When we last left Goldbug, he had been beaten down by a fellow Autobot while being plague-ridden. Learning there was a cure, the Autobots all became friends. But there’s still the matter of a crater filled with Scraplets, as well as four Transformers, Blaster and the Decepticon Triple Changers–plus a time limit before all of Earth is destroyed to stop the plague from spreading. (Ratbat‘s a jerk that way.) So I’m sure Spacebooger has been on pins and needles wondering how it all ends. Well, I hope you at least picked a better seat cushion, because it’s time for the second half of our tale.

Round 6 of 12

The Battlefield: The Transformers #30 again

The Promoters: same as last week

Returning to the crater with a pair of water tanker trucks, Goldbug, Charlie and the Throttlebots are ready to deliver the cure.

Word of advice, guys. If you remind the guy you've been making suffer that you will live, prepare to die.

Because that’s how comic Blaster is SUPPOSED to roll, Simon Furman! But that’s an article for another time. Besides, Goldbug isn’t going to let his fellow Autobot die just to pay back a few Decepti…

And once again, shows what I don't know.

Ouch. Goldbug’s not going to have a chance to regret his decision, though.

Thank you, Obvious Prime!

And since the Scraplets are just a huge mass of…thingies, they can keep themselves from being hit with the water.

...with our feet!

Things aren’t looking good for the Throttlebots. Luckily, Goldbug is there. The same guy who concocted a plan to rescue Optimus Prime on the fly now makes another smart move and releases the water.

It's hard to know who to root for here.

Because nobody can kill like a Decepticon.

See, cartoon Blaster would rather listening to some jammin' tunes.

Except for maybe Blaster. And because I’m a sucker for a happy ending…

Yay, everybody’s friends again. Sadly, we wouldn’t get a lot of the new adventures of Blaster, Goldbug, and his Throttlebot pals. We’ll learn why next edition, as we see Bumblebee/Goldbug’s next physical transformation. It’s actually a step down.

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  1. Felicity says:

    I would have liked the destruction of the Scraplets to be more thorough. Are we absolutely sure that the acid, Decepticon fire, and water got all of them? Or could there be one or two lurking in the crater? What if when the giant Scraplet thing kicked that Autobot, a few Scraplets leaped off and infected him?

    I guess we’ll just have to assume it’s OK because there was never a story where it turns out that the few remaining Scraplets managed to survive and multiply. Thank goodness!

    I worry about things in comics too much. But I can’t help it.

    They should infect the Meccanibals with Scraplets.


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