BW’s Daily Article Link: What The Highlander Sequels Got Wrong

Considering where this franchise went I could see this happening.

Highlander is a cult classic movie that maybe should have never been a franchise. Only one of the three TV series made gets any praise while the others are a convoluted mess with a continuity that makes little if any sense and contradicts itself like a Geoff Johns series. Sticking to the live-action American theatrical films and ignoring the anime and TV shows when he can, Slade Hale at Bounding Into Comics goes over each of the Highlander sequel movies and explains why they failed.

Chapter By Chapter> TekWar chapter 3

Chapter By Chapter features me reading one chapter of the selected book at a time and reviewing it as if I were reviewing an episode of a TV show or an issue of a comic. There will be spoilers if you haven’t read to the point I have, and if you’ve read further I ask that you don’t spoil anything further into the book. Think of it as read-along book club.

In the previous two chapters, which I had to review at the same time due to how short chapter one was and how it felt like one chapter anyway, we still didn’t get to meet our main character. Instead the time was spent setting up the world and how Jake ended up in cryosleep for his crimes…which frankly doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s not much of a punishment if you sleep through it all and acclimating back into society would be harder than it already is when you actually spend the time in jail. Plus it would be more expensive having to maintain all that equipment, the prisoner’s life, and considering it’s stationed practically in space that’s even more money and maintenance. It’s one of those things that sounds cool but doesn’t make sense in hindsight. Still, “cool” is what we’re going for so that’s what you get.

I’m assuming in this chapter we finally get to meet old Jake Cardigan. The next chapter after this is actually longer while this chapter reaches the minimum length for a decent chapter review so it’s just the one tonight. Prepare your frozen sweater jokes and let’s see if we actually meet him or if this is just seven pages exploring the unfreezing process. The trip here was explained in detail so that might be the case again. I haven’t read it yet this time.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Robotech: Aftermath #12

Turns out you really do turn blue if you stay in the water too long.

Robotech: Aftermath #12

Academy Comics, Ltd (March, 1995)

Megaroad: “Ghost Machine”


INKER: Robert Perchaluk

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BW’s Daily Article Link> Good Guys, Nice Guys, Paladins, and White Knights


One of the complaints made by people who don’t know any better is that nice guys are boring characters. They aren’t complex enough, not three dimensional. Well, that’s not really true at all. Author Caroline Furlong discusses a number of “nice guys” in fiction, including a couple from our neck of the proverbial woods, who are actually quite interesting because of how they approach their beliefs and either succeed or fail…though who decides which is which isn’t always the hero.

Jake & Leon #535: Black Cad-am

They’re using the Geoff Johns reimagining as the core of their Shazam movies and even got that right.

Dwayne Johnson really wants his Black Adam to fight Superman, but he’s a Captain Marvel/Shazam foe. Black Adam even starred in the Marvel Family comics created by Fawcett Publications…and died in his premier issue. DC brought him back as an opposite number for Captain, Mary, and Captain Marvel Jr and now for some reason they want to make him an antihero. Gets your facts straight.

Over at the Clutter Reports this week I began organizing my back-up drive. The sooner that’s all set up the sooner I can start backing up important information on this computer, but I got to see a few things I haven’t seen in years. It was a bonus nostalgia trip, though I didn’t bring that up in the article.

I’m waiting for the full release of information on “BatmanGate” before talking about it but it should be noted the guy charging Matt Reeves with stealing his work isn’t some random person. He worked at DC Comics when he alleges he offered his pitch and while he could be lying it’s not like stealing other’s ideas and reworking them has never happened in this industry before. If we get to see the full pitch…I still have no interest in the Matt Reeves film because he got nothing right adaptation-wise but I’m curious to see this evidence. Right now that’s my only statement on that big news.

Meanwhile in this week’s BW outings we have the next chapter of TekWar for Chapter By Chapter, I’m still trying to finish up a new Captain PSA, and we’ll see what comes up this week for discussion. Have a good week, everyone!

Saturday Night Showcase: Ultraman Decker

Yep, it’s more Ultraman. While I was out a new Ultraman series started being released on the official YouTube channel so time to jump in. Actually, a few weeks late in jumping in but I was out.

Ultraman Decker is the latest Ultraman series as of this writing, with the latest in the “Ultra Galaxy Fight” series sadly behind the paywall at the official website. Continuing from Ultraman Trigger and celebrating the 25th anniversary of Ultraman Dyna as Trigger did with Ultraman Tiga, Decker uses cards in the same way Trigger used “Hyper Keys” to change forms. The show takes place years after the previous show. There haven’t been a lot of monster sightings for a while and GUTS-Select, the alternate universe copy of GUTS, doesn’t have a lot to do. That is until a new threat arrives and a new Ultraman is required to save the world. Check out the debut of Ultraman Decker.

Oh, and if you don’t speak Japanese make sure to turn on the captions for English subtitles.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Batman: Arkham Night–Batgirl Begins

Does that mean she has to adopt an annoying gravely voice that doesn’t make her sound as threatening as she thinks?

Batman: Arkham Knights–Batgirl Begins

DC Comics (digital first; 2015)

WRITER: Tim Seeley

PENCILER: Matthew Clark

INKER: Wade Von Grawbadger

COLORIST: Rob Schwager

“COVER” ART: Matthew Clark & Rod Reis

LETTERER: Travis Lanham

DESIGNER: Randy Mayor

ASSISTANT EDITOR: Brittany Holzherr

EDITOR: Alex Antone

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