Today’s Comic> TMNT Color Classics V2 #6

TMNT Color Classics V2 #6

He looks like he’s going to hurl.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics Vol. 2 #6

IDW Publishing (April, 2014)

originally published by Mirage in black & white for issue #20 (April, 1989)

“Return To New York” book 2
WRITERS: Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird
PENCILER: Jim Lawson
INKER: Eric Talbot
LETTERER: Steve Lavigne
IDW COLORS: Scorpion Studios


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Morning Article Link: Invincible But Not Unrapable?

Cover of "Invincible: The Ultimate Collec...

Cover via Amazon

I have no “Imagery” for Robert Kirkman’s Invincible, and Zemanta wasn’t a lot of help at first, either. I wonder if there’s a connection? Finally this popped up and I still would have posted this link if it didn’t, because I didn’t want to let this story go unnoticed because apparently the current Invincible (not the one pictured above but the guy who took the identity–I don’t know the details) was raped in a recent comic and nobody seems to have noticed. Well somebody did at The Outhouses, contributor “BlueStreak”, who tries to figure out why there doesn’t seem to be as much outrage as usual when rape is (mis)used in a story.

And no, having rape happen to men isn’t some sexual fantasy or an acknowledgement that rape doesn’t only happen to women. It’s still a cheap plot device instead of being treated as the ultimate violation of the victim. The only other male character that was raped in comics that I know of is Nightwing. Usually rape is used to give backstory to a female hero and that’s NOT how it should be used in a story. So please stop doing that.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> The Transformers #42

The Transformers #42

And the kids rejoiced!

The Transformers #42

Marvel Comics (July, 1988)

“People Power”
WRITER: Bob Budiansky
FINISHERS: Dave Hunte & Don Hudson
COLORIST: Nel Yomtov
LETTERER: Bill Oakley
EDITOR: Don Daley


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Free Comic Inside: Super Powers Batman

Free Comic Inside logo

For this installment I want to return to the Super Powers Collection. I was planning to look at the Firestorm story but Batman showed up so much in my Twitter timeline today that I was drawn to seeing how they sold the Dark Knight’s action figure. If you don’t remember the Super Powers check out the review of the Superman mini-comic which explains the toyline’s history.

This one is interesting because I get to showcase that these mini-comics didn’t just focus on the toy it was sold with and the arch-nemesis but would have the heroes teaming up with other heroes. Having Robin in this comic was a given since he’s Batman’s partner, as is having the Joker for them to fight. (And yes, the villains get their own toys and mini-comics as well. Unlike the Masters Of The Universe comics every toy had their own comic rather than a few figures sharing the comic, a mistake I made in the Superman review.) But to drop in a Wonder Woman cameo? The question is how well is she used here? We saw that the Superman comic felt too short. Let’s see if there’s any difference here.

"Holy family reunions!"

“Still better than zombies.” “You mean Black Lanterns?” “Same thing.”


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Today’s Comic> Samurai Jack #7

Samurai Jack #7

They became their own Rule 63!

Samurai Jack #7

IDW Publishing (April, 2014)

“Samurai Jaqueline And The Scotswoman”
ARTIST: Brittney Williams
COLORIST: Josh Burcham
EDITOR: Carlos Guzman
“SAMURAI JACK” CREATOR: Genndy Tartakovsky


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Morning Article Link: Japan’s Robot Army Grows

2014.04.13 PATLABOR in Kichijoji

2014.04.13 PATLABOR in Kichijoji (Photo credit: HK-DMZ)

Want to see better shots of this life-sized mecha from Mobile Police Patlabor? Kotaku has you covered in this gallery from a promotional event for a new series of movies. There’s also video of the Police Labor being lifted into position. Supposedly it can’t move on its own, but I know they’re just waiting to team it with the life-sized Gundam and begin their attack.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Godzilla #2 (Marvel)

Godzilla #2 (Marvel)

Every time a celebrity goes to a fancy restaurant…

Godzilla #2

Marvel Comics (September, 1977)

WRITER:Doug Moench
PENCILER: Herb Trimpe
INKERS: Frank Giacoia & George Tuska
COLORIST: Janice Cohen (although I’m using a black & white reprint
LETTERER: John Costanza
EDITOR: A. Goodwin


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