“Yesterday’s” Comic> Adventures In The DC Universe #6


“See, your makeup is fine.”

Adventures In The DC Universe #0

DC Comics (September, 1997)

Aquaman: “Family Matters”

Power Girl: Rolling On The River

WRITER: Steve Vance

PENCILER: John Delaney

INKER: Ron Boyd


LETTERER: Tim Harkins


EDITOR: KC Carlson

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BW’s Morning Article Link: 12 Facts On The Legion Of Super-Heroes

The Legion of Super-Heroes during the 1970s. A...

The Legion of Super-Heroes during the 1970s. Art by Neal Adams. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The history of the Legion Of Super-Heroes is harder to follow than Donna Troy’s due to numerous reboots even without dimension-altering events like Crisis On Infinite Earths and Zero Hour. As part of Comics Alliance’s “12 Facts” series they attempt to make some sense about it.

“Yesterday’s” Comic> Batman: Shadow Of The Bat #0


“That’s an odd place to have a slumber party.”

Batman: Shadow Of The Bat #0

DC Comics, (October, 1994)

WRITER: Alan Grant

ARTIST: Bret Blevins

COLORIST: Adrienne Roy

COVER PAINTER: Brian Stelfreeze

LETTERER: Todd Klein

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Jake & Leon #302: Emotional Planting

The only exception is Christmas trees. And they fought hard just to get that.

The only exception is Christmas trees. And they fought hard just to get that.

We’ll be meeting Hanazuki and her friends later this week. It’s something I came across from Hasbro Studios’ YouTube channel as I try to get caught up with all the videos I’ve missed, and after all of last year I’m just barely caught up. I do have other projects after all.

Recording is done on my past-Christmas special. I just need to edit now. I didn’t even get to do a Clutter Report this week, and I really need to keep that project going.

We have four series ending and a new one starting in this week’s comic reviews. The first Thundercats miniseries from WildStorm, He-Man’s fight with King Hiss, the last Dreamwave Transformers story, and MASK will all be going away this week. There’s more Masters Of The Universe coming though, as a fourth miniseries was produced, and sadly WildStorm told more Thundercat stories and…we’ll get to that. MASK is all done, though, but more Transformers stories will be coming from other publishers. There’s a lot of IDW stuff I’ve never reviewed since the Spotlight began so we aren’t close to being done with Cybertron just quite yet.

I’m also going to attempt to get one of those movie reviews I mentioned last week done. We didn’t have to change cable companies so I tried to focus on the video instead, as well as regular article content. And one of them I’m looking forward to while the other is more a case of “I kind of have to for this site” territory. You’ll be able to tell which soon enough.

Saturday Night Showcase: Bigfoot And The Muscle Machines

Video update: the recording is done, but the editing will take a while longer, and I have visit to the blood drawing folks in my future before my trip to the blood doctor to see how I’m doing off of the blood thinner. That’s more blood talk than you’ll probably see in tonight’s offering.

Who remembers this from their youth? SST Muscle Machines were based on the then relatively new sport, monster truck racing. The history can be traced back to the 1970s but it was in the 80s that it became popular. And a large part of that popularity with kids came from the Hulk Hogan of monster trucks…surprisingly not the actual Hulk Hogan monster truck, but Bigfoot. The creation of Bob Chandler, Bigfoot was the face of monster trucks. During events Bigfoot would use to crush cars, which oddly I don’t see much of on TV these days. I don’t see much of Bigfoot either, but the truck is still popular enough to appear in video games.

He’s also been the star of cartoons. Yes, he, in at least two versions. As part of the “Power Team” segment of the first season of Video Power Bigfoot was the transportation for his fellow video game heroes (Acclaim had the license at the time and promoted the game along with Arch Rivals, NARC, Ironsword, and Qwirk) and was the only one to have a villain counterpart who didn’t come from the game but was instead a real-world monster truck zapped by Bigfoot’s game pack. (Long story). More recently, Bigfoot present Meteor And The Mighty Monster Trucks had Bigfoot as a cameo in a world where monster trucks were the dominant lifeform. Meteor, the title character, considers Bigfoot his hero and his team includes Bigfoot’s son, LT., and daughter, Zooey. It features monster trucks learning to become racers.

However, the first cartoon to star Bigfoot had it as an ordinary truck. To tie in with the aforementioned SST Muscle Machines toyline a cartoon was created called Bigfoot And The Muscle Machines, which aired as part of the same Super Week pilot miniseries special as long-time Saturday Night Showcase subject Robotix. It wasn’t as popular as some other shows that joined them later on, but I remember enjoying it. The series is actually focused on a group of monster truck competiors, all based on actual monster trucks at the time but not using their drivers as characters. And the names we got were just odd. But we’ll get more into that after the show.

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Friday Night Fights: Spidey Likes To Punch Thugs

Spider-Man has a history of beating up a lot of goons, thugs, gangbangers, enforcers, et cetera. And with a little peek into that bridge between the first and second Spider-Man story we learn this is just second nature to him.

Earlier this week we looked at Amazing Fantasy #16, one of three issues made after the actual Amazing Fantasy ended. (And we didn’t even get some lame horror stories to go with them.) It traces the days where Spider-Man had captured the robber that killed his uncle, but wasn’t ready to become a full-fledged superhero, blaming his powers (or what they did to him psychologically at least) and only putting on the costume to do another favored activity in the future, web-swinging to clear his head. He also figured out he had spider-sense. And in this fight he even learns to quip. They grow up so fast.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

Power Punch: round 9

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> MASK #6 (DC)


Remember kids, buckle your seat belt.


DC Comics (July, 1987)

“Jacana’s Revenge”

WRITER: Michael Fleisher

ARTISTS: Curt Swan & Kurt Schaffenberger


LETTERER: John Costanza

EDITORS; Mike Gold & Robert Greenberger

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