Saturday Night Showcase: The 3 G.I. Joe Miniseries

In the 1980s Hasbro decided to revamp their G.I. Joe doll-sized action figures to something closer to what we consider an action figure today. G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (known in the UK as Action Force–I wonder if they still called out “Yo Joe!”?) featured a group consisting of multiple military organizations specially selected to battle the terrorist organization Cobra. The concept was based off of a failed pitch for a modern day Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos comic as Hasbro had gone to Marvel to help flesh out their story, something they would do again with Transformers. Larry Hama would create the comic based on that failed pitch. Marvel also turned the idea into an animated miniseries by partnering with Sunbow Productions. The weekday miniseries was popular enough that two more were made, and then a full series.

Recently Hasbro posted those first three miniseries to one of their YouTube channels. Whether this is because of our current stay at home safety measures or just coincidence I couldn’t tell you. They and the ongoing series are available on other streaming platforms, including ad-supported Tubi, as well as airing on Discovery Family in the early mornings as of this post. The playlist features all three miniseries in a long playlist, five episodes per story, for a total of fifteen episodes and a few hundred plus hours. To make it a bit easier I tried posting from that playlist but posting the first episode of each miniseries, so you can just watch one miniseries at a time or marathon the whole thing. When that failed I made my own playlists for each miniseries so you can just watch one at a time. However, you can’t do that anymore with kids-related content on YouTube, which is not only unnecessary to meet their mishandling of COPPA but is damn annoying! So all I can do is post the one playlist to watch the whole thing straight through. You bingers out there should like that. If you want to watch an episode at a time here is a direct link to the playlist. Watch as you will. I like options, which YouTube decided to lessen because they don’t know what the #@#$ they’re doing. Enjoy just the same!

Since I can at least link to the right episode in the playlist, the three miniseries are:

  1. A Real American Hero (aka The M.A.S.S. Device): Cobra creates a teleporting cannon. Can the Joes build their own using special rare elements and without their leader, Duke?
  2. The Revenge Of Cobra: Now Cobra breaks out the Weather Dominator, a machine that can control the weather. I guess they decided to stop complaining about the weather and did something about it.
  3. The Pyramid Of Darkness: Taking control of a G.I. Joe space station, Cobra uses it to set up a “pyramid” around half the world and cutting off all electricity. I think this was the first five episodes of the ongoing series but it’s been years, I was a casual fan at best, and the internet isn’t always as helpful as I’d like.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Astro City #1/2

“Oh no, they’re sticking me in DiDio’s DC!”

Kurt Busiek’s Astro City #1/2

DC Comics (posted to comiXology August 28 2013)

If you’re reading this during the Covid-19 pandemic, comiXology has put a whole bunch of comics on the free side in the hopes of getting some new readers and helping people get through the stay at home period. Give it a check if you have a comiXology or Amazon account.

“The Nearness Of You”

WRITER: Kurt Busiek


INKER: Will Blyberg

COLORIST: Alex Sinclair

No credits given for letterer or editor.

“Clash Of Titans: A New York Romance” (prose story)

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Art Of Storytelling: Books And Other Prose

I’m not going to go into the history of the written word. That’s not what this site or this article series is about. Suffice it to say written languages have been around a long time and then someone decided to make a book and refine the process. Books are everywhere, but that’s not the only way to get a written story. In the old days magazines would have serialized or short stories. You also have the internet these days, with ebooks and fanfic sites. I’m using “book” as an overall term since all prose stories have the same strengths and weaknesses, though short stories, long stories, and serialized stories both have a few differences. I’ll get to the short and serialized methods in the future but when we think of prose we usually think of books and it’s just easier to use. You all understand what I mean.

Books are the most popular delivery system for prose whether in paper or electronic formats. The prose story has been around long enough that we’ve pretty much mastered what it can do, though nobody really plays that much with the layout. The closest you get are books with illustration, which may not get it’s own article but will pop up now and then in the future. While we’re still working on ways to improve comics, movies, TV, and video games as far as presentation books are pretty static in how they tell their story. So how do they do that?

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Scooby-Doo #27 (DC)

That’s why this towing service is so expensive.

