George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

I’ve posted the same Thanksgiving specials so many times that I wanted to try something different this year. Thanks to current events gathering together at Thanksgiving is difficult to not likely based on the part of the US you live in but I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. I know giving thanks seems harder this year but you can give thanks that you got through 2020 and hope that 2021 won’t be so bad. If you lost a loved one to the current pandemic or from other illnesses, give thanks that you got to know them and that they enriched your life, as well as that they’re not suffering anymore. Hopefully next Thanksgiving we’ll all have something to celebrate and can do so with our loved ones. God bless.

“Yesterday’s” Comic> Robotech: The Movie #1

Is this what they mean by hair-raising action?

Robotech: The Movie #1

Academy Comics, Ltd (November, 1996)

“…To Destroy The Earth”

STORY: Carl Macek

ADAPTATION: Benny R. Powell


INKERS: Chi, Rich Perrotta, Chip Wallace, and Jerry Bacchia

no listing for a letterer

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The Errors Of The Live-Action Batmen

“I miss having my own car.”

Unless your superhero was created with live-action in mind, and some of my favorites were, more often than not animation is the best place for superheroes, especially when they’re adapted from comics. The nature of animation, which I’m sure I’ll go into in Art Of Storytelling at some point, allows for a greater suspension of disbelief, which is what I love about comics and cartoons. It’s already removed from the real world unless they’re trying to go photorealistic that you can accept certain aspects of the science fantasy world of superheroes a lot easier. And yes, this includes Batman, as evidenced by the way live-action has approached the Dark Knight. Even the wackiness of the 60s series or the surreal Tim Burton movies still connect too much to real world, though not as much as the Nolan films. The serials betray this as well, while the Schumacher films highlight what happens when you throw common sense to the wind.

However, even with less disbelief to properly suspend you’d think the iconic nature of Batman could still be replicated in live-action more than Superman. This does not bear out to history however, as the best theatrical Batman film may well be Mask Of The Phantasm, the animated movie set in the DC Animated Universe. Professor Geek goes over all the mistakes the various live-action Batman films have made (though sadly doesn’t mention the serials).

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Star Trek: Voyager #1

“We finally found SF Debris’ address. Get him!”

Star Trek: Voyager #1

Marvel/Paramount Comics (November, 1996)

“The Storm”

WRITER: Laurie S. Sutton

ARTIST: Jesus Redondo

COLORIST: John Kalisz

LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos

EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

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BW’s Daily Video: Sunfire’s Amazing Racism?

First of all I was too tired yesterday to record an Art Soundoff, so instead of taking off Thanksgiving like I planned I may do one on Thursday. I know you don’t have to do every day; you can do one post on one topic and not even share it and still technically have taken part in the challenge. However I am trying to get that practice in, especially with the new “webcam” app, and I would like to at least keep to my own schedule. So instead here’s Just Some Guy talking about Disney+’s confusing actions when it comes to their streaming of Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends. Note that he lets the swears drop more often than I do, but he makes the points clear as to what’s wrong.

Catch more of Just Some Guy on his YouTube channel.

I wanted to find a good clip from the episode but the best I could do was this collection of “funny” moments from the show. It does start off with a scene featuring Sunfire and his uncle.

I can’t say I see it either. I also wonder why they took down the episode where the Spider-Friends FIGHTS the Nazis? They really do believe just showing something means condoning it? Then why have the show since showing supervillains fighting Spidey is clearly condoning based on this dumb line of thinking?

BW’s Daily Video: Clarity On DC Generations And Future State?

Catch more Comics, By Perch on his YouTube channel.

Given what little time they’ve had, I’m betting this is the closest thing to clarity that’s going to come out of this event. New 52 didn’t take enough time on their rebooted universe and even the aftermath of Crisis On Infinite Earths have a few inconsistencies they didn’t plan for. Maybe stop resetting your timeline and just tell some good stories. They’ve already proven continuity means little to them and I see this potentially making things worse instead of better. I hope I’m wrong but I’m not very hopeful.


“Yesterday’s” Comic> The New Avengers #14

“Yes, I AM Spider-Woman, but Spider-MAN doesn’t have this much webbing in his room so why do I?”

New Avengers #14

Marvel Comics (February, 2006)

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis

ARTIST: Frank Cho

COLORIST: Jason Keith

LETTERER: Albert Deschesne

PRODUCTION: James Taveras

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Molly Lazer & Aubrey Sitterson


EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

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