BW Filler Video: Superman Isn’t Overpowered

So apparently my image editing software won’t run on Dad’s computer. This cancels the comic reviews and anything I might need an image for, including Jake & Leon. Hopefully I’ll have my computer back soon, but until then I’m going to finish the week with Filler Videos.

And of course whenever I see a defense of Superman I love to show it off. Superman is my favorite DC hero and the treatment he’s gotten lately, from Zac Snyder to Brian Michael Bendis, makes me unhappy. One of the many complaints from the “cool kids” is that Superman is overpowered. Unlike Batman, who knows every form of martial arts, has tons of gadgets, and supposedly could defeat God with enough “prep time”, whatever they mean by that. But Superman is not overpowered, at least when written correctly. I’ll let Professor Geek explain.

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The Coast City Mistake

image source: DC Database

This is a map of Coast City, a fictional city in the DC Universe. In our reading of the novelization of The Death And Life Of Superman, a novelization of the story arc where Superman died and got better, we’ve reached the part where Coast City was destroyed by Mongul, working with (or for, according to the chapter) the Cyborg Hank Henshaw, at the time masquerading as one of two potential resurrections of Kal-El (Spoiler: neither were), and one of four potential replacement Supermen in the “Reign Of The Supermen” story arc. The goal was to create one of the engines that would turn Earth into a new Warworld. In Mongul’s case it was to get revenge on Superman for costing him the old one. We’ll get to Hank’s motivation in due time.

Now Coast City is important for one major reason: it was the home base of Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of sector 2814 as the galaxy is cataloged by the Guardians Of Oa. (They’re the little blue guys responsible for forming the Green Lantern Corp in the first place.) This event had a huge impact on the character, which it should have. The problem is the biggest event of his life, the destruction of his home city and the deaths of people he knew both casually and closely, were all destroyed with it (with a few exceptions) and he wasn’t there for it. This is a big deal not only from the character’s perspective but as a written work as well. For the latter, which I’ll be focusing on here, this was a huge mistake.

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Chapter By Chapter: The Death And Life Of Superman ch. 24

Chapter by Chapter features me reading one chapter of the selected book at the time and reviewing it as if I were reviewing an episode of a TV show or an issue of a comic. There will be spoilers if you haven’t read to the point I have, and if you’ve read further I ask that you don’t spoil anything further into the book. Think of it as read-along book club.

Fun fact: Over the week I finally made my own bookmark for the book, unique to this book. Remind me to show it to you when I have my computer back. I want to do this for every Chapter By Chapter book I plan to keep. It will be like the stickers I use to mark which comic I’ve reviewed.

We’re getting close to the end of the book and while I don’t think the reveal of the latest member of the Supermen in this reign was done right dramatically we’re going to need his help. Mongul his here and ready to make his move, which will lead to something of a rant later on, either in a later Chapter By Chapter or as its own commentary. I haven’t decided yet. But things are about to get real serious real fast.

Chapter 24: Reign Of The Supermen part 6

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BW Computer Update

My computers are still down. My friend is currently working on the main BW computer so I can resume main operations, with the laptop to follow. So there’s no Jake & Leon this week. If it looks like I’ll be relegated to my dad’s computer again I may go back to the pen and paper so I can keep making comics at least. I’m also going to try to get at least the comics that ended on a cliffhanger–the Iron Man/Fantastic Four team-up, the Robotech prequel War Of The Believers arc, and The Fourth Doctor fighting the Dalek’s werewolf army–reviewed, with the others if I can, so we’ll be out of order if they go up at all.

Meanwhile we have a personal tragedy. My uncle passed away a few months ago and now his grandson, my cousin’s son, was killed in a motorcycle accident. He’s the same one who had suffered life-threatening injuries to the skull the same year I was in the hospital, only that was a swimming accident. Please keep my cousin, her husband, and their remaining son in your prayers and well wishes. Meanwhile my other cousin’s son on the other side of the family is about to enter the Coast Guard. It’s a weird balance.

If I miss a day or two between this and computers I hope you understand. Hopefully things will be back to normal here at the Spotlight soon.

Saturday Night Showcase: Transformers Cyberverse

Transformers Cyberverse is the next Transformers cartoon, based on the upcoming (or maybe it’s out…I don’t get to the toy section much these days) kids toy line. (They also have a new version of Rescue Bots for the younger kids and I think Power Of The Primes is wrapping up for adult collectors.) Instead of doing the smart thing and bringing it back to Discovery Family, who already pays more respect to the ended Transformers shows of the aligned continuity than Cartoon Network did with Robots In Disguise, they’ve left the show in the hands of the network that poorly aired the previous show. That’s not a good start.

Add in the fact that no CN show outside of the anime on Toonami has an episode that lasts longer than 11 minutes and it’s an even worse sign. The woman running the network right now seems to think the future is in streaming, I get that. But the only reason other shows are shorter than your average 22+ minute (not counting ads) cartoon is budgetary. Most cartoons made for YouTube don’t have the budget for a full-length show because they aren’t on a major network like, oh I don’t know, Cartoon Network? Shows on Netflix are full-length episodes, right? I don’t have Netflix so I don’t know.

What I do know is that the first two episodes, which only combined is a full episode, were posted to Hasbro’s YouTube channel so I can show you them free and legal for as long as they’re up. That’s why this ended up on Saturday Night Showcase instead of just a pilot review. So do they make up for the run time? Well….

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Star Trek: The Next Story Bible–Script Formatting

Even if you actually clicked onto this article you may be thinking that this isn’t going to be that interesting a section, but if you wanted to know a little behind the scenes as to the purpose of logs or how to actually translate a stardate, you just might be interested.

As I expected this will be a short one and as I’m not sure how much time I have since my dad would like to use his own computer but lets me use it while mine are still down this is actually beneficial to me. However I would have skipped over it if it wasn’t of any interest, at least to any writers out there. Whether you’re hoping to write for an actual episode, comic, video game, novel, or even just fanfic and want to be as authentic as you can, this little section may be of interest to you.

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Didio’s Fight To Restore The New 52

Sorry there was no posting yesterday. I couldn’t get to my dad’s computer, my computers are still inaccessible, and trying to use even the external keyboard for my tablet is a chore.

While you can find fans for almost anything, just some harder to find than others, the consensus in the circles I travel in is that the New 52 was a bad idea. While a few good stories came out of it it was at the cost of beloved characters and much of what made the DC Universe more interesting than the Marvel Universe for many of us. Linkara’s video in the “Jimquisition” style pretty much says it all.

But I want to focus on another video by Professor Geek. Via Bendis’ destruction of Superman, G. Willow Wilson’s take on Wonder Woman, and a recent DC Nation magazine that may indicate that Dan Didio not only hasn’t given up on the darker Marvelesque style of the New 52 (while Marvel is slowly ditching the superhero concept and “hero’s journey”) but is actively working to bring it back.

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