I wonder if anyone else gets that reference?

"These look like good, strong hands, don't they?"

Iron Man: Legacy #2

Marvel Comics (July 2010)

WRITER: Fred Van Lente
PENCILER: Steve Kurth
INKERS: Allen Martinez with Victor Olazaba
COLORIST: John Rauch
LETTERER: Dave Lanphear
SHOWN COVER: Brandon Peterson

Having successfully snuck into Tranisa, Tony prepares to take on the fake Iron Men. During the battle, people flee over the border to Latveria (I think we figured out part of Doom’s role in this) and Tony identifies every patent that has been stolen. However, Tony’s armor is the one destroyed as he is taken prisoner and ends up in a military camp by run by…some..guy. I don’t know. Am I supposed to?

What they got right: The art is still good, Tony has a secret identity, and the action scenes are well done.

What they got wrong: Van Lente actually lets me down here. Not only is this missing all the fun of his other work (save one scene with the LMD), but only Tony and Pepper are characters that don’t suck. (I don’t mean as characters, he does a good job there. I mean they suck as human beings.) I can’t relate to any one of them. I also can’t identify who the camp leader is, and is there some rule at Marvel that every Iron Man comic now has to involve political situations like a Tom Clancy novel sans “America is awesome” undertones?

Recommendation: This is not turning out to be the comic I was hoping for, but Van Lente has proven himself enough that I’m still giving him a chance. At least until the next arc.

Or may he's just not as heartless as the guys you want him to go after? {click for full-size}

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