Saturday Night Showcase: ConnectiCon Masquerade 2015

ConnectiCon logo

The biggest event for ConnectiCon is easily the Masquerade. People line up for quite a while waiting to get in. The Masquerade is a talent show where people dressed in costumes do a skit as the characters they’re dressed as, and even the hosts get into it. While I usually can’t record a three hour event due to my batteries only having a charge that lasts little over an hour, the event themselves livestreamed it, as they other Main Events shows. So at least I can bring you this year’s Masquerade.

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“Yesterday’s” Manga> Magic Knight Rayearth Vol. 4

Magic Knights Rayearth Vol 4

Why are the Hikaru covers so hard to joke about?

Magic Knight Rayearth Vol. 4

Mixx Entertainment (July, 2000)

originally published by Kodansha Ltd. (1994)

produced by CLAMP
WRITER: Nanase Ohkawa
ARTIST: Mokona Apapa

Hey look, Tokyopop now runs Mixx (this translation appeared in their magazine from issues #3;5-3:10–interesting numbering system) and this book lists the translation team!

TRANSLATION: Anita Sengupta
RETOUCH ART: Wilbert Lucana
EDITOR: Mary Coco

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Internet Spotlight: Smart Way Out virtual wrestling

Smart Way Out

The Friday Night Fights are on their traditional pre-Prize Fight break, but that doesn’t mean I can’t bring you some fightin’, right? The plus side of being a multimedia site is that I can bring in fights from other media. Which brings us to video game wrestling and…Smart Way Out.

I’ve written in the past that I’ve lost interest in modern wrestling. One of the reasons is that the stories had taken over and left the wrestling part behind. Sure I love a good story. This is a site dedicated to examining the art of storytelling, but every format has its own use of storytelling and the stories should compliment and draw people to the wrestling, which on the few wrestling shows I have access to does not happen. Also, I don’t know who to root for because the heroes act like villains and the villains run the company. I catch a match or two now and then because I still like wrestling but I don’t watch it like I used to.

Except for one virtual promotion, Smart Way Out. A regular event by John “Smarticus” (aka “Smarty) Aprigliano, a former reviewers for Channel Awesome’s lamented Blistered Thumbs website, Smart Way Out streams on his Twitch page once a week. I seem to miss the live recordings but his best matches are posted to his YouTube page. This week he did a highlight reel of the whole event instead. This should give you an idea as to how strange some of the fights are. See, he uses (I think this is the right game) WWE 2K 15 (the latest version is 16 so maybe he uses that one), a game that not only allows you to play as top WWE superstars but create your own wrestlers, which leads to unconventional fictional characters, you, your friends, and whatever else you can get the wrestling creator to show off. By letting the computer challenge itself, Smarty plays booker and sometimes even he’s surprised at the winners of matches. Here’s an example of what you get when you tune in to Smart Way Out. There is some swearing but not a lot.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Detective Comics #27 Special Edition

Detective Comics #27 Special Edition

“Why did Robin tell me this was fun?”

Detective Comics #27 SPECIAL EDITION

DC Comics (August, 2014–Batman 75 Day)

Much like the original Detective Comics this is sort of an anthology. However, it’s all Batman stories as this edition was released for the celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary. It was in the SWAG bag I picked up visiting Brass City Comic Convention, as you saw in last night’s video. I’ll be looking at each story individually except for one. The book opens with the very first Bat-Man tale, “The Case Of The Chemical Syndicate”, with the only addition being a writing credit to Bill Finger and an art credit to Bob Kane. I’ve already reviewed this when I looked at a full reprint of Detective Comics #27 from back in the day. So we’ll jump right to the other stories in this comic.

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Morning Article Link: Update On Ghostbusters Spin-off

Ghostbusters II

Ghostbusters II (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is a Ghostbusters movie franchise in the works? Producer Ivan Reitman says no, but a possible spinoff bible that Sony wants is made. I think. Spinoff Online continues following events. I still like the idea of an in-world franchise with different Ghostbuster branches. Works for CSI and NCIS.

“Yesterday’s” Comic> Isaac Asimov’s I-Bots #7

Isaac Asimov's I-Bots #7

Her friends tried to talk her out of performance art after seeing her performance.

Isaac Asimov’s I-Bots #7

Tekno Comics (May, 1996)

“Sacrificial Lamb”
WRITER: Steven Grant’
PENCILER: Pat Brodrick
INKER: Josef Rubinstein
COLORING: Prismacolor
LETTERING: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
EDITOR: James Chambers
CONCEPT: Isaac Asimov
DEVELOPER: Howard Chaykin

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BW Walks Around Brass City Comic Convention 2015

Brass City Comic Convention logo

The Brass City Comic Convention in Waterbury may be small but ConnectiCon started as a college-hosted event as well, and look where they are today. I have a few videos from this con, including the obligatory “walking around” video. Check out some of the cool costumes, see some of the SWAG I picked up, and stay for the martial arts demonstration.

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