Free Comic Inside: She-Ra’s Disappearing Treasures

In our previous trips to Etheria She-Ra has had to stop Catra from stealing her boyfriend, given a dragon a makeover by turning her into butterflies, and turned catmen into a stone wall. What is our hero protecting from Catra this time? A chest full of treasures that Adora just happened to find. So she’s gone from conquering a palace to stealing trinkets. Trinkets that have no magic by the way. Trinkets that we don’t even see but we’re told our heroines are wearing and they make them beautiful but not because of magic. They’re fighting over jewelry.

I’m starting to think Catra’s battle with Queen Angela was about Catra actually wanting to be prom queen and getting confused.

Is Catra the greatest thief or She-Ra that unobservant?

Princess Of Power: Disappearing Treasures

Series 1 #4

Published by Mattel

No credits given again, and like last time I wouldn’t admit to writing this. I have self-respect as a writer.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Dragon Ball Z #2

“Buy this comic or I shoot this kid.” “But I’m you’re son!” “Don’t worry, comic people love kids.”

Dragon Ball Z #2

Viz Comics (1998)

originally published by Shueiha (1985)

produced by Bird Studio

“Something Saiyan This Way Comes”

WRITER/ARTIST: Akira Toriyama

ADAPTATION: Gerald Jones

TRANSLATION: Mari Morimoto


EDITOR: Trish Ledouz

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BW’s Morning Article Link: Universal’s Dark Universe

Promotional photo of Boris Karloff from The Br...

Promotional photo of Boris Karloff from The Bride of Frankenstein as Frankenstein’s monster. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Throw another shared universe into the multiverse. While Universal Studio’s classic monster have crossed over with each other in the past recent reboots threw that out of the window. Now Universe is announcing a “Dark Universe” that puts all their classic monsters into a shared continuity. My question is why they’re doing Bride Of Frankenstein without doing Frankenstein, but I’m not a horror fan so I don’t really care that much. I know some of you out there are and might want to know if you don’t already.

Man-At-Arms: Reforged’s Cutlass Challenge

With a new Pirates Of The Caribbean movie coming out this summer (along with a ton of other sequels), the team at Baltimore Knife And Sword have catered to demands to create a pirate cutlass. How they do it is what makes this episode interesting. Ilya Alekseyev, the armorer who won on History Channel’s Forged In Fire, brings his own challenge to three of the swordsmiths, including show co-host and forge co-owner Matt Stagmer. Each swordsmith creates their own cutlass in their own style. So for this episode we see three different ways to create a pirate’s favorite sword: one somewhat traditional, one somewhat high-tech, and one enhancing some of the stock designs used for props, and turning them into fully-deadly blades.

Who had the best? Decide for yourself.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Marvel Adventures #17

“I’m sorry you don’t like the Repulsor Massage, sir, but all sales are final!”

Marvel Adventures #17

Marvel Comics (August, 1998)

Spider-Man & Iron Man: “Between A Rock And A Hard Place”

WRITER: Ralph Macchio


INKER: Harry Candelario

COLORIST: Kevin Tinsley

LETTERER: Michael Higgins

EDITOR: Mark Bernardo

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BW’s Morning Article Link: The Problem With The Paparazzi

One of the reasons I would never want to be a celebrity is the paparazzi hunting me down and taking tons of pictures of me and anybody I was with, as if my whole life needed to be documented by them and shared with people who only like me because I’m famous. For some reason people thinks as soon as you become successful at a particular list of professions or just show up at the best parties they get to know every detail of your life, but how would they feel if it was happening to them?

In an article for Acculturated writer Bethany Mendel compares how one of Kim Kardashian’s kids responded to a paparazzi storm, the actions of Halley Berry to reign the paparazzi in, and the death of Princess Diana and her boyfriend (after she divorced Prince Charles) after the paparazzi chased them into an automobile accident. I understand why Diana was so popular but not the depths of that popularity that led to photographers chasing her car. Hey, did you know Diana’s last name was Spencer? Apparently nobody cares even today. She’s just Princess Diana or Lady Di even though she divorced the prince. And somehow they claimed her body. Forget royalty, I don’t understand people.

Chapter By Chapter: 1st Phase Shifters & The Omega Capsule final chapters

Chapter by Chapter features me reading one chapter of the selected book at the time and reviewing it as if I were reviewing an episode of a TV show or an issue of a comic. There will be spoilers if you haven’t read to the point I have, and if you’ve read further I ask that you don’t spoil anything further into the book. Think of it as read-along book club.


Like the last two chapters, chapters 16 and 17 were close enough together that I read them both. I wonder if I’m also anxious to get to the next book, but more on that next week. I’ll just say this is going to be a bit different than my usual review. I know I grabbed a few followers after this book, and there are more normal books to come once this special installment completes, but it’s one that’s rather important to my comic-loving side, but one I don’t think most of the people who target it have read. I’ve got more sci-fi planned afterwards and the first return to normal books will be another tie-in. I’m just trying to decide which one. Back on topic:

We last left our hero unconscious on the floor of the bakery covered in evil juice and the counteracting powder. Our final two chapters are the aftermath of the fight between Crede and Hoylt. Will it be a happy one?

Chapter 16: For The Love Of Green


Chapter 17: Aura

We have flowers and a crown respectively for our images.

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