The Incredibles #4

BOOM! Kids (November 2009? Wait, what?)

At least the indicta doesn’t say “City of the Incredibles” anymore.

WRITERS: Mark Waid and Landry Walker

ARTIST: Marcio Takara

COLORIST: Andrew Dalhouse (also “B” cover)

LETTERER: Troy Peteri

COVER “B” (shown): Ramanda Kamarga

Cover “A” art by the comic art team

EDITOR: Aaron Sparrow

During a battle with Mezmerella, Dash acts irresponsibly, so his parents take away his super powers. This is bad timing, as the formerly speedy kid is convinced one of the teachers is an alien. When nobody believes him, Dash decides that with or without his super speed he is going to get to the bottom of it–even if it means leaving the Incredibles!

What they got right: The synopsis may be short, but the story isn’t, as we watch Dash get used to life without his speed, something that has defined him almost as much as Mr. Incredibles strength and invulnerability. There are scenes with Dash and the other kids entering and leaving the school where everything but Dash is in black and white, focusing on how he’s now left behind by the kids. This is a nice touch. There’s also a bit of continuity, as we see Violet trying to reach her boyfriend using a long range radio, since he lives in the woods. (See the first mini-series.)

What they got wrong: Unless Mezmerella is somehow connected to Dash losing his powers (which would explain the power-swiping formula), it seems a waste to use her as a set-up villain.

(Also points off to the solicitors for announcing a totally different story. Frankly, I’m not sure I wanted to read about a time-traveling younger Bob anyway, but this story is much more interesting.)

Recommendation: Dash is my favorite Incredible, so a story that focuses on him makes me very happy.

Best Scene of the Comic

That's going to make next Thanksgiving awkward.

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