In a world of superpowers, superscience, and super…magic(?) someone needs to warn our kids of the hazards of this fantastic yet dangerous world we live in. We need…


Was this boy being controlled by the girl due to psychic powers or something else? You decide!

Sure, that random container of radioactive material could give you superpowers…but at what cost?

Not all kids are able to fight today’s villains, when even Hostess isn’t enough to surmount their evil.

Captain PSA tries to warn that the Twilight franchise does not showcase the true evil of monsters. He just chose the wrong group.

If you think trying to convince a kid that a cape doesn’t really let you fly is a problem in our world, try a world where that actually happens. Unapproved cameo by G-Man.

Forget the creepy white van, keep an eye out for the creepy white flying saucer!

Someone has to warn the kids to be careful who they accept superpowers from. Unapproved cameo by the original Captain Marvel.

Even electricity isn’t a trustworthy option to get superpowers. Luckily Captain PSA knows what is.

Gateways in the fabric of reality are fun…until you end up in Hell. Protect your kids from Hell, parents.

Find a strange thing with a button? For God’s sake DON’T TOUCH THAT BUTTON! Includes the video that inspired this one.

Want to travel to a magic world? There are wrong ways to do that.

Hopefully more to come

These are surprisingly hard to come up with on a regular basis but when something inspires me you’ll see more from Captain PSA: Public Service Announcer!