Saturday Night Showcase: Zorro–Generation Z

Last week we looked at the first CG Zorro cartoon. Tonight we’re going back to 2D in this second Zorro show. Sure there are plenty of others–I just found one more and I’m curious about seeing it in the future, maybe even next week–but how many long themes can I do for this feature? Let me introduce you, and myself actually, to Zorro: Generation Z, a show that I think is best described as either Batman Beyond or Phantom: 2040 depending on whether or not you get the latter reference. I think that would be the most accurate though, as the descendant of the original takes up his ancestor’s mantle in the future, complete with futuristic takes on the old gear, to fight an oppressive group. There just haven’t been 20+ other Zorros by this point, at least in this continuity as far as I know. Descendant and protege Zorros are nothing new.

Developed by Rick Ungar for BKN and now owned by Media DHX through the chain of acquisitions, Diego de la Vega takes up the name of Zorro to protect Pueblo Grande from a corrupt government. He even gets his own Bernardo and Garcia in their usual roles, as well as a rival crimefighter who has her own beef with the evil mayor, Horace Martinez. The first two episodes are a two-parter, “A New Generation”, so thanks to an official YouTube posting I can bring you a taste of the future incarnation. I hear an episode has him time-travel to meet the original Zorro, so maybe I’ll take a look at that one someday. Tonight however we’re just going to see how this all begins. Enjoy, amigos!

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Captain Ultimate #1

“Not that I’m bragging mind you.”

Captain Ultimate #1

Monkeybrain Comics (posted to comiXology July 18 2013)

“The Day The Giant Robot Octopus Alien Monster Attacked The City”

WRITERS/CO-CREATORS: Benjamin Bailey & Joey Esposito


COLORIST: Ed Ryzowski

LETTERER: Adam O. Pruett

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The Many MANY Intros Of Transformers: And All The Rest

The Transformers multiverse is vast. Taking a look at the intros for every incarnation on TV is the longest “Many Intros” article I’ve done. However, we’re on the last installment…for now. Transformers continues to air and get new intros. Netflix is set to do a series based on the “War For Cybertron” toyline (not to be confused with the video game), Cyberverse teased a third season, and while I don’t know the fate of Rescue Bots Academy I wouldn’t be surprised to see another season of that. This series may be over but it’s a topic that’s likely to come up again because I love Transformers and I love show intros, so discussing both is a given.

Before we go, there are a few more series to look at. These are stand-alone continuities, specials and mini-series that don’t fit into the other trilogies and aren’t as big as the ones I’ve covered. These are the last shows to cover, or at least the ones with decent intros. The “Prime Wars Trilogy” didn’t have real intros, just a flashy logo reveal. Robot Masters if memory serves was just an info dump, and I’ve already posted that years ago in Saturday Night Showcase. Cyber Missions was the same and I posted that miniseries recently as well. The former was a promo DVD and the latter posted online but they’re still Transformers shows even if they aren’t TV shows. The others I’m bringing up tonight are short but fall into the same category.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Scooby-Doo #17 (Archie)

And they just had their monthly bath.

Scooby-Doo #17

Archie Comics (February, 1997)

“The Scary Schooner”

Mark Evanier

Dan Spiegle

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BW’s Morning Article Link: Karate Kid–The Musical?

How often do I talk about this franchise? Also, I still wish I had a replacement for Zemanta/Sovrn. Getty Images only seemed to have the remake.

If you thought the cartoon version of The Karate Kid (which I happened to like despite being another marital arts production suddenly getting mystic stuff tossed in for no good reason–see also the Double Dragon games versus its extended media) was the oddest thing to come out of this franchise, they’re making a stage musical. Not just a stage play, a stage musical! Why?

BW Vs. WhatCulture’s Most Important Comic Moments Of The Decade

I’ve made it clear that I think the people behind DC and Marvel these days have no clue what they’re doing. If they have a good story they use the wrong character. They don’t care about their current characters. DC wants to make everything darker and grittier, and seem to be more overjoyed with the villains than the heroes. Marvel is now selling itself as a “lifestyle brand” when the only thing being done right with the characters are the movies that remember they’re superhero tales.

As part of the traditional new decade look back at the old decade WhatCulture Comics put out an article listing what they thought were the “10 Most Important Comic Book Moments Of The Decade” (meaning the 2010s) and while I would ordinarily link to the article at this time it’s one of those articles that has to make every entry its own page, a cheap ploy to get more ad revenue while we have to sit there loading 16 different ads (two of which are pop-ups) that slow the computer down unless you have something more powerful than most sci-fi starships. Maybe it’s because I don’t make any money on ad revenue (it is all run by the site host and I don’t see a penny of it) but to me that’s a shady practice. I have on occasion used a second page or third page but that’s because the article was so long I though it would be better off and I haven’t done that since my Top 10 kaiju list. Luckily a video version exists on their YouTube channel so I’ll post that and just give my thoughts on how all but one of their choices just added on to the reason I don’t like what DC and Marvel has done to their comic universes.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Robotech II: The Sentinels–Cyberpirates #4

“I think there’s something wrong with this hairdryer.”

Robotech II: The Sentinels: Cyberpirates #4


“The Last Flight Of Cobra 5”

WRITER: Bill Spangler

PENCILER: Thomas Tenney

INKER: Angel de Miochie

COVER ART: Barry Blair

LETTERER: Michael DeLepine

EDITOR: Dan Danko

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