No Saturday Night Showcase Tonight

Sorry, folks. I haven’t slept well the last half of this week and today I ended up taking an afternoon nap, or as my dad would say “nap nothing, I went to sleep”. I don’t think there’s going to be a Jake & Leon this week and I know I don’t have a Clutter Report because Saturday is my usual declutter day, but I’ll provide an update for the week anyway.

“Yesterday’s” Comic> The Blue Beetle #14

I mean, he’s not actually in a story, but we’re introducing him.

The Blue Beetle #14

Holyoke Publishing (September, 1942)


For whatever reason Sparky’s actual origin story wasn’t ready by print time so the comic suggests his convoy was attacked by Axis subs so he’s going to be a bit late. Guess he should feel lucky he survived. I know you Sparkington J. Northrup fans are going to be so disappointed…but at least we still have Spark Stevens!

Yeah, that is the booby prize.

We’ll also see V-Man if that helps.

Let’s just get started.

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The Many Intros Of Batman: Barely Connected Edition

Many moons ago I looked at the intros for the various Batman TV series [part 1|part 2]. At the time I didn’t have a layout for how to do such articles when it came to properly separating them by decent categories and I didn’t really talk about the shows, just the intros. Since then we’ve had a number of Batman related shows but the Dark Knight himself was kept to live-action movies or direct-to-video animated movies. Meanwhile you had shows like Gotham, Harley Quinn, Batwoman, and Gotham Knights (no relation to the video game despite sharing a name and premise) that just have title cards instead of full intros and Batman’s barely tied to any of them. Granted I didn’t want to talk about them anyway. Gotham and Harley Quinn have fans but I’m not among them. Titans has Nightwing but that’s for a potential Many Intros Of Teen Titans to complement the Many, Many Intros Of The Superfriends series I already did which also featured various Justice League series.

On the other hand we do have three shows that are also tied to Batman without really starring him, and one that actually does show us Batman, Batgirl, and Robin in action. I was just going to review that intro but I figured what the heck, we’ve got two other shows barely tied to Batman–another “what if Batman disappeared”, show, another prequel nobody asked for, and a show about Batman’s car, which may be the most fun and accurate Batman depiction in years off of home video. Go figure? So we have three intros to look at and I’m adding them to the Bat-List.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Tron (2.0) #5

The “Wreck It Ralph” expanded universe didn’t go off so well.

Tron #5

SLG Publishing (February, 2008)

WRITERS: Landry Walker & Eric Jones

ARTIST: Michael Shoyket & Guru-eFX

LETTERER/SFX: Douglas Dlin

EDITOR: Dan Vado

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BW’s Daily Video> Terrible Advice On Media Literacy

Catch more from Terrible Writing Advice on YouTube


Transformers: Rise Of The Final Concerns


The time is coming. Next week Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts will hit theaters and we’ll finally learn if the movie is any good or if any of the early concerns I had will come to pass. Well, as I’ve been trying to make some headway in the YouTube backlog being sick gave me I came across a video by TJOmega from April that introduced a few concerns about the upcoming film.

This alleged prequel has already shown issues of continuity errors, but I found another TJOmega video that shows this isn’t new. The continuity of the live-action movies has been so screwed up that you start to realize why new Marvel Studios contributors hate the shared universe idea…because they can’t keep continuity straight with one series! It shows a level of not caring about not just the franchise but general storytelling and previous writers that continues to betray the Hollywood ego: my story is all that matters even when it’s a group project.

So let’s look at these two videos as TJ goes over potential problems going into the seventh Transformers film and I’ll thrown in a few thoughts of my own. After all, it’s still my website and he’s not even making content for my site. He makes content for his own YouTube channel that I linked to above and you should totally check it out. He’s also reviewing some of the early toy releases for the movie.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Project Superpowers #0

Oh, sorry. I mean “S” #0 Maybe 5 #0.

Project Superpowers #0

Dynamite Entertainment (January, 2008)

“Last Gleaming”

PLOT: Alex Ross & Jim Krueger

SCRIPT: Jim Krueger

ARTWORK: Alex Ross, Doug Kaluba, & Stephen Sadowski

COLORIST: Captain Moreno

LETTERER: Simon Bowland

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