Saturday Night Showcase: Atop The Fourth Wall – The Movie

Atop the Fourth Wall logo

Yes, it’s the old logo. That’s what I have in the media library.

Reviews have changed over the years. While originally a brief synopsis of the story and a spoilerless review there is so much media over the years that doing a full scene-by-scene breakdown of things done right and wrong in movies, episodes, games, and comics past are now possible. But for many reviewers that isn’t enough. Jokes riff on the strange parts even if there is no commentary attached, or sometimes to show why that particular story beat is messed up. Deep examination reviews are done by many on the internet these days. I’m certainly no exception between “Yesterday’s” Comic, Scanning My Collection, and the BW Video Reviews.

For some in the reviewing community even that is not enough. They take on character roles and have silly or even serious adventures, celebrating the medium they happen to be reviewing and story types they love. Probably the best of those, and inspiration for many who choose the path of longform continuous tales in their reviews, is Lewis Lovhaug. Known as Linkara, the host of Atop The Fourth Wall has taken time from reviewing bad comics to deal with mad scientists, outer gods, supernatural horrors, and invaders from other dimensions. Probably the most persistent of these threats is Mechakara, an evil version of Linkara’s assistant, Pollo (pronounced as if the “l”s are “i”s; I don’t get it, either), from another dimension who wants to kill every Linkara ever due the poor treatment he received from the Linkara of his dimension. It’s no surprise then, that Linkara’s biggest adventure would feature him once more.

Now Atop The Fourth Wall has popped up a lot here at the Spotlight (and I really need to replace the dead Blip links with what YouTube links I can match them to). He was the first creator of something I reviewed to comment on my site. He allowed me to post his History Of Power Rangers series here at the Spotlight…which I can’t do anymore because Blip is gone, Toei hates anything of theirs on YouTube even in review form, and Screenwave doesn’t give out public embed codes while my host probably wouldn’t use them anyway because WordPress is worried about security and limits the available embeddable sites, while a code is available if the video player in question works with it which isn’t always the case. That was a longer sentence than I intended. At any rate, since Linkara has posted his long-awaited movie to YouTube, in which there is no review–just a feature-length adventure, it’s only right that I bring it to the three of you who have yet to see his work. Join Linkara and his reviewer friends–MarzGurl, Nash, Angry Joe, Obscurus Lupa, and the Cinema Snob–plus his usual allies–90s Kid, Harvey Finevoice, Nimue, and Pollo–in the greatest adventure of his life across the galaxy!

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“Yesterday’s” Trade> Transformers: Autocracy

Transformers Autocracy

“I told them this was the best camouflage.”

Transformers: Autocracy

IDW (July 2012–collecting the digital-first miniseries)

WRITERS: Chris Metzen & Flint Dille
ARTIST: Livio Ramondelli
LETTERERS: Robbie Robbins, Shawn Lee, & Chris Mowry
SERIES EDITORS: John Barber & Carlos Guzman
COLLECTION EDITORS: Justin Eisinger & Alonzo Simon

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Friday Night PRIZE Fight: Cape Versus Coat

The Prize Fight for the “Lights Out” tournament should feature a fight in the dark. This is where the limited knowledge of my own comic collection (which I’m working on as well as trimming my collection) comes into play. The only fight I remember having in total darkness are ones I’ve already used or believe I have. However, is there really anything darker than night in Gotham City…with the Dark Knight himself?

Friday Night Prize Fight logo

“Lights Out” prize fight

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Ninjak vol 2 #5

Ninjak vol 2 #5

“Eat your heart out, Jedis!”

Ninjak vol 2#5

Acclaim Comics/Valiant Heroes (July, 1997)

“Dark Dealings”
WRITER: Kurt Busiek
ARTISTS: Pablo Raimondi & Kim DeMulder
COLORING: Atomic Paintbrush
LETTERING: Dave Lanphear/OG
ART EDITOR: Alex Glass
EDITOR: Jeff Gomez

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BW’s Art Soundoff #21: The Power Of The Cover

Art Soundoff logo

In a previous Art Soundoff I went over the need for a good logo. As a sort of bookend, let’s discuss the cover in light of my new article series, Re-Covered.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Mighty Mouse #2 (Marvel)

Mighty Mouse #2 (Marvel)

Is there a Superman clone who HASN’T turned evil?

Mighty Mouse #2

Marvel (November,1990)

“You Always Hurt The One You Glove!”
WRITER: Michael Gallagher
ARTIST: Ernie Colón
COLORIST: Marie Severin
LETTERER: Rick Parker
EDITOR: Fabian Nicieza

Actually I’m only guessing. The Grand Comics Database thinks Severin was the inker and has a question mark next to colorist. This is why I hate when the credits doesn’t tell you who did what, or in this case just the last name. If it wasn’t for the back-up feature in this issue I wouldn’t even be THIS accurate. Never do this, writers and letterers.

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Thanksgiving Showcase: The Mouse On The Mayflower

Thanksgiving Background

Thanksgiving Background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s Thanksgiving, so most of my readership will have other things to do, like spend time with family, watch football, and eat a lot. But for any of you outside the US Of A you might be wondering why this is such a big deal. Well, I found the TV special I grew up with that told the story of the Pilgrims voyage to America…only adding in a romance, thieves, one bad apple, and a churchmouse narrator. To my credit I was pretty sure even as a kid that those weren’t part of the story…well, maybe a romance occurred during the trip, but I’m doubtful on the rest of it. From the minds and studio of Rankin/Bass, here’s The Mouse On The Mayflower and happy Thanksgiving folks.

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