Best Of BW Year 10

I keep missing my anniversaries. This should have been done last week. However, I’ve talked about how this month has been filled with distractions with equipment failures and life issues and all that. You’re tired of hearing it and I’m tired of talking about it so let’s talk about the longest running project I’ve been a part of that didn’t pay me or legally make me stay there. (I’m talking about school, although at times it felt like prison.)

For those who came in late: In 2008 I spent time in the hospital, a situation that would happen again 8 years later but I digress. While home recovering I came across blogs like Comic Coverage, Siskoid’s Blog Of Geekery, Slay Monstrobot Of The Deep, and others. When my comments were almost as long as the articles I decided it best I just start my own blog. 11 years later and I’m still doing it. That’s amazing for me.

At each anniversary (or roughly so since I have a bad habit of forgetting…this year at least I just got the date wrong) I go back through the previous years’ reviews and commentaries to find what I feel is the best stuff I produced that year, the ones that stick with me and may have even been referenced a lot. So if you are new here, I have a few articles you may want to catch up on.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Iron Man vol 3 #52

“I shouldn’t have hired J’onn as my contractor.”

Iron Man volume 3 #52

Marvel Comics (May, 2002)

“Jane Doe”

WRITER: Mike Grell

PENCILER: Michael Ryan

INKER: Sean Parsons

COLORIST: Arsla Rozegar

LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos


EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

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BW’s Art Soundoff 2019 #12: Why I Enjoy Making BW Content

Chapter By Chapter: The Merry Adv Of Robin Hood part 6 ch. 1

Chapter By Chapter features me reading one chapter of the selected book at the time and reviewing it as if I were reviewing an episode of a TV show or an issue of a comic. There will be spoilers if you haven’t read to the point I have, and if you’ve read further I ask that you don’t spoil anything further into the book. Think of it as read-along book club.

Remember, the book is in public domain. Download or read the ebook online legally and for free at Project Gutenberg, Google Books or the Internet Archive among other sites, or check out the audiobook from LibriVox. You can also use a print copy. In either case my copy may not match up with yours chapter-wise. Follow along with the very-long subtitle. For this chapter:

Part Six

In Which It Is Told How Queen Eleanor Sent For Robin Hood To Come To The Court At Famous London Town And How Robin Came At Her Bidding. Likewise It Is Told How King Henry Chased Robin Through The Land, Yet Caught Him Not

In the previous chapter we saw Queen Eleanor pull Robin, Little John, and Will Scarlet as ringers in her bet with her husband, King Henry (Hank to his friends and I’m not even kidding), over an archer contest. Allan comes along for moral support. Robin and John won and for some reason Will didn’t. Two out of three isn’t bad, unless you’re the one losing the bet, so Hank isn’t happy. Throw in the fact that are trio are outlaws her highness won a grace period for with trickery, and they better get out of London Town before the grace period ends and they become permanent residents of the dungeon.

Chapter 2: The Chase Of Robin Hood

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Justice League Adventures #10

“I swear this isn’t the wallpaper I ordered.”

Justice League Adventures #10

DC Comics (October, 2002)

“Must There Be A Martian Manhunter?”

WRITER: Josh Siegal

PENCILER: Chris Jones

INKER: Christian Alamy

COLORIST: John Kalisz


LETTERER: Kurt Hathaway

EDITOR: Steve Wacker

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Art Soundoff 2019 #11: Delays

Jake & Leon #433: Art Soundoff part 3

I really should take my own advice.

No, this wasn’t the topic I planned to discuss. I had the whole Art Soundoff planned but this is the only week I forgot.

The background for the long shots of Jake and Max I admittedly cheated and used a background, but for Max’s close-up I decided to draw the bookcase on my own. Also this time they’re using a tripod instead of someone holding the camera.

Over at The Clutter Reports this week all the time that was stolen from me during the week only left me time to do a quick pile shifting. It was kind of important if I wanted to make sure I had room to decorate the studio for Christmas this year.

This week I start a new Robotech series and end Radioactive Man’s comics (or at least the ones I have.) I’m also hoping I can get a Finally Watched in because the Starz preview weekend just flooded me with review content. There’s also more Art Soundoff coming this week. The most important thing this week though is that this week starts the 11th year BW Media Spotlight has been posting stuff…whenever there wasn’t a power outage or illness getting in the way. I want to design a new background and alter the banner, although this being the 10th year of Jake & Leon it technically still works. What will I accomplish before the madness sets in and what will step forth to oppose my destiny? Let’s all find out together! Won’t that be fun?