Filler Video: The Big Lebowski In Wonderland?

I know I’ll get yelled at for saying it but I was never drawn to The Big Lebowski. It’s just not my thing although I know movie geeks seem to love it. While I was trying to figure out what to write about today, I was catching up with my video watching and came upon this video by Cracked made an interesting connection between Alice In Wonderland and the travels of The Dude. Could the Cohen Brothers snuck a few references in? The host makes a very convincing case.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Empire Strikes Back adaptation

Empire Strikes Back adaptation

Lando’s nightmare.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back adaptation

Dark Horse (February, 1997)

originally published by Marvel in Star Wars #39-44, I have the novel-sized trade paperback, which I read so often I don’t really need to read this to write the review. This will not only be a comparison to the movie but to the original adaptation. Dark Horse changed a few things. At least somebody did, but I’ll explain in a moment.

ARTISTS: Al Williamson & Carlos Garzón
DARK HORSE RE-COLOR: James Sinclair & Frank Lopez
DARK HORSE COVER ART: Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
LETTERER: Rick Veitch
DARK HORSE EDITORS: Bob Cooper & Edward Martin III

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Morning Article Link: Conan Serves A New God


Conan the Adventurer (collection)

Conan the Adventurer (collection) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





I am not a fan of Conan The Barbarian (although I did enjoy Conan The Adventurer, the animated take on Robert E. Howard’s character) but I thought some of you who might be would find this interesting, and that’s why the Morning Article Link exists. ICv2 is reporting that the company that owns the rights to Conan has been bought out by a new company, whose owner used to work at the old company. Talk about climbing the corporate ladder, going out the window, and going to the roof.


“Yesterday’s” Comic> Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Vol. 4

Star Wars Clone Wars Adv v4

Someday they will be friends.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 4

Dark Horse (September, 2005)

COVER ART: The Fillbach Brothers & Dan Jackson
LETTERER: Michael David Thomas
DESIGNER: Joshua Elliott
EDITOR: Jeremy Barlow
With four stories in this comic, the writers and artists will be listed in the reviews next to their stories.

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DC/CW’s Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer Drops

Flash 2014 TV logo

Where the DC movies seem to be failing the shows (except for Gotham) appear to be getting things right by not being afraid of their roots. This includes the Vertigo series Constantine (although NBC is canceling it), the CW-aired Arrow, The Flash, and I, Zombie (never got into Green Arrow and you don’t expect me to watch a zombie series, right?) and the trailer for the CBS Supergirl series. The CW DCU appears to also want to expand, even making an animated series based on Vixen that I haven’t heard about since it was announced, while this trailer shows off their own pseudo-Justice League in Legends Of Tomorrow, spinning off of Arrow and The Flash.

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> X-Men Adventures #6

X-Men Adventures #6

Yeah, I hated that Doctor Who episode too.

X-Men Adventures #6

Marvel (April, 1993)

“Northern Exposure”
(adapting the episode “Cold Vengeance“)
TELEPLAY: Michael Edens
ADAPTATION: Ralph Macchio
PENCILER: Andrew Wildman
INKERS: Robert Campanelia & Andrew Pepoy
COLORIST: Dana Moreshead
LETTERER: Michael Higgins
EDITOR: Kelly Corvese

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Morning Article Link: First The 4, Now The X

Cover to Uncanny X-Men #136. Art by John Byrne.

Cover to Uncanny X-Men #136. Art by John Byrne. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One downside to the success of Marvel Studios is the influence on the comics. They already ended the Fantastic Four comic because 20th Century Fox won’t let it go to the point that they’ll make terrible movies to hold on to it. Now Marvel may be targeting the other Fox hold out (the one they aren’t screwing up, at least as badly), the X-Men. Bleeding Cool‘s Rick Johnson makes the case with a discussion Brian Bendis writes into an issue of the Uncanny X-Men.