The Possible Origin Of Princess Peach (from mythology)

Super Princess Peach

Super Princess Peach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was a kid she was Princess Toadstool, but overtime she has taken on her original Japanese name, Princess Peach. But what is the origin of that name? If you’re like Game Theorist Gaijin Goombah that question has been haunting you. Personally I never cared, but what he found is still quite interesting, as he tries to find the namesake fruit’s place in Japanese history and culture…and has to go outside the country to find the answer. Check this out.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Iron Man v3 #3

I think there are enough “drunk Tony” jokes on the internet considering in the main canon he’s a RECOVERING alcoholic!

Iron Man v3 #3

Marvel Comics (April, 1998)

“The Art Of The Deal”

WRITER: Kurt Busiek

INKERS: Cannon, Hubbs, & Parsons (because the credits couldn’t bother with full names)

COLORING: Liquid! (You work for us, you don’t get acknowledged for your craft!)

LETTERING: Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Kolja (which is still better than the coloring people got)

EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

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BW’s Morning Article Link: Dealing With Critics

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I’m a creator as well as a media critic so I’m kind of on both sides here. However, responses to any criticisms are often being met with major backlash from the film studios and comic creators out there. How should they do it? Take the advice of this novelist on how to deal with critics. I would also add that even the jerks may end up offering a good tip or two–probably by accident mind you, but constructive criticism should always be welcome in order to improve your craft.

Chapter By Chapter: Fantastic Voyage novelization ch. 12

Chapter by Chapter features me reading one chapter of the selected book at the time and reviewing it as if I were reviewing an episode of a TV show or an issue of a comic. There will be spoilers if you haven’t read to the point I have, and if you’ve read further I ask that you don’t spoil anything further into the book. Think of it as read-along book club.

So far the voyage inside the human body has had more problems than I my own body. Damage, unexpected medical stuff, an unnecessary aura of a romance, people not getting along when they did in the movie…wait, I’ve gone beyond the mission haven’t I? Don’t get me wrong, there have been some improvements over the movie, but on the other hand there were things the movie has done better.

Thus far I haven’t been grossed out, considering my weak stomach, but we’re reaching the point in the movie where I had to pull back to keep from oral excavation…and that’s the least gross way I can think of so apologies to anyone eating at this time. The crew have been inconvenienced but with an emergency plan to keep from suffocating within a man’s bloodstream things are about to get dangerous. And there’s no Darkwing Duck, so they’ll have to get dangerous on their own.

Chapter 12: Lung

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Nightwing #4 (miniseries)

“If you don’t like the jacket, just say so!”

Nightwing #4


DC Comics (December, 1995)

“Dead Simple”

WRITER: Dennis O’Neil


INKERS: Mike Sellers & Nick Napolitano

COLORIST: Cathi Bertrand

LETTERER: John Constanza


EDITOR: Pat Garrahy

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BW’s Morning Article Link: Pokemon Go Play With Your Friends

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For all the talk about video games supposedly only playing with friends over the internet in multiplayer, the mobile game Pokémon Go is planning to convince fans to play together in person via a series of meetup events with special items. The goal is for players to explore together and find new event-exclusive Pokémon and items. First the game gets players out of the house and exploring (which has been a good thing depending on where players roamed) and now they get them playing together. It’s like video games aren’t such a bad thing after all.

BW presents Captain Yuletide #4: “Between Snow And Sand”

Better late than never, right?

I was hoping to have this up on Christmas but all the dental work and pain medication threw my schedule off. So here it is, just under a month late.

Meat Deanna, an elf who really loves her Christmases white. But what happens when she finds some prefer theirs green, or even brown, when the Snowbringer comes with the gift of a white Christmas? Find out as this (last) year’s Captain Yuletide and Bryce The Green-Nosed Reindeer find themselves…”Between Snow And Sand!” Click the cover image to read the issue.

And I’m hoping this year I have the next issue done…THIS year. I already have my plot and elf choice ready.

This week was crunch time getting it done. I did some work on the Comic Re-Integration Project, which will now be my focus so I can get that done. This week I have more dental work to do, depending on how I’m healing from the surgery but signs were promising on my last visit, and then that should be done too. Then I can start working on videos and more importantly finding a job or other income source without any more distractions. I also want to work on my next comic. Jake & Leon returns next week, but I’m hoping to do more than Christmas comic books, digital or otherwise, and that will be my next comic-related project.

Otherwise this week I want to do another Finally Watched and another He-Man newspaper strip review, plus we have the Friday Night Prize Fight that I hope I’m awake enough to participate in after the dental work.