“Yesterday’s” Comic> DC Super Hero Girls FCBD 2017 Special Ed

Super Hero High saves a lot of money on busing. When they don’t leave the bus in another time period.

DC Super Hero Girls Free Comic Book Day 2017

DC Comics (June, 2017–I own the physical copy but this review is from the comiXology posting)

“Give Me A Summer Break”

WRITER: Shea Fontana

ARTIST: Yancy Labat

COLORIST: Monica Kubina

LETTERER: Janice Chiang

ASSISTANT EDITOR: Brittany Holzherr

EDITOR: Marie Javins

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Art Of Storytelling: The Art Of The Movie Intro

This one may be a bit short, but it’s worth throwing on the pile. As noted last week video games sometimes follow movies in how they show their opening credits rather than the TV intros I was discussing. A movie doesn’t have to sell you on watching it. Well, maybe a made-for-TV movie but since theatrical movies are designed for (it’s in the name) the movie theater you wouldn’t be there if you hadn’t already been convinced by the trailer or the reviews. So they tend to default to just showing the credits…and thus far too many of them are (hopefully) the most boring part of the movie.

In times long past EVERY person who worked on the movie had to be listed in the opening credits. It was an unwritten rule and the unions liked it that way. The movie ended with a simple “the end” and maybe a few acknowledgements plus the name of the distributor. When George Lucas had no credits at all at the beginning of Star Wars as part of the classic serial feel he was going for the unions had a fit and a half. Nowadays the credits tell you who the lead actors are, like you didn’t already know going in most of the time because they were all over the talk show circuit and in all the promotional material as if they were trying to sell you on the actor you like instead of the story, the director, and the producers who paid the most to get their ego stroked by having their name in movie credits. This is when they get boring but here’s a few suggestions on how to make them less boring.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Scooby-Doo #43 (DC Comics)

Did Russel T. Davies write this one?

Scooby-Doo #43

DC Comics (February, 2001; posted to comiXology August, 2014)

By the way it appears the free Scooby comic promotion is over with. If you want to read along now you’ll have to pay a whopping 99¢ to do so.

WRITER: Joe Edkin

COLORIST: Paul Becton

LETTERER: Ryan Cline


EDITOR: Joan Hilty

“Nutcracker Not-So-Sweet”

PENCILER: Joe Staton

INKER: Dave Hunt

“Mascot Madness”

PENCILER: Erik Doescher

INKER: Mike DeCarlo

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BW’s Daily Video: Corridor Digital Reacts To 2001 And Other Special Effects

How they did some of the effects for 2001: A Space Odyssey is why I’m posting this. Just be warned it’s followed up with how they decapitated a dude with blue blood with a stand-up toilet and vivisected another dude with a sink. It’s the same fight scene, mind you.

Catch more expert reactions at the Corridor Crew’s behind-the-scenes YouTube channel.


BW Vs. Fansided: Should MCU Spider-Man Be A Mutant?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has it’s benefits and problems, one of the latter being how Marvel prior to forming Marvel Studios (which was before and why Disney came calling) had licensed out Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men since they didn’t plan on making their own movies. Disney/Marvel had to buy 20th Century Fox in order to get the Fantastic Four and X-Men back (though I doubt that was the reason why) but Sony, despite having only three successes with the wall-crawler, holds on to Spider-Man as tight as they can. In order to get Spidey in the MCU like fans wanted many hoops had to be jumped through in order to make it happen, including major alterations to Peter Parker and his circle of friends.

Well Michael Williams, writing for Fansided’s “Bam Smack Pow” superhero site, wants to add one more change as he feels the best way to introduce the mutants into the MCU from their former licensing purgatory is to make Peter a mutant. It makes more sense in the context of the article, but as you’ll see it’s an idea I am not on board with as it will not only make the translation errors worse than the Sony deal has made it but comes with problems of its own.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Robotech: Mechangel #0

“The only thing bigger than my missiles are my wings.”

Robotech: Mechangel #0

Academy Comics, Ltd (September, 1995)

WRITER: Bill Spangler


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BW’s Daily Video: MatPat Ruins Electric Pokemon

Catch more Game Theory on the Game Theorists YouTube channel.

 Are you sure you Pika-fans want realism that badly?