I’m altering a few plans (back, actually, but would you know the difference), plus I’m hoping to go to Connecticon on Saturday (couldn’t afford all three days this year), so I hope nothing goes wrong here. In the 80’s Robotech was a phenomenon, and one of the shows responsible for a revival of sorts for translated anime. It also netted Harmony Gold major moolah, so they decided to add to their good fortune (emphasis on “fortune”) by having Carl Macek create a movie. The result was…

…not what was hoped for. From what I hear the test marketers messed up big time. “Oh, a cartoon. Must be for kids.” Little kids. Smurfs age kids. That was a bad idea. Turns out Macek hated the story anyway. Years later he took the original story, Megazone 23, and released it as it’s own entity.

However, Academy Comics, LTD adapted “The Untold Story” as a two-part comic, which makes its way into tonight’s fight.

Spacebooger runs on Protoculture. True story. Except for the part I made up.

Friday Night Fights: G7-Fight Music

Track 10 of 12

The Dance floor: Robotech the Movie #1

The Promoters: Benny R. Powell (writer), Chi (art), Rick Perrotta, Chip Wallace (co-inkers along with Chi) and Jerry Bacchia (ink assists–how many inkers does it take to make a 32 page comic anyway?). Based on a story by Carl Macek.

So what do you do when your dead friend leaves you a super sophisticated motorcycle so allegedly amazing that the Robotech Masters messed with their own series timeline to do a poorly received theatrical movie? You search for the one person who can help you expose an alien plot, which is of course a big-named pop star. Yes folks, someday Miley Cyrus will save the world!


Mark beta tests the new Pop Star Hero for the WePlayBox.

Unless Miley turns out to be a computer program meant to keep the citizens fat, dumb, and happy. Oh look, she’s singing tonight’s fight song! Sing it, Eve!

Not that it helps Mark any. Except that Eve is actually an advanced AI, who not only agrees to help expose Col. Andrew’s plot, but she’s already part of the plan. A plan the bad guys want to put a stop to.


Ok, just pass me already!

And so beings a fight that would inspire a young Michael Bay, as the MODAT motorcycle turns out to be Robotechnology. (Which makes sense in a Robotech movie, I imagine.)


Hey, watch where you put that hand, buddy!


I give him an 8.5

So after that inspiring escape, Mark heads to where EVE (who supposedly is the SDF-1’s computer or something) is located.


Don’t worry, Mark. I’m sure the bad guys didn’t hear…aw crud!

Don’t worry folks, after all Mark is the hero of this picture. I’m sure he’ll come out on top and save the day!


I’m still rather new to the whole blog thing. Does this still qualify as a Chris Sims special?

Oh, right, part one of two. Well, I’m sure he’ll recover in time for…


OK, maybe I’ll just shut up now. So will Mark survive? Will the Robotech Masters negate the entire second arc war? Find out next week, for the exciting conclusion to “The Untold Story”. Unless you’ve already seen the movie, Megazone 23, or an adaptation/review of either. In that case, don’t spoil it for anyone else. Instead, go vote for your favorite track. It makes your coat shiny, and there hasn’t been a lot of voting in this tournament.

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