Welcome to another installment of the Pull List. Frankly, I’m considering making this section a monthly listing of comics, while still keeping the reviews weekly. It would free up extra space and lessen the disappointment when Diamond doesn’t get my comics in on time. (Those Transformers comics that didn’t get here this week did appear elsewhere in the country, so I know they came out.) The question is whether or not people would miss the weekly incoming list in favor of monthly if I was still doing the reviews on a weekly basis? At any rate, here’s what (allegedly) coming this week.

Actually, I just checked the list and three of them are unconfirmed for this week. Let’s list those first:

Superhuman Resources #1 (0f 4) [Ape Entertainment]

An interesting comic, to say the least. It’s about the Human Resources department of a super hero team. The Office meets the Avengers? Ok, I don’t watch the Office. How about Dilbert meets the Justice League? Who cares? The preview’s good.

Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! #4 [DC Comics/Johnny DC]

It’s the moment Billy Batson readers have been waiting for: Captain Marvel vs. Black Adam for the first time again. How will the kid versus bully metaphor fit into this battle. Meanwhile, Mary Marvel is taking on the rest of the Evils. This has been a fun series thus far, and if they’re able to get this one out (Kunkle has been busy with family matters, which is why the series hasn’t come out according to the Johnny DC panel at Comic-Con), I’ll be looking forward to getting one of my favorite comics.

The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks #1 [Moonstone]

I’ve been a fan of the Phantom since the comic strips, and it’s the reason I love the adventure strips more than the comedy ones. (Yes, even Peanuts.) Moonstone has been putting out some good books in this series, and Mike Bullock does an excellent writing job. Now they’re restarting the series and bringing the Phantom into the modern age. It disappoints me that a series that seems custom built to bypass the sliding timeline doesn’t, but at least I love the characters. I could do without the variant covers, so I’m hoping this isn’t a regular situation. It’s bad enough with my IDW titles.

The other two comics have been confirmed for this week, so if I don’t get them, it will be Diamond’s fault!

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #2 [Johnny DC/DC Comics]

If last issue is any indication, maybe DC has finally learned not to play the cartoon spin-off based book so close to the DCU Proper, but we’ve only one issue to go on. With show writer Matt Wayne involved, I hope it’s the case. This issue finds Batman and Blue Beetle (the current version) taking on video game trolls invading the real world. Fun is almost guaranteed. Hopefully we get a file on BB like we did Power Girl and Luthor last issue.

Doctor Who: The Whispering Gallery [IDW]

Until the Tony Lee ongoing starts up in July (aka my birthday present), the one-shots will suffice. The previews shows that Leah Moore is at least giving us an interesting story. The Doctor finds a picture of a former companion (not a show character, mind you) that seems to indicate something is wrong. I’m not sure I’m into the painted art, as I seldom am in comics, but it doesn’t detract too much, so we’ll see what happens.

Also, for some reason, I’m getting the third volume of the Dreamland Chronicles trade in my ComiXology list. I’ve been getting the individual issues for my own reasons, but if you’re a trade person, I strongly urge you to pick up this series. It’s a thing of awesomeness.

Hopefully those Transformers comics will arrive as well. As far as the Pull List, would anyone mind if I did a monthly incoming on the first of the month, but still kept the reviews for Sundays? (For March I’d end up doing the monthly Pull List on the second, since March 1 is a Sunday review day.) Time…and comments…will tell.

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