Scooby-Doo #27

DC Comics (October, 1999)

PENCILER: Joe Staton

COLORIST: Paul Becton

LETTERER: John Costanza


EDITOR: Dana Kurtin & Heidi MacDonald

“One Night In Roswell” part 3

WRITER: Rurik Tyler

INKER: Andrew Pepoy

“Cut To The Chase”

WRITER: Chris Duffy

INKER: Dave Hunt

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BW’s Daily Video: Boss Baby’s Japanese Dub & Animation Vs Oscars

This video was produced for April Fool’s Day but in between the gags are some rather interesting tidbits about the Japanese dub of The Boss Baby as well as a discussion about how the Oscars snub animation, especially Japanese animation. How do the two go together? They don’t. It’s an April Fools video, but both are interesting enough that I wanted to share with you guys.

Catch more from The Cartoon Cypher on their YouTube channel.

A notation from the YouTube postin:

Aaaaactually ignore what I said about Rango at 5:15. I only saw it when I was younger and didn’t really get it at the time, but in retrospect I can understand why it won. I knocked Surf’s Up at 4:47 but that’s probably not fair, the mockumentary approach was pretty fresh even if I didn’t like the film as much as its competitors. Pretend I said Shark Tale or something there lmao. Also for the stuff at 5:15, ParaNorman wasn’t the only good one that got snubbed by Brave that year IMO. Likewise re:Wind Rises getting snubbed by Frozen etc etc. Here’s the full list of winners & nominees. Also keep in mind that the Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot/CartoonBrew are probably deliberately picking the most provocative comments to put front & centre for maximum attention. They’re funny af for sure, but keep in mind that it’s probably not all as brazenly ignorant as that. In general the whole Oscars affair has more factors going on with it than what we made out in this video. We were just taking the piss and we ended up simplifying the truth, so if you actually wanna learn about the AMPAS and the Oscars you might wanna look elsewhere haha.


Scanning My Collection: Countdown To Infinite Crisis FINALE

Welcome to the final installment of Everyone Hated Ted Kord. In part one we saw someone trying to dismantle his company and try to kill him, which was immediately ignored by his colleagues because he’s Ted Kord so they couldn’t care less even though Bruce Wayne’s company was being used to do it and a whole lot of Kryptonite was stolen from his warehouse to be properly destroyed while leaving no evidence of how they did it, not unlike that time someone they actually cared about was murdered. But it’s Ted Kord so they couldn’t care less. Only Booster Gold was on his side so naturally in part two he was taken out of action because heaven forbid the only person worried about Blue Beetle who doesn’t want him dead be there to help him. Basically it sucks to be Ted Kord in this story.

Now we head into the final issue, as Blue Beetle goes to find out who is trying to ruin him because he’s the only one who cares who isn’t in a hospital bed right now. This whole story has been about dumping on the second Blue Beetle and while it has done a good job of making us the reader care about him it’s at the expense of everyone except Booster and maybe Wonder Woman (I can’t prove she wasn’t just being nice to him but probably didn’t care either given how this story has gone) looking like a bunch of unfeeling jerks…lest you think DiDio’s Darker DC turning the heroes into someone the Avengers are looking at as a dysfunctional team was something that started in the New 52. They just made it worse.

“Oh no, another dead hero…wait, it’s just Ted. Let’s get back to our movie.”

Countdown To Infinite Crisis

DC Comics (March, 2005)

ComiXology has the trade collection, free for some reason, on their site so if you have a comiXology or Amazon account you can read along. This is the version I’ll be using.

WRITERS: Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, and Judd Winick

PENCILERS: Ed Benes, Phil Jimenez, Rags Morales, Ivan Reis, and Jesus Siaz

INKERS: Michael Bair, Ed Benes, Marc Campos, Andy Lanning, and Jimmy Palmioti

COVER ART: Jim Lee and Alex Ross

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Robotech II: The Sentinels book 3 #15

This is why Max doesn’t keep pets.

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 3 #15

Academy Comics Ltd (March, 1995)

“Unto The Breach!”


LETTERING: Alphabet Soup

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