While Jake & Leon is long enough to have its own dedicated archive, I wanted to create one for my other comic and art creations. So if they get lost among the reviews, commentaries, and occasional video I want show off that I’m not just examining other people’s work, but making comics of my own.

Captain PSA: Public Service Announcer

one-page comics

Inspired by PSA comics, PSA pages in other comics, and those public service announcement ads and segments of 1980s TV shows for kids, I wondered what such messages would be in the science fantasy worlds they were in. That’s where I got the idea for Captain PSA.

Hosted at DeviantArt the links go to articles posts on the site.

Captain Yuletide: Guardian Of Christmas

downloadable PDF comics

Also inspired by my childhood, when special Christmas episodes of superhero and action shows saw the heroes saving Christmas, rescue Santa Claus, or had other Christmas themed adventures. Captain Yuletide uses a different elf each year to add some variety and someone may find their favorite version. Each are joined by Bryce The Green-Nosed Reindeer and sent by the Grand Tree in stories based on Christmas folklore, old carols, or just what I think is a good Christmas and life message.

Yes, this one is more for kids but adults can get something out of it too. Includes links to the various comics hosted here at BW Media Spotlight, free for everyone as my Christmas present. You decide if it’s good or virtual coal.

more to come

not sure yet

I plan to have more comic and comic-type art coming. Stay tuned.