He-Man Movie And Mattel Films

We have an update on Sony’s continued development of a Masters Of The Universe movie, and that update is basically it’s still being done. With yet another rewrite in the works (hopefully not waiting on Skeletor and trying to force a multi-part story out of it, as earlier news has indicated) I’m surprised Sony is still being allowed to work on it since the rights are back at Mattel. (I wonder if I can convince the right people to make it animated so you can really get the franchise’s oddities right, since Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse has been the only Spidey movie Sony has gotten solo praise for since Spider-Man 2?) Speaking of which, Mattel is apparently following Hasbro’s example and starting their own movie studio, with a Barbie movie being considered.

From Midnight’s Edge, here’s the latest news on He-Man and Mattel Films.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Thor volume 3 #17 (The Eighth Day part 1)

This is why it took so long for the home renovation show craze to start up.

Thor volume 3 #17

Marvel Comics (November, 1999)

“The Eighth Day” part 1

WRITER: Dan Jurgens

ARTISTS: John Romita Jr. & Klaus Janson

COLORISTS: Gregory Wright & Matt Hicks


EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

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BW’s Morning Article Link: Legends Annotated

This is the only direct connection to the “Legends” event from DC Comics I own. But if you own more and want to make some connections, Gary over at Crisis On Earth-Prime just finished his latest annotations project, so go check it out.

Chapter By Chapter: Tom Clancy’s Op-Center chapters 27-30

Chapter by Chapter features me reading one chapter of the selected book at the time and reviewing it as if I were reviewing an episode of a TV show or an issue of a comic. There will be spoilers if you haven’t read to the point I have, and if you’ve read further I ask that you don’t spoil anything further into the book. Think of it as read-along book club.

Look, I understand not wanting your heroes to be perfect, but so far only one person at Op-Center is someone I would want to spend time with, never mind trust with my safety. Everyone wants either the head man’s job, or the head man. Paul’s the only character at the center I like. The other two heroes in Korea I’m rooting for but one of them is in bad shape. I’m kind of curious to see how they end up saving things if at all, because at the moment I’m only rooting for them because I don’t want to see a second Korean war, even in a fictional universe. We still have a little less than two-thirds of the book left to change my mind though. And this week it’s going to take four chapters to fill in the count.

  • Chapter 27: Tuesday, 9:55 PM, Seoul: 4 pages
  • Chapter 28: Tuesday, 7:57 AM, Op-Center: 2 whole pages
  • Chapter 29: still Tuesday, 10:00 PM, Seoul: 3 pages
  • Chapter 30: day before Wednesday, 8:05 AM, Op-Center: 4 pages

At this point I’m having to entertain myself. I’m kind of wishing the book would stay in Seoul, have Paul show up to manage things there, and leave the rest of the cast besides Paul’s family and the actual special-ops team to blow in the wind. Will these four win me over?

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> JLA: Year One #12

Spectre’s like “What are you all looking at?”.

JLA: Year One #12


DC Comics (December, 1998)

“Justice For All”

WRITERS: Mark Waid & Brian Augustyn

PENCILER: Barry Kitson

INKER: Michael Bair

COLORIST: Pat Garrahy



EDITOR: Peter Tomasi

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BW’s Morning Article Link: Alterna Helping Indie Creators Accept Newsprint

image source: Bleeding Fool

One of the ways Alterna Comics keeps their prices low is by using newsprint, the old type of comic pages that supposedly isn’t as good as the more high-priced glossy stuff but Alterna claims has improved in quality over the years. It reduces their costs and reduces how much they charge, with their comics at $1.50 while even the Big Two are charging $4-5 a comic now. Even printing services like Ka-Blam has stopped offering it as an alternative, so Alterna has decided to help with their new partnership program. You won’t get promotion nor are they publishing your book. There are different channels for that. But if you are an indie or self publisher and you want to reduce your costs, thus increasing the likelihood that more potential readers can afford your comic, this might be an option for you.

Frankly none of my old comics from the “newsprint” days are in bad shape beyond my having read them over and over as a kid and causing a bit of wear. The newer paper hasn’t been in comics long enough to give them the same kind of judgement. I think I would go with that if I ever get to publish anything in single comic form.

Jake & Leon #391: Busting For Science

I don’t think most adults come for the science. I don’t.

I don’t know what happened to the last Mythbusters team, but the new Mythbusters Jr. is rather fascinating. Six kids, one of whom is a college sophomore at age 15, join Adam Savage in testing myths. They’ve already done whether air freshener can blow up a car, the old duct tape right of passage, and of course plenty of poor Buster abuse. I’m hoping Brian, Bo, and Jon come back, and Tamera’s one of the aids, but I like this version too.

Hey, I did something on The Clutter Reports this week! It’s my review of Mutant Beast Wars Icebird.

In the features this week expect more videos by other people because the cable company change happens this week, and I probably won’t be able to make any content at all that day, plus I have a few movies left to get to for Finally Watched. In comic reviews I’ll be completing the single issue Doctor Who comics, and yes Sean I will have more Who content in the future. We have the next set of chapters of Tom Clancy’s Op-Center, but it’s too soon to pick the next book. If anyone besides Sean wants me to do a Doctor Who novel next get your vote in now. I’m also considering a Transformers movieverse prequel novel, another Star Trek novel, or another license/novelization entry. We’ll see. I’m not even halfway through the book I’m reading now and I want to focus on that.

So I hope you like other people talking about stuff, because that’s what I have time for this week. At least you know it will be fun and interesting. I just hope I don’t burn through my filler videos too quick.