Friday Night Fights: Kitty Kick

Here’s a comic I’ve been to before, but we need a fight with a kick and this has it. It also has horrible 90s art, but it’s DC in the 90s. It’s to be expected. We return to the alternate futures of 2001, as viewed by Waverider. Batman is in jail for a murder frame-up so good even he thinks he’s guilty. Catwoman doesn’t believe he is and decides to drop in on two of Penguin’s old goons. Paw in mouth follows.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Karate Kick” round 11

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BW’s Morning Article Link: Pennsylvania Comic Store Robbed

Transformers/G.I. Joe comics

ICv2 reports that the Golden Unicorn Comics store in Pennsylvania was robbed of multiple comics in a storage locker. Joke’s on the robber though. They were terrible 90s Marvel comics that I doubt anybody really wants. Still, hope they catch the person or people responsible.

Nintendo NX Flips The “Switch”

English: An NES console with controller attached.

An NES console with controller attached. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today Nintendo released info on their new gaming console, previously referred to as the “NX”. It’s not the first time Nintendo teased a new system with a different name. Remember, the Wii was originally called the Revolution, but they thought Wii would be better for a family gaming system. This will be brought up again in my analysis. While other gaming console makers try for better graphics Nintendo prefers to innovate the actual gaming part of video games. The Wii introduced motion controls that changed the way you play games, and while there will always be naysayers it sold very well to every age group. Every one from Baby Dumpling to Grandma Moses were playing this game. When I was in the convalescent home after my first surgery they even had a Wii in the therapy room. (Sadly I didn’t get to play it because my issues were leg and arm strength as well as balance issues.) I did try it in the store or over my cousin’s house and it’s a great system. The Wii U tried to alter gameplay with the touchscreen game pad, basically making a console version of the Nintendo DS, which didn’t go over as well. Sadly, I have never been able to play this system in any form but would love to try it out.

So the question is what innovations has the Switch brought to gaming and will it be more like the Wii or the Wii U?

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BW Morning Article Link: Guardians Of The Galaxy Sequel Teaser

Courtesy of Comics Alliance is the teaser for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, which some extra notation. Meanwhile I still haven’t seen the first one because life hates me and wants me to be miserable.

Power Rangers Reboot Trailer Drops


Let me start off by negating “but it’s not out yet, how can you judge it” comments by saying that no, I can’t judge the final product for quality when I haven’t seen it. I’m not judging the quality of the film. Visually it looks pretty good and the costumes, while looking like they were based on the Green Lantern movie design…

Entertainment Weekly #1112 (July 23, 2010)

…just a little less organic, they’re not bad. Not what I would have gone with, the original movie suits…

Power Rangers movie suits

…were better, but that matches the tone their going with. Now THAT I can judge. Guess what I’m a gonna do! Now this is a teaser trailer, not a full trailer, but I’m hoping some of my concerns are addressed in the full trailer, like where are the DinoZords and can Brian Cranston actually pull off Zordon? Still, teasers are another way for marketing to pretend they’re trying to promote the movie properly, but this one is giving me a few concerns. I hope I didn’t just use up all my good images for this article.

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BW’s Morning Article Link: Go Go Controversy

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Saga #1
Now that I’ve finally seen trailers (or at least teasers) for the new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot I…underwhelmed and a bit disappointed, and it’s not like I was expecting much since, even thought the Power Rangers series continues on (even if Boom Studios chooses to ignore that) this still feels like a not-stalgia movie. The promotion department, however, really needs to do their homework since an intended joke on the Yellow Ranger’s promotional poster made a huge mistake. That mistake being a joke about Trini (the new version, granted) reading “Driver’s Ed not required” kind of pissed off fans. The original Trini, Thuy Trang, was killed in an automobile accident. It wasn’t intentional, but it helps prove the point that nobody has done any homework when it comes to the original series. I’ll comment more tonight.

BW Filler Video: This Time

I’m still trying to get back into a work schedule. I don’t adjust easy, being a creature of habit and all, and all of these medical issues have really messed with my habits. So I bring you a music video that made me tear up, “This Time” by former Kansas (the group, not the state) frontman John Elefante, dedicated to his daughter since this is her story. Or maybe her mother’s.
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