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So with Bruce Wayne coming back from the not-dead, what happens to Dick Grayson? Does he go back to being Nightwing? Since someone decided it belongs with the Superman family (for some odd reason), that was considered unlikely. So what happens to Dick Grayson. He will now be…Batman. But so will Bruce. And apparently a few other people.

I sense a new version of The Apprentice.

Yes, although we’ve pretty much figured it out already when Batman, Inc was announced at San Diego Comic-Con, Dick is staying on as Batman, and Bruce will also be Batman. According to The Source, DC’s official news blog, Bruce will be the Batman of Batman, Inc, essentially Bruce offering the Batsuit to whomever the writers/editors think will be uninteresting otherwise he feels represents the ideals of Batman. He will also wear the cowl in the pages of Batman: the Dark Knight.

Dick Grayson, on the other hand, continues to put up with Damian in Batman & Robin while also sporting the ears in the regular Batman title and Detective Comics. They’ll be easy to tell apart. Reports indicate that Bruce will have the yellow symbol and Dick will have the straight black bat. Personally, I prefer the straight bat symbol to the yellow target, and the latter was “my first” Bat-symbol.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this. I mean,  I don’t like it because I’d rather see Dick take on the role of Nightwing, which is better suited for him. On the other hand, I’m not going to immediately assume this is going to suck. I don’t understand the point, but I’ve been saying that ever since Batman R.I.P./Final Crisis anyway. Why kill someone if you’re not going to kill him. (See also Captain America.)

I am worried about over-saturation and diluting the symbol. If Gotham is loaded with Batmen, is that a good thing for Gotham or not? I don’t have a problem with someone else wearing the cowl and being the new Batman, even if the original is around. I like Batman Beyond, after all. But if Bruce is also in the costume, and there are a whole lot of Batmen running loose, isn’t it overkill? Would some people be considered about a vigilante Batman army going around?

I’m taking a wait and see approach here. It doesn’t sound good, and it doesn’t sound bad. It just sounds…unnecessary. Although one person seems to be left out in the equation.

What’s “Red Robin” Tim Drake-Wayne doing during all this?


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  1. Jan says:

    Dick is Batman, Bruce is Batman, I’m Batman…girl, You’re Batman, Winston Churchill is Batman…EVERYBODY IS BATMAN!

    There. Problem solved.


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