“Yesterday’s” Comic> Transformers: Generation One vol 3 #0

Transformers Generation One v3 #0

I’ll teach this mud to mess with Megatron!

Transformers: Generation One vol. 3 #0

Dreamwave (December, 2003)

WRITER: Brad Mick (also the creative director under his real name, James McDonough)
ARTISTS: Pat Lee, Don Figueroa, & Joe Ng
INKERS: Elaine To, Rob Armstrong, & Erik Sander
COLORISTS: Espen Grundetjern & Rob Ruffolo
ADDITIONAL COLORING: David Cheung, Jong-Im Lee, Elliot Kravhik, & Sigmund Torre
FLATS: Kenny Li & Ferd Poblete

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Batman ’66 Animated Trailer Drops

Batman (TV series)

Batman (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Batman: Return Of The Caped Crusaders is an upcoming animated movie based on the 1960s Batman TV show, and even has three surviving cast members returning to their roles. The trailer recently came out, so let’s see what spore of insanity we’re in for.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Masters Of The Universe (2002) #1

Masters Of The Universe #1 (Image)

Now with less Teela insulting Mekaneck.

Masters Of The Universe #1

Image Comics/MV Creations (November, 2002)

PENCILER: Emiliano Santalucia
INKER: Marco Failia
COLOR ASSISTS: Shaynne Corbett & Dash Martin
SELECTED COVER ART: J. Scott Campbell, Tim Townsend, & Val Staples
LETTERING: Dreamer Design
EDITORS: Jeremy Padawer, Heather Schneider, & Geoff Walker

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BW’s Morning Article Link: Batman & Ninja Turtles: The Animated Spin-Offs

Bet they have to go to the same shoe store as the Rescue Heroes.

Bet they have to go to the same shoe store as the Rescue Heroes.

Recently DC Comics & IDW put Batman and the Ninja Turtles into a crossover adventure. CBR reports that soon their animated counterparts will get a shot. My only disappointment (since they shouldn’t have a Daredevil crossover unless they use the original origin for the Turtles) is that it’s the Fox Kids Batman but the Nickelodeon Turtles. The Fox Box version might have fit better for the TV network connection.

“Yesterday’s” Comic> Thundercats #3 (Star Comics)

Thundercats #3 (Star)

Panthro’s can-can lessons are really working for him.

Thundercats #3

Star Comics (Marvel; April, 1986)

“Siege In Silver And Stone”
WRITER: David Micheline
PENCILER: Jim Mooney
INKER: Breeding, Morgan, & Co, (beats me, that’s what they have here)
COLORIST: Nelson Yomtov
LETTERER: Janice Chiang
EDITOR: Mike Carlin

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How Zendaya Can Benefit Mary Jane Watson

image source: Gage Skidmore (found with Google image search)

image source: Gage Skidmore (found with Google image search)

This is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, who uses her first name alone as her stage name. She does a lot of productions for the Disney Channel, most notably for our purposes the title character in the show KC Undercover. She’s an actress, a singer with actual CDs to her name, and a dancer. Replace the last two with “supermodel” and you can see why she might have been chosen to play Mary Jane Watson (by Disney-owned Marvel) in the newest Spider-Man continuity when the Marvel flagship character finally gets to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man: Homecoming once again sends Peter back to high school because he who controls the origin controls the power, and despite the fact that the character hasn’t been to high school since One More Day also wiped out his teaching career from continuity, some writers just want to write that story. It’s been happening since at least Ultimate Spider-Man in the comics and Spectacular Spider-Man on TV.

And of course because of her race Zendaya playing the Caucasian Mary Jane Watson has people up in arms. Look, I’ve countered the racial issue in this matter again and again and I’m tired of talking about it. There will always be that group that refuses to understand that we want the actor to look like the character they’re portraying not out of racism but because we want a proper adaptation. Especially in comics and other visual media we KNOW what the character looks like, so it only makes sense to find an actor who looks like that character. Maybe someday we’ll get a live-action Jimmy Olsen that looks like Jimmy Olsen. The best we’ve gotten is people who act like him, and even that’s rare outside of cartoons. However…

Zendaya virtual hair dye

I actually think she can pull it off. Zendaya has a black father and white mother and her skin is light enough that she can get away with both or playing a character of mixed race, which she is. I’m not sure which she’ll play as MJ’s backstory, but the question is not how she’ll do in the movie, but the impact she’ll have on the comics. And I think it’s a good one.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> The Adventures Of Spider-Man #6

All the excitement...of an average day with the Thing and Human Torch.

All the excitement…of an average day with the Thing and Human Torch.

Adventures Of Spider-Man #6

Marvel (September, 1996)

WRITER: Michael Higgins
INKER: Don Hudson
COLORIST: Kevin Tinsley
LETTERER:  someone forgot to credit the letterer…which is usually written by the letterer
EDITOR: Mark Powers

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