father’s Day has always been a problem for Kirk.

Star Trek #13

DC Comics (April, 1985)

“New Frontiers” part 5: “Masquerade!”

WRITER: Mike W. Barr

PENCILER: Tom Sutton

INKER: Ricardo Villagran

COLORIST: Michele Wolfman

LETTERER: Carrie Spiegel

ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Robert Greenberger


EDITOR: Marv Wolfman

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