"Max" pretty much explains everything.

Curious as to why I have a space alien running around with the cast? That’s what clicking the comic to get the behind the scenes info is for. (EDIT 1 Day Later: which you can now DO since I fixed the link! Because I’m an idiot.) Then you can see what else is going on in the world.


  • Just a reminder that due to Labor Day, comics are released on Thursday this week. No big to me, since that’s pay-day, and when I get my comics anyway. 🙂
  • The latest reveal in the superhero webcomic Crossoverkill is Captain Perfect from Bad Guy High. Think of it as Sky High for supervillains.
  • Viz editor and ComiXology contributor Shaenon K. Garrity gives her thoughts on the end of the Cathy comic strip. Personally, I thought she was a bit harsh on Guisewite’s art style.
  • Speaking of harsh, but a bit more deservedly, Noah Berlatsky drops the hammer on Bluewater’s Oprah Winfrey comic.
  • An interview with Viz Kids Senior Editor Traci Todd taught me some interesting things. Like Viz has a kids-targeted imprint.
  • It also looks like Yotsuba& isn’t a kid’s comic. It just looks like one.


  • Wait, you mean the movie based on the board game Battleship isn’t going to be true to the game? How would you even do that? I was expecting something like Yu-Gi-Oh meets Wargames. 🙂
  • The rather under-appreciated Pirates of Dark Water is available as part of Warner Brothers’ DVD-on-demand service. And more may be coming.
  • BW Fave Lewis “Linkara” Lovhag had the opportunity to record the Turbo/In Space panel from this year’s Power Rangers fan convention, Power Morphicon.
  • An interesting blog post about why the use of “shaky-cam” in movies and TV fails so miserably. Part of it is actually scientific.
  • A bit behind the scenes. I took Variety‘s website out of my personal RSS intake since you have to register in order to read anything, and according to the site you’ll only get five articles so what’s the point? This is an opinion site, not a news site.

video games

  • Were this blog more politically minded, I might have an opinion on the Taliban’s appearance in the upcoming Metal of Honor game. However, it looks like Gamestop has decided to keep the game off of the military base stores.
  • One of the designers of the original Goldeneye 64 game isn’t all that happy that they’re slapping the name on a so-called remake. Personally, I don’t see the point. Wasn’t it just a James Bond game anyway? Wouldn’t any game that updates the mechanic really be enough?
  • So why isn’t Value a publicly traded company?
  • A call from the gaming industry in the UK to offer tax relief to video game companies. You know, I’ve seen stories recently about US companies trying to get tax relief from the states they’re housed in. Do they really think the government is going to give up a red cent in tax money?
  • Another frivolous lawsuit could lead to a change in the End User License Agreement. Somebody better grab the Dumb EULA urls now. It will be worth something.
  • At least Canada knows how to get game makers making games.
  • And to end this section on a bad note, it looks like Duke Nukem Forever is fighting its way back to life. Not only does this kill all the jokes about the game’s demise that have come out, but it means more of me having to listen about this game, despite not giving a fig about Duke Nukem.

in other news

  • WOWIO has an interesting blog piece about how our brains react to stories and e-book readers.
  • The Clutter Report: The second toy review has me taking a look at the Jazwares Mega Man action figure and his little friend, Beat. Next week will be the last one of the set, and I’ll go to something else for a while before the next set.
  • This Week’s Cracked: I hope I never become like the people in 6 Classics Despised by the People Who Created Them. Imagine not being happy about creating Winnie the Pooh or A Clockwork Orange? But I would mostly point you to #2, the famous photo of a Viet Cong getting shot in the head. There’s a part of that story I’ve certainly never heard before from either the media or the history classes. I actually changed my weekly link once I read that.

Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews


Batman: The Brave & The Bold #20

The Muppet Show: The Comic Book #9

I sense a theme.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Doctor Who Classics Series 3 #6


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