If you’re looking for the novella I had here before, check out the “History Of BW” sub page.

Otherwise, welcome to BW Media Spotlight, dedicated to examining the art of storytelling in the hopes of making me a better writer. Mainly I want to be a comic book writer so comics tends to dominate what you’ll see here, but I also discuss television, movies, music, video games…anything that can be used to tell a story. Each format has its own strengths and weaknesses, and comics happens to be the one that fits my style. I don’t think any method is inherently better than the other, but some do things that you can’t in another format. Just watch a novel, comic, movie, video game, and novel all telling the same story and notice what each method brings to the table.

My preference is towards all-ages stories (which is not the same thing as kids stories), but there is the occasional “mature” work I do enjoy. And there are plenty of kids stories I enjoy while some are downright insulting to kids. You have to speak AT their level, not over or under it. I’m also drawn more towards science fiction and superheroes, but The NeverEnding Story is my favorite movie and To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my favorite books. I can diversify but I still have my usual preferences.

Here you’ll find articles, comics, and videos all about celebrating and examining storytelling while taking some of the storytellers…and sometimes their fans…to task when they do something wrong. That’s not the same thing as making something I like. I dislike things I think are well done and enjoy things that are really, really bad. There’s a difference between good/bad and like/dislike, which I also explore.

I’m also a former contributor to Reviewers Unknown, which shut down in October of 2014, and have been unemployed since 2013. I post a link in my Sunday Jake & Leon comic strip posting if you want to see what else I’m up to. If you want to know more, check out History Of BW, or just dive right into the site. You’ll find a pull-down menu of categories in the sidebar or look at the latest postings. Either way, welcome to BW Media Spotlight. I hope you like what you see and tell your friends.