Although they don't actually fight, it's a start.

Hey, a cover in this series that is actually related to the story inside.

Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes #5

Marvel Comics (October 2010)

WRITER: Paul Tobin
PENCILER: Chris Cross
INKER: Rick Ketcham
COLORS: Sotocolor
LETTERER: Dave Sharpe
COVER: Clayton Henry & Guru eFX
PRODUCTION: Randy Miller
EDITOR: Nathan Cosby

Captain America is called in by of all people the Rhino to break up a secret Hydra town. They are trying to use a baby rhinoceros to recreate the supervillain, but he’s taken a liking to the little guy. Together, and with a bit of help from Thor, the unlikely duo take down the group and rescue the rhinoceros.

What they got right: How do you make a supervillain sympathetic? Somehow Tobin did so, even for me. (He’s done this before in a previous MA story, but I don’t remember the issue offhand.) There are all sorts of fun moments, like the Hydra agents who were sunbathing, Cap’s reaction when he finds out he’s going to be invading a Hydra town, and Black Widow’s training. Finally, the cover is finally right. Captain America is indeed the focus character in the story, and the Rhino is also an important character.

What they got wrong: Said cover shows Cap and Rhino fighting, but that doesn’t happen in this comic. The art doesn’t suck exactly, but I do have a few problems with it, especially Rhino’s design. On the whole, there are times when character art seems too detailed–not the whole character but in a few spots. This only happens in a few panels (mostly close-ups of Captain America.) Rhino doesn’t look like he should be able to move very well and looks more bulky than muscular. (Not fat, just…bulky.) The backgrounds are pretty good.

Recommendation: Just a lot of fun, which you should expect from a Tobin-written comic. If you’re a Captain America/Steve Rogers fan, you’ll probably like this comic.

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