“Yesterday’s” Comic> Radioactive Man #197 (vol 2 #9)

They’re being too subtle. They really need to promote this book.

Radioactive Man #197 (vol. 2 #9 FINAL ISSUE)

(not the last we’ll be reviewing since I have some from volume run with its numbering in a similar manner)

Bongo Comics (June, 2004 1971)

WRITER: Batton Lash

LETTERER: Karen Bates

EDITOR: Bill Morrison

“Obrian And The New Guards!”

LAYOUTS: Batton Lash


INKER: Mike Royer

COLORISTS: Chris Ungar & Kane

Radio Man: “The Broadcast Buccaneers!”

PENCILER: Batton Lash

INKER: Bob Smith

COLORIST: Art Villaneuva

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BW’s Morning Article Link: Turtles And Rangers–Together Again

The last time the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossed paths with the Power Rangers it was the Space Rangers in a crossover episode of Power Rangers In Space. This was the Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation version, and you can see what that mess was like. The episode itself was…fairly decent. It had Astronema brainwashing the Turtles into helping her take over the Astro Megaship. I wonder if the next crossover will remember this story?

Yes, as Nickelodeon continues to whore out the Turtles for every crossover they can lately the IDW version is scheduled to match swords with fellow crossover addicts the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (the only one team Boom seems to care about giving a comic despite the current Ranger team being the Beast Morpher Rangers, also airing on Nickelodeon but currently owned by Hasbro) in a new crossover story. Who wants to bet this leads to Donatello creating his own Zord? And of course Tommy is evil again. For being the “greatest Ranger” according to the shows these days everyone else loves turning that man evil at every opportunity.

How “Lois & Clark” Killed Superman And Caused Eventitis

It sounds like a clickbait title but I wouldn’t use it if it didn’t fit.

As a Superman fan I’ve gone into this story many times, including Chapter By Chapter going over the novelization of all three parts, but the death and resurrection of Superman is one of, if not the most, defining moments not only in DC history but because of comics. The further you drop down the rabbit hole the more you find less Wonderland and more Blunderland. While the story itself is good and how a hero death should be done for reasons I’ve already gone over, the aftermath really damaged how comics approach death, using it more for shock value, and events, not letting us go a month without one going on due their new disease, Eventitis.

And all this was caused by Lois And Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman.

I’m serious. If the producers of that show and DC Entertainment’s head honcho at the time didn’t tell the Superwriters to hold off on the wedding of Clark Kent and Lois Lane until the show was ready to do it, we would never have had Superman die, and the circle of death, the revolving afterlife door, and Eventitis might not have happened. I bring you a two-part video from Owen Likes Comics, as well as my own thoughts, that goes into just how this show led to one of the best stories and worst aftermaths in DC history and comics in general. I think the case is easily made.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Robotech: Macross Missions, Destroid

“My friend here says we have a reservation.”

Macross Missions: Destroid (A Robotech Adventure)

Academy Comics Ltd (July, 1994)

“Day Of Achilles


“Worlds Of Robotech” were side stories apart from the main series. In this case apart from the show, but we’ll see it again during Robotech II: The Sentinels to further examine the alien races of the Sentinels. For those of you not in the know that will make sense when we finally get there.

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BW’s Morning Trailer: Doctor Who Big Finish Livestream

Here’s the official channel so you can tune in. I don’t know if they’re planning to archive anything. If they do you’ll see it on Saturday Night Showcase next week. If not…then you should look into buying them. I’ve heard some of their work and they’re great audio dramas with both classic and current Doctors and Companions. Here’s Big Finish’s website, too.

Free Comic Inside: Aliens–Space Marines #s 1-3

There are times when being a fan of pack-in promo minicomics is a pain. I learned about a set of minicomics made for Kenner’s failed Aliens based toyline but searching for them has been a chore. Finding minicomic archives is already a crapshoot thanks in part to so many indie creators making minicomics (I blame you for this, Drozd!) so I can’t even find the archive sites I used to know of. I got lucky with most of the series I’ve gone over that I don’t own myself thanks to finding the right fansite, and the actual comics from this series went for $30 on eBay. Thirty dollars. For a minicomic with if you’re lucky two panels a page and 90 artwork. In fact this thing screams the 90s. Even if I had money coming in I wouldn’t pay that much if I WAS a fan of the franchise.

I could not find these minicomics properly archived, and I found the minicomic that came with the F.E.A.R. game! I found one that had everything but the first and last issue. I tried one site that came up with some HTML error message they didn’t teach me in the outdated web design classes I took at the local college (one of those adult ed courses). I even tried one of those websites that uploads every comic it can whether it’s legal or not but because they messed something up in the certificates the browser didn’t want me to use it. I couldn’t even do this “illegally”. It’s like someone doesn’t want me to review these comics. So you know how I’m bringing this three-part story to you? Videos. Not even kidding. I found videos that you’re going to have to pause to read each panel for. This is going to be different.

I supposed I should talk about the actual toyline and tie-in promo minicomic before we start. After the second Alien movie, with the imaginative title of Aliens (so clever), Kenner decided that a story about space marines fighting aliens would make for a great toyline and cartoon for kids. Oh yeah, if you thought the Rambo cartoon was a bad idea (no it wasn’t shut up it was awesome–and for that matter look at all the kids stuff you insist needs to be made into grown-up stuff so it suits only you, and consider it payback from the younger set) a PG version of marines fighting aliens…has actually a lot of proof it could work. From the Men In Black and Ghostbusters cartoons to Monster Force there is evidence a toned-down version of this series, especially in the EXTREEEEMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE world of the 1990s media landscape, could have worked. We’ll never know because it never happened.

Kenner also produced a series of minicomics for their Space Marines toyline. 13 comics in all were put together by Dark Horse, who had the license to the comics at the time. They’re the ones who made Aliens Vs. Predator look like a good idea with some great comics featuring the pairing (or so I’ve heard…I saw a preview once and that was it), which led to the movies that from what I hear wasn’t such a good idea. Tonight I’m looking at the first three minicomics, which form a coherent storyline. That is if you forget how the movie ended because the android is now a buffed alien-smasher, people are less dead (although one guy does have a cybernetic arm), and Ripley doesn’t show up to be awesome until the third comic, since this being a boys’ toyline meant they shifted the hero role to Hicks. Don’t yell at me, ladies and male fans. I just comment on this stuff, I don’t control it. Courtesy of “Random Vids Guy” let’s take a look at the first story arc of this minicomic…in video form. With no acting or music, which you will have to pause in order to actually read. I do what I can, folks. Watch them while they’re still online.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Star Trek #78 (DC second series)

Training for this year’s Starfleet Decathlon.

Star Trek #78

DC Comics (December, 1995)

“The Chosen” part 1: “The Hunted”

WRITER: Kevin J. Ryan

PENCILER: Rachel Ketchum

INKER: Mark Heike

COLORIST: Ray Murtaugh

EDITOR: Margaret Clark

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