Why couldn't the art inside be this good?

William Shatner presents The Tek War Chronicles #7

Bluewater Comics (December 2009)

(I can assure you it didn’t take even ME that long to get it. Sure, it’s been sitting in my folder longer than it should have, but the comic came late to begin with. Just not THIS late.)

WRITERS: William Shatner & Scott Davis
PENCILER: Lipe Oliveria
COLORIST: Zachary Turner
COVER ART: Joshua Labello
LETTERER: Jaymes Reed
EDITOR: Craig J. Nevius

Bascom isn’t happy that the guy spreading the virus for him is pursuing his own agenda. Meanwhile, after recovering Beth, Jake and Warbride bring her into their plan to plant a proper anti-virus, which means sneaking into the prison satellite and stealing a spacecraft.

Yeah, that’s the summary I have for the months between this comic’s arrival and my finally getting it.

What they got right: I may not like what’s happening in the story, but I have to give the writers credit. They’re doing a good job at the story they want to tell.

What they got wrong: If only I could say the same thing for the art. There are times when it seems to be getting good, and the colors come out pretty well. There are other scenes however, like the last two pages, where the art is terrible and the colors suffer for it, much like the beginning of this arc.

Recommendation: I’m sorry, but even with William Shatner tied to this project, I really can’t recommend this comic to anyone. Even when the story works, the art doesn’t, and the story really doesn’t work for me. I’d rather go back to the first arc or even better, the original novel.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Legends of the Dark Crystal #2, although I may not get to the review until Sunday.

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