“Yesterday’s” Comic> Doctor Who #2 (Marvel US)

Sharon hates when the guy in front of her chickens out on the high dive right at the top.

Doctor Who #2

Marvel Comics (November, 1984)

COVER ART: Dave Gibbons, Dave Cockrum, & Frank Giacola

COVER COLORIST: George Roussos


US COLORIST: Andy Yanchus

US EDITOR: Jim Salicrup

“Doctor Who & The Star Beast” part 2

{originally appeared in Doctor Who Magazine #s 19-26)

WRITERS; Pat Mills & John Wagner

ARTIST: Dave Gibbons

UK EDITOR: Paul Neary

“Throwback: The Soul Of A Cybermen” part 1

(originally appeared in Doctor Who Magazine #s 5-7)

WRITER: Steve Moore

ARTIST: Steve Dillon

EDITOR: Dez Skinn

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BW”s Morning Article Link: Discovery’s Spock

This never gets old.

Spock is making his return to the Star Trek Multiverse by visiting the Discovery timeline (and I don’t think anybody buys it’s the original timeline). Obviously he can’t be portrayed by Leonard Nimoy anymore but they also won’t be using Zachary Quinto, the movie Spock who is so into his role he took on one of Spock’s other roles as host of In Search Of, the new version on History. (It’s actually a good show. I saw an episode on AI recently.) Nope, we have yet another actor playing Spock, who is the adoptive brother of Michael, the orphan Sarek took in and now works on the Discovery because for some reason she had to be tied to Spock. Don’t they know giving Spock siblings never ends well in Trek?

Transformers Cyberverse Clip Released

image source: TF Wiki

Transformers Cyberverse is the next upcoming Transformers toyline and cartoon. Not a whole lot is known about the show as of this writing. Here’s what I found on the TF Wiki:

Transformers: Cyberverse is an upcoming computer-animated series. Developed by Boulder Media Studio, it is set to premiere on Cartoon Network in Fall of 2018. The story is divided into chapters, with “Chapter One” set to run for 18 episodes, while a second “Chapter” is targeted for a 2019 release. Unlike nearly every other Transformers TV series, episodes will be only 11 minutes in length as opposed to the traditional 22 minutes.

The series focuses on the adventures of Bumblebee; having damaged his memory chips, he and Windblade must recover his missing memories in order to help him remember his mission on Earth. Unfortunately, the Decepticons are after their friends.[1]

The series is intended to “focus more on characters and their mythology”.

It is unknown if this series is a sequel to a previous cartoon, or a complete reboot not set in any prior continuity, as the images released so far use the new evergreen designs.

Well now we have a clip of what the show will look like and I thank Ben’s World Of Transformers for posting it so I could catch it. And now I’m posting it here so you can catch it and see how your thoughts match up to mine.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Thunderbolts #23

Actually, that happened the other way around, but whatever.

Thunderbolts #23

Marvel Comics (February, 1999)

“Public Relations”

WRITER: Kurt Busiek

PENCILER: Mark Bagley

INKER: Scott Hanna


LETTERER: Saida Temonfonte

EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

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BW’s Morning Article Link: An Alterna-tive Approach To Comic Distribution

image source: Bleeding Fool

As much as I love my local comic store it’s only good if you’re already a fan of comic books. Outside of Stop & Shop I don’t see spinner racks full of comics or comics on the newsstand shelf. When I was a kid I primarily got my comics from the local pharmacy or convenience stores news racks. Even in bookstores now you only get graphic novels and most of those are trade collections because DC and Marvel want to kill the traditional format that created them.

One “alternative” is Alterna Comics, a comic company that still uses newsprint paper to avoid making the consumer pay $5 or more for shiny pages. And they make comics for adults as well as kids and all-ages titles. One of the Art Soundoff contributors, Marshall Lee (who actually lives here in Connecticut but we’ve never met in person), has been trying to work with them since he found out about them Bleeding Fool’s Jamison Ashley interviews the man behind Alterna Comics, publisher Peter Simeti, to see why they’re also moving into the places comics abandoned for the comic store.

Chapter By Chapter: The Death And Life Of Superman ch. 21

Chapter by Chapter features me reading one chapter of the selected book at the time and reviewing it as if I were reviewing an episode of a TV show or an issue of a comic. There will be spoilers if you haven’t read to the point I have, and if you’ve read further I ask that you don’t spoil anything further into the book. Think of it as read-along book club.

We now have four Supermen: The Cyborg, The Kryptonian, Superdon’tcallmeboy, and Man Of Steel. Only one of them isn’t claiming to be Superman and none of them actually are. You’d think four new superheroes plus Supergirl and Bibbo would make this city even safer, but this is a comic story from the 1990s and nothing is ever that easy. It’s actually going to get a lot more dangerous before we’re through. Let’s see what the damage is this time!

We have the Kryptonian, with Superman’s memories, claiming his “Clark Kent” side is still dead. We have the Cyborg reading as Superman biologically and also claiming his memories but we saw him tapping into Hamilton’s machine. We have Superboy, who is an escaped clone with incomplete programming, and we have the one sane one in the bunch who is just a man in high-tech armor he built in the basement of an apartment complex. Not really the recipe for easy sleeping at night for the citizens of Metropolis. How can things get worse? We’re only three parts into this story and with 29 chapters in the whole book while we’re on 21, it’s most likely going to.

Chapter 21: Reign Of The Supermen part 3

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> JLA: Year One #1

They also have the power to be in color in a black-and-white photo.

JLA: Year One #1

DC Comics (January, 1998)

“Justice League Of America: Year One”

WRITERS: Mark Waid & Brian Augstyn

ARTIST: Barry Kitson

(although the comic lists the three together as “storytellers” and I had to find out which is which via a fan wiki–I thought only Kurt Busiek comics in this period pull that on me)

COLORIST: Pat Garrahy



EDITOR: Peter Tomasi

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