How Is Black Widow Sexist?

A woman cosplaying as Black Widow, apparently a sexist character, at ComiCONN 2013.

Yeah, that’s what we’re apparently being told by both Esquire commentary writer Dom Nero (apparently you’re allowed to swear in Esquire, which I thought had more class) and by Jac Schaeffer, the writer for the upcoming Black Widow movie. Fans of both the Marvel Comics Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe has been asking for this movie since Iron Man 2 opened the possibility. Since then she’s popped up in a few different Marvel movies but has yet to receive her own. I wrote in the past that they should only do so if they have a good story for her. Apparently even if we do we aren’t getting a good adaptation of the character.

“I’m not interested in adhering to comic canon that is discriminatory in any way or that violates my values system.”

This leads me to ask why you’re doing so then? It would like me working on The Boys, the Amazon series based on the WildStorm/Dynamite series where super”heroes” act more like supervillains, a direction I think DiDio would love to take DC. That violates my beliefs on superheroes and Marvel comics adheres less to my values system, or good superhero stories, every issue they put out. So I wouldn’t work on them. This is another example of “I can do it better but don’t have the guts to work on something original because I like the name and want everything out there to be produced only for my tastes and beliefs”, and she even states in the article that she “wasn’t a huge superhero movie fan before starting to work [at Marvel], but now that I’m doing it, there’s just so much opportunity to make big, positive statements.”

For some reason both the article and movie writers, who have shown they know or care nothing about the source material are going to tell the fans what Natasha Romanoff is because they don’t know or care about who she is. Fans do, which is why they asked for this rather than a Captain Marvel movie, which I’m still convinced was to make sure Billy Batson didn’t get to have his superhero name in the movie. (Which is fine because what we got was Billy Batson 52, not the REAL Billy.) I think we need to learn who Black Widow is and how she’s actually treated in the Marvel universe. What about her would make these two willingly ignorant sad sacks think she’s some sexist character? Let me see if I can figure this out.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Robotech: Vermilion #1

There’s a O on his jacket but a 4 on his shoulder. Is it supposed to be “40” on the jacket or did someone goof?

Robotech: Vermilion #1

Antarctic Press (August, 1997)



3D rendering: Tipatat Chennavasin

“Mospedia Diary”

by Joe Weltjens

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BW’s Morning Article Link: Tom King Murders More Heroes

Scene written by a GOOD Batman writer.


DC continues to let Tom King ruin Batman and the Bat-Family as Flashpoint Thomas Wayne is somehow here and he and Bane kill one of the most important members of the Bat-Family while Batman is off somewhere going crazy. I won’t spoil who for those of you who haven’t read Batman #77 but this ticks me off and it’s just another reason DC is falling apart and ruining currently their most popular character. This needs to stop and the characters need to be rescued from King.

10 Problems With Green Lantern [VIDEO]

The Green Lantern Corp is a great idea. A group of space cops protecting the galaxy from spacefaring evil. However, with DC’s obsession over Hal as the “best” Green Lantern (I grew up with Hal and even I favor Kyle Rayner) may blind them from some real issues as to how the character and his colleagues are treated. WhatCulture takes a look at ten problems not really addressed that might benefit tales of the Corp.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Star Trek: All Of Me

“Who got paint all over my new globe!”

Star Trek: All Of Me

WildStorm Productions (April, 2000)

I also wonder how they got the Paramount Comics logo since that was the imprint with Marvel and at the time WildStorm had just joined DC Comics.

WRITERS: Tony Isabella & Bob Ingersoll

PENCILER: Aaron Lopresti

INKER: Randy Emberlin

COLORISTS: Dick Bell & Jeromy Cox

LETTERER: Ryan Cline

DESIGN: Alex Sinclair

EDITOR: Jeff Mariotte

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BW’s Morning Article Link: A Taste Of Ellison’s “Trek”

Harlan Ellison is considered one of science fiction’s best writers, and he is but he was also a bit of a jerk to be honest. “City On The Edge Of Forever” is considered one of the best episodes of Star Trek but that was after a lot of rewrites. You know how I keep saying being good doesn’t mean you’re the right fit for everything? In this short review of the graphic novel adaptation of the original script (which was released as a book some years ago) we gets some spoiler-free examples of how Ellison just didn’t understand the Star Trek Universe and the characters therein.

My Concerns With Masters Of The Universe: Revelation

(click for full-size reveal)

Power-Con is the annual convention for fans of He-Man of She-Ra, where those who celebrate the adventures on Eternia and Etheria (and to a lesser extent Primus and the Tri-Solar Galaxy) come together to discuss one of their favorite franchises. It is here (unlike CBS, who announced new Star Trek productions at Comic-Con rather than the Star Trek fan convention a week later) where Netflix announced they’re making a brand-new Masters Of The Universe animated series.

I know, the not-stalgia is flowing like crazy lately, but it’s not tied to the Netflix She-Ra show at all.

Still not convinced. What if I told you Kevin Smith was behind it?

But it’s officially backed by Mattel’s new Mattel Studios and being produced by a popular animation studio that made a very beloved Netflix show.

You know, the Castlevania cartoon.

Okay, enough with this bit, let’s get into the pluses and minuses here. I have nothing against Kevin Smith or Powerhouse Animation but I’m not sure they’re the right choices here. When I think of a kids science fantasy series they’re not MY first choice. That’s not a statement about their quality but whether they’re interested in kids production. Then you hear what Masters Of The Universe: Revelation is about and a few more questions have to come to mind.

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