When the Christmas Spirit is threatened the Grand Tree choses from one of a special team of elves to make things right. Selected due to their unique skills and granted the amazing powers of Captain Yuletide, he or she is joined by Bryce The Green-Nosed Reindeer with one mission: Let’s Save Christmas!

The first issue:

No title for this one, as it was sort of a trial run for me. It’s a bit rough, but sets up the concept, as Mitch is chosen to stop the evil Dr. Carbonoid from ruining Christmas.

#2: Putting A Kramp On Christmas

The vengeful Krampus captures Santa Claus, giving Zek a chance to not be the smallest elf anymore as Captain Yuletide. He may learn that being small has advantages.

#3: The Origin Of Captain Yuletide and Bryce The Green-Nosed Reindeer

We flashback to the origin of Captain Yuletide and Bryce The Green-Nosed Reindeer. When an evil snowman attacks Christmastown the Grand Tree comes up with a way to stop him.

#4: Between Snow And Sand

Deanna loves a white Christmas, so when Snowbringer tries to bring it to Australia she thinks she knows what she has to do. But she may learn something new herself.

#5: The Treemendous Menace

Missy is a bit overprotective of her brainy little brother Touh. So when he’s chosen to stop a monsterous Christmas tree she insists on tagging along….and may learn something special about her sibling. Cameo by Jake, Leon, and Beth of Jake & Leon.

#6: The Rocket Sleigh Heist

Mitch takes up the power of Captain Yuletide again when Dr. Carbonoid manages to travel to Christmastown to steal the Reindeer Space Patrol’s old rocket sleigh.

Hopefully more to come next Christmas