Jake & Leon #297: Fizzbin Learns About Hanukah

AKA I ran out of Christmas traditions for her to question.

AKA I ran out of Christmas traditions for her to question.

And before anybody gets on me about the spelling wait until next week.

Over at the Clutter Reports Christmas decorating has begun and snow is falling on the web page. That means it’s Christmastime again. I’m really hoping to get Captain Yuletide done for Christmas day as well as a Christmas Video Review for Christmas Eve. So start sending in those Christmas articles, videos, and games.

Not much on the review front for the week. However, there will be a preemption for the second issue of He-Man/Thundercats #2. Since the current Thundercats miniseries I’m reviewing has stand-alone stories I can break from that while Masters Of The Universe is a continuing story. So on Wednesday we’ll have a Today’s Comic, which I really wish I could bring back. However, I do need the time to go through my old comics so it’s not a total loss. Yet. Otherwise the reviews continue as normal. Let the Yuletide fun begin!

Saturday Night Showcase: He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special

He was calling her "pretty lady" a little while earlier. I wonder if Marlena ever told Adam about the movie Star Wars?

I’ve used this one before but I think it was the Hulu posting and that’s not available anymore. Besides, I have a bonus commentary video from James Eatock, someone who knows Filmation’s He-Man and She-Ra cartoons very well. Plus I’m strapped for time today. So here’s that time Christmas came to Eternia and Skeletor was forced to do something nice–which he instantly regretted.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> All-Star Comics #8


I would not be surprised to see heroes in the NSA in TODAY’S DC Universe.

All-Star Comics #8

All-American Publications (December, 1941/January, 1942)

“Two New Members Win Their Spurs”

WRITER: Gardner F. Fox

ARTISTS: Everett E. Hibbard, Stan Aschmeier, Ben Flinton, Cliff Young, Jack Burnley, Sheldon Moldoff, & Bernard Baily

no credits for colorists or letterers; I had to find any of these from comics.org.


Hop Harrigan: “Sky Cutups”

no writer credit but Jon L. Blummer drew the little picture of Hop’s face near the title.


Wonder Woman: “Introducing Wonder Woman”

WRITER: Charles Moulton (alias William Marston)

ARTIST: Harry G. Peter

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Friday Night Fights: Finger-Punch The Little Guy

Earlier today we looked at MASK defeating a bloke who thought he was Guy Fawkes, one of the co-conspirators who tried and failed to blow up Parliament. What I haven’t discussed (or thought I had to) about MASK is that in addition to having vehicles that convert to “battle mode” they have masks that grant them special abilities or somehow create and fire things like stiletto darts, glue, or a big whip.

In today’s fight we have Matt Trakker, whose Spectrum mask usually did whatever the writers needed it to do (seriously, it was just shy of being his Sonic Screwdriver), and Calhoun Burns, whose Gulliver mask…we’re about to see in action.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Power Punch” round 3

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> MASK #3 (miniseries)


See, Miles isn’t such a bad guy after all.


DC Comics (February, 1986)

“The Family Jewels”

WRITER: Michael Fleisher


INKER: Joe Delbeato

COLORIST: Shelley Eiber


EDITOR: Andy Helfer

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NORAD Still Tracking Santa

Norad Tracks Santa 60 yrs

It’s my annual reminder that NORAD Tracks Santa is a great Christmas website for your kids. There’s music, a games advent calendar, the history of NORAD tracking Santa’s midnight run around the world, and links to apps for your phone or tablet so you know when to rush the kiddies home to bed before the jolly one drops off his presents at your house. So get over there already!

“Yesterday’s” Comic> Mobile Police Patlabor part 2 #2


“Darn kids and their baseball.”

Mobile Police Patlabor part 2 #2

Viz Comics (1998) originally published by Shogakukan, Inc




COVER DESIGN: Viz Graphics


EDITOR: Julie Davis

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