This one and at least the next two are going to be a little different. For the next few shows, Lewis posted the videos in two parts, so I guess he had a lot to say about Turbo, In Space, & Lost Galaxy. He posted them both on the same page on his site, but since he did all his talking in the video and I’m doing mine in text, I’m going to split it into two posts, hopefully today and tomorrow.

So let’s shift into turbo!

[I don’t have access to his Screenwave embed if there even is a code that works with WordPress. So until he uploads it somewhere else you’ll have to go to his site and then come back here. I fixed the link above to his new site.]

You’ll notice that I’m a little nicer to it than Lewis is. I didn’t know that Gekisou Sentai Car Ranger (Racing Car Team Car Rangers) was a parody until this video. I just figured the series, and thus PRT, had gone back to a more campier feel. I also didn’t hate the Turbo Zords, although they are kind of lame when we’ve had mechanized beasts or robots before. At least time the lady Rangers’ Zords could move on their own.

  • When the movie came out, I wasn’t able to drive (long story), but some friends of mine were going to a movie I didn’t care about. I asked to tag along so I could go see my movie. Good thing I did. The new series started pretty much the day after, and even with the catch-up part I wouldn’t have been as sure as to what was going on and would have been spoiled by the movie.
  • The continuity issues bugged me as well. I guess they didn’t want to explain why the Zeo costumes weren’t joining the Morphin’ costumes (the former not being as “iconic”) and the robotic Piranahtrons were indeed an improvement (although having a few of the armored Pirahna”men” now and then could have been useful somehow).
  • As for Bulk, Skull, and Stone rejoining the force with no explanation about the France trip was not only disappointing, but useless, as Stone would be running the juice bar in the series (because someone had to, I guess) and Bulk and Skull spent most of the first season either as monkeys or invisible. Thank you, Lewis, for finally making sense of that.
  • The elephant in the room is, of course, Justin the kid Blue Ranger. While the original versions of the White and Gold Rangers were kids, this was a Power Ranger first. It actually doesn’t bother me that much. What bothers me is that the kid literally became the new Billy. He would invent gadgets that were at least at Billy’s level (or in the case of Android Turbo Rangers, a higher level) and was able to attend HIGH SCHOOL! I know all about child geniuses, but this isn’t just skipping a few grades, and I never really believed it was for any reason other than not wanting to build a new set or finding another school building to give the permission to film. (Angel Grove High is actually the Ulysses S. Grant High School in Valley Glen, which I guess is a suburb of LA. It’s been used in numerous productions besides Power Rangers. His being an advance martial artist doesn’t bother me as much, since I grew up in the time period of Ernie Reyes Jr. as The Last Electric Warrior later renamed Sidekicks as a TV series.
  • When it comes to Larrigot’s size and look I want to quote Yoda’s “judge me not by size” line. At any rate, he’s a plot device to get Felding and Alpha 5 off of the show, and outside of the movie not much else.
  • The next two bullet points are actually from the Power Rangers Wiki, The Morphin’ Grid, which I found interesting.
  • The original cut was over three hours long; it included a fight with a crocodile, a longer trek through the volcano, a mermaid, a bungee-jumping stunt for Adam, and more character development for Justin. None of the footage from this version has ever been released.
  • Austin St. John originally declined returning to Power Rangers after leaving in Season 2, demanding a higher salary and a rewrite to turn Jason evil.
  • Evil Jason. That might of been interesting. As for the Turbo Powers, I have my own retcon. Lewis says that the Zeo powers become more powerful over time. Well, what if at some point they become TOO powerful, so that the Turbo Technology (which may also work in a manner that can get pass the force field or allow them to ride the “ghost ship” by operating on a biomorphic frequency that the Zeo powers don’t) is a way to channel the Zeo energy without being corrupted or overloaded? Still, an official explanation WOULD have been nice. The part in parentheses is implied in part, however.

Gee, I thought Lewis was going to explode in the end. 🙂 So let me give my own opinion on the new villains.

  • Divatox: You have to give the writers credit for at least attempting the Divatox/Dimitria connection, but it worked better with Andros and Astronima next series, and even in Ninja Storm years later. I never got the whole bomb motif, or why she would “hire” her monsters go after the Rangers (at least she seldom had to pay them), but she is probably the weakest Ranger foe ever. Yes, including Lothor.
  • Elgar: From what I can tell after watching the first episode of Car Rangers (the reason I’m late posting tonight), Elgar’s counterpart seemed rather competent. This is after one episode, though. Here he’s Divatox’s nephew (and I thought Master Vile’s bloodline made no sense) and she probably sends him out to get rid of him. 🙂
  • Rygog: Apparently HE was the moron. In love (or lust) with the female member of the intergalactic biker gang (parody, remember), he was would either be trying to make her happy (while being played for a sucker) and or staring at her backside. He’s an improvement here.
  • Porto: Divatox’s inventor, sort of a poor woman’s Finster. He and Rygog also did a lot of the hiring of the monsters and he was the one who fired the torpedoes. From what I can tell, the Bowzock didn’t have a submarine that traveled through space, so at least his look works here.

I’ll get into the new Rangers tomorrow, but there are other new allies to discuss.

  • Dimitria: What was the point? A race of beings who only talk in questions? Can you really form a society based on that? Plus she stops talking like that later in the series (maybe a going-away-again present from Zordon) so again, what was the point?
  • Alpha 6: Look, I can defend characters that nobody else likes. Daniel Witwicky and Wheelie from Transformers. Scott and T-Bob from MASK. Snarf from Thundercats. (Snarfer, not so much.) Hell, I’ve already declared myself a fan of 7-Zark-7, an admission that may get me injured at ConnectiCon in a couple weeks. But I can not tell you the pain I feel when Alpha 6 talks. I can better handle Zelda Scott than Alpha 6 (barely) and he has more screen time. I was so happy his voice chip was replaced in the next show.
  • Blue Centurion: Cool looking robot. Awesome Zord. No real character to him.

Tomorrow we get into the new Rangers, new allies, and the finale that would become a Power Rangers staple.

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    Haha, I love the Power Rangers. Great post!


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