Friday Night Fights: War On The Docks!

The problem with doing just old comics lately is having too many possible comics to choose from. That’s kind of a pain, but I think I have one. It’s Iron Man versus Radioactive Man!

Bartman & Radioactive Man

No, not him.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Ghost” round 3

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> WildCATS #1

WIldCATS #1 (Millenium Edition)

Mrs. Dedelmeyer’s Third Grade Class Reunion.

WildCATS: Covert Action Teams #1

DC Comics (Millennium Edition, February, 2000)

originally published by Wildstorm through Image comics (August, 1992)

“Resurrection Day”
WRITERS/CREATORS: Brandon Choi & Jim Lee
INKER: Scott Williams
no other credits given, and even these were on the back cover, so I went to the Grand Comics Database
LETTERER: Michael Heisler
EDITOR: Ruth Grice

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Morning Article Link: A TARDIS Proposition

Doctor Who A Fairytale Life #1

I love creative marriage proposals, as I’ve noted in the past. For this one, a man actually built a TARDIS, but replaced “Police Public Call Box” with “Will You Marry Me?”. See if he needs to hide in that police box.


“Yesterday’s” Comic> Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #5

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #5

Zedd’s not even trying anymore.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #5

Hamilton Comics (April, 1995)

COLORIST: Summer Hinton
LETTERING: a machine
EDITOR: John Clark & Gary Leach
WRITER: Don Markstein
ARTIST: John Beebink
“Stranger In A Strange Town”
WRITER: Nicola Cuti
ARTIST: Sparky Moore

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The Furman Files: Neo-Knights

The Furman Files logo

I hate the Neo-Knights.

Of all the things Simon Furman brought to the US Marvel Transformers, the Neo Knights is strangely the one that bugs me the most. Maybe because we were sparred Arcee’s treatment from the later IDW comics. The reworking of the Creation Matrix into a Matrix Of Leadership bugs me as an unnecessary retcon. Even Furman now questions the Primus/Unicron origin. The Neo Knights are special, though.

The Neo-Knights, as they were designed, are out-of-place in a Transformers universe.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego #4

Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego #4

I was going to a meteor storm and galoshes joke but I realized how much I’d hate myself.

Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego #4


DC Comics (January, 1997)

“Stealer By Starlight”
WRITER: Barry Liebmann
ARTIST: S. M. Taggart
COLORIST: Rick Taylor
LETTERER: Albert De Guzman
EDITOR: Laura Hitchcock

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Morning Article Link: The Secrets Of Zelda

Zelda - Nintendo 1986 - Opening

Zelda – Nintendo 1986 – Opening (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My fellow former Reviewers Unknown colleague Test Zero posted some interesting facts about The Legend Of Zelda to Imgur.