BW Supports: Farewell, Famikamen Rider

FamiKamen Rider

Some time ago you may remember my promoting Justin “JewWario” Carmichael’s Famikamen Rider project, a tribute to Japan’s Masked Riders with a hint of his love of Japanese import games. (The Famicom and Super Famicom are the Japanese names of the Nintendo and Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems.) Unfortunately, J-Dub, as his friends knew him, lost his battle with depression and he preceded Robin Williams in taking his own life. In my tribute I had hoped that we would at least see what he had completed, his final project that will forever remain unfinished. (I also hoped someone would finish his Scan This battle with Edward, which got me excited about a show that would have otherwise been a mild curiosity as someone who enjoyed his work because he seemed so darn into finding a bar code that could defeat Twilight in a bar code scanner game.)

We may, however, get the next best thing to seeing Famikamen Rider beyond another review show. One of Justin’s close friends, and someone who had discussed wanting to get the episodes out there, Kaylyn Saucedo (whom longtime BW readers will know as Kaylyn Dickenson and the reviewing community also knows as MarzGurl) has come up with a way to take what little footage was shot and create something new. Along with her new husband, Josh Saucedo, they’ve written a script for Farewell, Famikamen Rider (and to show their dedication they have a Japanese title, さらば、ファミ仮面ライダー), a tribute to the show that might have been and the man who created it. Saucedo had worked on the theme song to the Rider Reviews and was one of the parties involved with the planned series and as you’ll hear in the video at the end of this article, she was approached many times with this, mostly recently at MAGFest.

Like any good project, the Saucedos are keeping the spoilers to a minimum, but here’s what we know so far, with bold text coming from their project site:

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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Silverhawks #1

Silverhawks #1

Looks like Mon*Star’s power really went to his head.

Silverhawk #1

Star Comics (August, 1987)

“The Origin Story”
WRITER: Steve Perry
PENCILER: Mike Witherby
INKER: Jim Sanders III
COLORIST: John Wellington
LETTERER: Jack Morelli
EDITOR: Howard Mackie

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Morning Article Link: Invasion Of Comic Sans

List of Microsoft Windows fonts

List of Microsoft Windows fonts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Considered by anyone with an interest in fonts to be a terrible font (due to so much poor and lazy usage that the intent is considered ruined), Comic Sans is considered a blight to computer text and computer-created writing. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it, as Comics Alliance found with an artist that gives famous logos the Comic Sans treatment. Prepare yourself for what is to follow.

“Yesterday’s” Comic> Fury Of Firestorm Annual #2

Fury Of Firestorm Annual #2

I’m not even kidding. They’re here to play Basketball.

Fury Of Firestorm Annual #2

DC Comics (1984)

WRITER: Arthur Byron Cover & Gerry Conway
ARTISTS: Rafael Kayanan & Ernie Colon
COLORIST: Gene D’Angelo

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Jake & Leon #215: Hello Girly

And to think, Japan is the HOME of the "catgirl".

And to think, Japan is the HOME of the “catgirl”.

I don’t know why after all these years we’re told that Hello Kitty isn’t actually a kitty. And that IS the excuse given, that she can’t be a cat because she walks on all fours. Well, she’s clearly not human so…is this the representative trying to not be racist to furries or something? What am I missing here?

  • The Clutter Reports: The link goes to the first day of my five day super clutter clearing project, since all the History Of Power Rangers postings gave me a good week to do it. It should be noted that the review of Operation Overdrive is four episodes long so if that posting ends up here the same week as a Friday Night Fight break I’m going to have a very easy week.
  • Reviewers Unknown: If you missed the Clutter Reports review some time ago, I looked at one of, if not my favorite, GoBot figure, Road Ranger.

Best Scene Of This Week’s Reviews

Scribblenauts Unmasked #8

Scribblenauts Unmasked #8 Best Scene

I didn’t get to the comic store this weekend but as soon as I do I will resume Today’s Comic. I don’t know when that will be so there will have to be more random older comics until then. Plus we have a new series to begin Japanese Superhero Friday since we’re all done with the Ultraman comics. This week begins Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, featuring the Hamilton & Marvel runs (which includes a VR Troopers flip book series and both theatrical movie adaptations), the one shot produced by Image, and the digests by Acclaim Comics, plus the crossover with Masked Rider in Marvel’s one-shot. I’m calling it Saban Friday until we’re done with those series and then I’m out of Japanese superheroes. You can already find the Papercutz comics among the Today’s Comic feature, so this is me catching up. Enjoy.

Saturday Night Showcase: The Legend Of Prince Valiant

Prince Valiant

Prince Valiant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently we looked at the intro for a series called The Legend Of Prince Valiant, a Family Channel production based on the Hal Foster comic strip. It’s an amazingly written production and while animation quality bounces a bit the visuals still find a way to be stunning. Next week (and I’ll explain in more detail tomorrow) I’m hoping to get back to convention coverage, interviews, and video reviews so Saturday Night Showcase will return to hiatus. So I decided I wanted to end by showing you the pilot of the series. With a great voice cast (some of whom won’t be heard for a number of episodes yet) and proving that being family friendly doesn’t mean boring, I bring you the tale of Valiant, prince of Thule, as his great journey begins.
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“Yesterday’s” Comic> Star Trek: The Next Generation/X-Men

Star Trek TNG X-Men

I don’t know what they’re looking at but Riker doesn’t seem to care.

Star Trek: The Next Generation/X-Men

Marvel/Paramount Comics (May, 1998)

“Second Contact”
WRITERS: Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton
INKER: Scott Koblish
COLORIST: John Kalisz
LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulous
EDITOR: Timothy Tuohy

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