My Favorite Intros: Monkey Magic

I don’t have to like a show to enjoy the intro. That’s a sign of a good intro. For example, 1998’s Monkey Magic is a show I never got into. One of many Japanese productions based on the 16th century Chinese novel Journey To The West, this show follows the adventures of the main character of that story, the Monkey King, as he travels on a journey with a priest. In this version his name is Kongo, a monkey to fall to Earth in a meteor and had a head of stone, earning him the nickname Stone Monkey. The early storylines follow his journey to become more powerful and defend his monkey friends from a village of jerk humans, earning him the wrath of some jerk gods. Unfortunately, Kongo is also a jerk so it’s hard to know who to root for. I only watched a few episodes and gave up on it.

The theme song is performed by the Tom Toms, a music group I’m not all that familiar with. But the song sure is catchy.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Voltron v2 #8

“My hat was in that spaceship.”

Voltron: Defender Of The Universe vol. 2 #8

Devil’s Due (August, 2004)

“Warpath” part 3

WRITER: Dan Jolley

PENCILERS: E.J. Su & Clint Hilinski

COLORISTS: David Messina & Barbara Bargigio

COVER ART: Don Figueroa & Brett R. Smith


LETTERING: Dreamer Design

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BW’s Morning Article Link: Wonder Woman Meets Bionic Woman preview

Fans of 70s superpowered crimesolving ladies rejoice! ICv2 has a preview for the upcoming crossover (or maybe it’s out; I don’t get out much lately) for the Linda Carter Wonder Woman and the original Bionic Woman. Personally, I think Jaime is a bit to open with her bionics and figures out Wonder Woman’s secret way too easily but otherwise I like this idea.

Sonic Forces Digital Comic Review

There’s a new Sonic The Hedgehog game coming out. I’m not really caught up on Sonic game lore. All I own are Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic Heroes, both on PC and I haven’t beaten either one. Outside of the Archie Comics and ABC Saturday morning cartoon I really haven’t followed it. If you want a discussion of what might be in the game, check out Galvanic’s speculation article, which is where I heard about a digital comic released to promote the upcoming Sonic Forces. The reason I’m going over it is that it is written by Ian Flynn, who will be taking over the Sonic comics in their new home at IDW. Also, it’s a special promo comic that might never see itself on comic store shelves, and you know I’m all about those.

I downloaded the zip file offered by GameInformer that includes the logo above, a cover, and a seven-page story called Moment Of Truth…that was released as eight separate PDF files, one per page and the cover! Really, Sega? I’m able to create a multipage PDF comic with a freeware program, and have, but you can’t do it with what I’m assuming is a high-end program? How do you fail that badly? I already know Flynn’s work thanks to his run on Mega Man, which I sadly didn’t get to finish when I became unemployed. Hopefully someday I can get caught up on the remaining issues if I ever have money coming in again. And we aren’t sure if Flynn will be resuming the Archie continuity, which I dropped after Archie played continuity games after the lawsuit with Ken Penders when he opted to take his original characters like Julie-Su back. But this is a good test at how Flynn will approach the blue hedgehog apart from Archie. This is short so I’m going to summarize the whole thing so you may want to download it yourself first.

“Great, the bathroom’s all the way over there!”

Sonic Forces: Moment Of Truth

Sega (2017)

STORY: Sonic Team (the people who make the Sonic games)

WRITER: Ian Flynn

ARTIST/LETTERER: Adam Bryce Thomas

And if they’re still looking for an artist for the IDW Sonic comics, he should be in the running at least.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Heroes For Hire #4

Of course heroes are fighting. It’s Marvel!

Heroes For Hire #4

Marvel Comics (October, 1997)


WRITER: John Ostrander

PENCILER: Pascual Ferry

INKER: Jaime Mendoza


LETTERER: Jonathan Babcock

EDITOR: Mark Bernardo

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BW’s Morning Article Link: Why My Blog Friends Should Write Doomsday Clock

Superman: Doomsday & Beyond

Superman: Doomsday & Beyond (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a previous Morning Article Link we looked at how Snell from Slay Monstrobot Of The Deep would write the upcoming invasion of the Watchmen into the DC Universe. Now we get a look at how Gary from Crisis On Earth Prime would work with it. Now I want a comic series where Superman and Doctor Manhattan are roommates having wacky adventures in the multiverse or something. Done in LEGO design. Seriously, LEGO’s animation division should consider this for a YouTube series or something. Write a pitch, Gary!

Free Comic Inside: Firestorm Vs. Superman’s Powers

I said we were returning to the Super Powers Collection, and here we are. Starting next time I’m going to begin a proper rotation based on the spreadsheet I’m putting together of all the minicomics I have access to, or plan to in the future. I’ll continue where I left off this time but unless a new minicomic series comes to my attention I’ll stick to that rotation. This also means I will be continuing series in their proper order that I haven’t already finished. So when we get to Masters Of The Universe we’ll be finishing off the illustrated booklet, and Princess Of Power will come after Masters instead of replacing it. I’ll still do a different series each month but you’ll notice a pattern to what’s selected.

However, I really wanted to get to my second favorite DC superhero, Firestorm, so we aren’t playing that game just yet. There’s just so much about Firestorm’s concept that I really like. You have two people formed into one being, one in control and the other giving advice, without all that messy possession problem ghosts and demons usually bring. He has the power of molecular alteration (except for organic matter, although some writers decide that’s a psychological block), can fly, has a cool costume design. My favorite team-up is Ronald Raymond and Professor Martin Stein, which is why I’m glad Justice League Action went with that instead of the current Raymond/Jason Rusch combination. No offense to Jason; he and Ronnie do make a good team. But this is the Firestorm I know and love. I wish I had an action figure of this version, but I haven’t been so lucky. So the internet has to find the comic for me.

“Put out a call to Orkin Man!”

Super Powers Collection #16

DC Comics/Kenner (1984)

STARRING: Firestorm

ALSO FEATURING: Green Arrow, Superman, Delta Probe (vehicle), and Mantis

as usual, no credits given

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