Only two votes so far as to whether or not to keep the Pull List weekly. Considering the writer’s block I’ve had this week, I could use the extra day of knowing exactly what to have here. (The reviews and Friday Night Fights would be the others. Saturday Night Theater I still have to find something for, but at least they get more hits than Saturday Night Galactica did, and the format’s easy. Enough young blog/older blogger ranting.)

On the other hand, this week I lost two days of work, which means a smaller paycheck next week, thus making me wonder if I’ll even get new comics next week. But while we wait, let’s focus on this week, and this week’s incomings (if Diamond gets them here in time!)

Shazam!: The Monster Society of Evil TP [DC]

Long time readers (relatively speaking, as the Spotlight isn’t even a year old) know that Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! is one of my favorite comics. Mike Kunkle (who has had problems getting the comic out, but supposedly for good reason, according to the Johnny DC panel) based his series of Jeff Smith’s miniseries. However, when I first went to pick up the comic I was surprised at how small each issue seemed for the price, so I never picked up the series. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen with the trade collection. The real question is whether or not my comic store got any in.

Actually, after scheduling this post I called the comic store. It didn’t come in this week, but when it does I’ll have it in my folder.

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade #4 [DC]

And here’s the comic that’s pretty much won the “Best Scene of the Week” award every week it comes out. Will her record continue? What is the secret Lena learns about Linda? What’s with the cat? How is Belinda involved? What about the principal who may not be such a “pal”? Tune in Sunday to find out. Or be smart and buy your own copy. The more we buy the better the chance of getting a full series out of this.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Prequel – Defiance #2 [IDW]

The second part of the pre-war Movieverse apparently involves the Earth. I may be a sheep when it comes to Transformers comics (which is why I have the sub-par version of Beast Wars from a couple years ago), but issue 1 was pretty good for a set-up comic.

I also initially pulled Ben 10: Alien Force from Del Ray at ComiXology, but after looking it over it appears to be another “Cinemanga” type comic that just uses screencaps. I’m not sure I’m all that interested in those. They’re supposed to release a collection of Ben 10 comic stories from DC’s Cartoon Network Action Pack. Still, we’ll have to see what comes in this week. It should be good stuff. If it comes in, DIAMOND!

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