My Favorite Intros: Ultraman Tiga

Ultraman Tiga #1

If you don’t follow the reviews I do at Midnight eastern time, I’ve been reviewing the above comic, Ultraman Tiga, an adaptation of the Japanese TV series produced in Hong Kong. The show was brought to the US by 4Kids Entertainment and the comic by Dark Horse. I’m not super-versed in the Ultraman franchise but the shows I’ve seen brought to the US–the original (which I have on DVD), Ultra 7, and Ultraman Tiga, plus the fansub I have of the first Ultraman Zearth parody movie–were very good. There were also two US co-productions, the animated Ultraman: The Adventure Begins and live-action Australian series Ultraman: Towards The Future (which I’ve reviewed), which were my introductions to the franchise.

I’ve been wanting to look at the 4Kids version AND the original Japanese version for this series since I started reviewing the comic, and I finally have an opening to do so. Let’s look first at the original, and then the one we know in the US.

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Today’s Comic> Scribblenauts Unmasked #7

Scribblenauts Unmasked #7

Why doesn’t alternate Maxwell have a goatee?

Scribblenauts Unmasked: A Crisis Of Imagination #7

DC Comics (September, 2014)

“The Shadow Falls”
WRITER: Josh Elder
ARTIST: Adam Archer
COLORIST: Ian Herring
LETTERER: Saida Temofonte
EDITOR: Alex Antone

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Morning Article Link: How To Take On Content ID

YouTube logo

YouTube logo (Photo credit: Rego –

With YouTube buying Twitch people are understandably concerned about the Content ID affecting them. However, Content ID isn’t unbeatable if you’re in the right. It’s just a royal pain in the neck. Gamasutra‘s Stephen McArthur goes over how Content ID works and how to challenge it.

“Yesterday’s” Comic> The Transformers #56

The Transformers #56

“Hey, ladies, check me out!” “We have no gender in this continuity, idiot!”

The Transformers #56

Marvel Comics (September, 1989)

“Back From The Dead”
WRITER: Simon Furman
PENCILER: José Delbo
INKER: Dave Hunt
COLORIST: Nel Yomtov
LETTERER: Jim Massara
EDITOR: Don Daley

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Scanning My Collection: The Heroes Reborn/Wildstorm Crossover (part 2)

Scanning My Collection logo

When we last left the merged Marvel Reborn/Wildstorm universe Doom had taken over the Skrull/Daemonite alliance on Earth and was slowly taking over the planet. The combined forces of both universes learned they used to be in two universes and decided to split them up. However, Doom had a spy in their ranks and blew up the Stormwatch satellite, losing half of his enemies. Can the other half survive?

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Today’s Comic> Scooby-Doo Team-Up #5

Scooby-Doo Team-Up #5

“There’s the guy who designed your costume for “Dawn Of Justice!”

Scooby-Doo Team-Up #5

DC Comics (September, 2014)

“Trouble In Paradise”
WRITER: Sholly Fisch
ARTIST: Dario Brizuela
COLORIST: Franco Riesco
LETTERER: Saida Temofonte
EDITOR: Kristy Quinn

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Morning Article Link: Will The Real Wonder Woman Please Stand Up

Super Powers Batman Diana

Ever since Wonder Woman was rebooted after Crisis On Infinite Earths, a lot of the characteristics that made her special were change. During the New 52 even more so to where she doesn’t resemble the loving, caring, fighting as a last resort Princess Diana I grew up with. The Agony Booth contributor Joshua Bell agrees and explored what changes were made to the Wonder Woman we knew and loved through comics, Superfriends, and the Lynda Carter series. There’s also a brief exploration of feminism and the perception which I have some disagreements with but fits into his commentary.